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The Claiming by Cooper

The Claiming by Cooper
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The Claiming by Cooper

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    Read The Claiming by Cooper by Cooper. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Claiming by Cooper full chapter at . Genre: Werewolf Jara is a female werewolf who is approaching the age of 18, which means she will participate in the annual claiming event, where eligible malespete to claim a mate. Her sister Mila was mistreated by her mate, and Jara's parents tried to have her removed from the claiming pool, but the elders insisted that she participate. Seth, Jara's brother, is also participating in the claiming, and he promises to help her if she is claimed by someone who will mistreat her. Jara receives an envelope that reveals that there are 236 eligible males participating, including 53 Alphas. Jara's only chance of getting out unclaimed is if the Alphas kill each other during the claiming event. Her father suggests running away, but Jara doesn't want to do that to Seth, who will lose his position as an Alpha if they leave. Seth promises to spar with Jara every day to help her prepare for the claiming. Mason, an Alpha wolf who is preparing for the annual claiming ceremony in which eligible wolves canpete to win the Alpha female as a mate. There are also four other female wolves available for claiming. Thepetition is intense, with multiple wolves fighting to win the Alpha female. Mason and his Beta, Elijah, are determined to win this year, as they have been going every year since turning 18 without any success. Mason is concerned about the inclusion of Typhon, an Alpha who had previously killed his own mate, in thepetition. Typhon also happens to be the former mate of Jara, who is the sister of the Alpha female being claimed this year. Mason and Elijah have made an agreement to work together, but they both know that if one of them claims the Alpha female, it will be a short time before the other goes feral. Thepetition is particularly crucial this year because there is a significant shortage of eligible females, and many wolves are going feral. Mason hopes that winning the Alpha female will help keep the males from going feral so young. The story ends with Elijah informing Mason that there is a larger pool of eligible males in the Beta's claim this year, and he plans to enter that lottery as well. However, Mason is determined to focus only on winning the Alpha female.