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A Replacement Bride

A Replacement Bride
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A Replacement Bride

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    Read A Replacement Bride by Bravo. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free here A Replacement Bride . Genre: Romance Outside the hospital ward, Katherine Cornell sat in the corridor, facing two aggressive individuals. She asserted her desire to marry into the Levisay family while demanding the return of her mother's assets. Her stepmother, who had caused her mother's demise and sent her and her grandmother away, interrupted her, questioning her right to set conditions. Katherine, filled with hatred, looked at her stepmother and responded defiantly. The woman argued that the marriage had been arranged by Katherine's mother and the Levisays, but Katherine questioned whether the Levisays acknowledged the marriage. Jorge Cornell, Katherine's father, broke his silence and assured her that the Levisays always kept their promises and would not deny the marriage. Katherine then revealed that Joaquin Levisay, due to a leg disability, was confined to a wheelchair and unlikely to inherit the Levisay Group. She implied that her stepmother, Mrs. Sutton, sought favor with the Levisays but didn't want Rosemary (presumably Katherine's sister) to marry Joaquin. Jorge became angry, but Katherine stood her ground, suggesting that if it was such an honor, Mrs. Sutton should let Rosemary marry him. Katherine emphasized that her decision to marry into the Levisay family wasn't crucial to her plans for reclaiming her mother's assets. She was about to leave when Jorge stopped her and claimed he needed to think about it due to his forgetfulness regarding her mother's belongings. Displeased with his pretense, Katherine told him she wasn't there to discuss but to inform him. She bluntly told him to leave and gave him a day to pack up and return with her. Jorge reluctantly agreed, emphasizing that Katherine must marry Joaquin. As Katherine turned away, her ruthlessness gave way to a smile, expressing gratitude towards her father. Jorge was left speechless.