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Whispers Of Betrayal (Anastasia and Alastor)

Whispers Of Betrayal (Anastasia and Alastor)
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Whispers Of Betrayal (Anastasia and Alastor)

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    Read Whispers Of Betrayal (Anastasia and Alastor) by Camile Emest. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereWhispers Of Betrayal by Camile Emest full chapter at . Artist: Anastasia and Alastor... Genre: Romance In a recent business meeting, Alastor got drunk, and Felicia took him home. She added Anastasia on WhatsApp as Alastor's secretary, which Anastasia found ironic. Anastasia later discovered that Alastor's excessive drinking was because of Felicia, who had returned from abroad. Alastor had hired her to protect her from a morally reprehensible collaborator. Alastor returned home late, but Anastasia acted calmly, finding the situation amusing. She suggested a beach walk, feeling like a wife rather than a lover to Alastor. Anastasia saw Felicia flaunting an expensive handbag on Instagram and took a screenshot, waiting for their trip to the beach.... Read Whispers Of Betrayal (Anastasia and Alastor)

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