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Marry Me Quick

Marry Me Quick
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Marry Me Quick

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    Read Marry Me Quick by joy. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereMarry Me Quick by joy  full chapter  at . Genrre: Romance Su Ziyue arrives at the Lumiere Jade House, a high-end club in Yunzhou City. She meets her cousin, Su Yige, who invites her to a party. Su Ziyue is wearing a short dress that Su Yige criticizes. When Su Ziyue sits down, someone touches her waist, and she pours her drink on him. Su Yige's friends criticize Su Ziyue for her behavior, and she remembers a similar incident from four years ago. Young Master Mu then grabs Su Ziyue and offers her a drink, but she refuses. She sees a mysterious man standing nearby, who catches her attention.  Su Ziyue and a mysterious man. Su Ziyue is at a private room with Young Master Mu and the man, where she drinks the man's wine and leaves the room feeling uneasy. Mu Ninghui and some men chase after her, but the man rescues her and takes her to his room. Su Ziyue wakes up to find the man, named Qin Muchen, standing before her, and notices red marks on his body, while she is naked under the sheets. Please follow and read Marry Me Quick by joy  full chapter  at

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