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The Return of His Unrivaled Ex-Wife by Zara Gibbon

The Return of His Unrivaled Ex-Wife by Zara Gibbon
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The Return of His Unrivaled Ex-Wife by Zara Gibbon

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    Read The Return of His Unrivaled Ex-Wife by Zara Gibbon by Zara Gibbon. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Return of His Unrivaled Ex-Wife by Zara Gibbon full chapter at . Genre: Romance The story revolves around Joanna Haynes and Bruce Everett, a couple trapped in a troubled marriage. Bruce, heir to a wealthy family, confronts Joanna at midnight, demanding her to sign divorce papers. He offers her a hefty alimony of 100 million dollars. Bruce expresses that their marriage is ending because his former love interest, Roxy, has returned and doesn't want to see Joanna. Joanna, always submissive in front of Bruce, questions if she did something wrong. Bruce reveals that Roxy's return is the reason for the divorce and accuses Joanna of driving Roxy away earlier with her actions. He manipulates Joanna emotionally, insisting she signs the papers quickly. Joanna questions the sincerity of their marriage, and Bruce's coldness bes evident. Bruce has always been hurtful with his words towards her. Joanna contemplates the consequences of not signing the papers, and Bruce threatens her with making her disappear. The narrative delves into the background of their marriage. It started as a connection between their families but became a living nightmare for Joanna. She endured humiliation and torture from Bruce, who blamed her for driving Roxy away, and even accused her of drugging and seducing him. Frustrated, Joanna agrees to sign the papers but with a condition: she asks Bruce to sleep with her as a true lover and call out her name instead of Roxy's during the act. She's tired of being humiliated and used. Bruce is reluctant but eventually agrees. During their intimate encounter, Bruce reluctantly calls out Joanna's name, and she finally feels a sense of release from the emotional turmoil she's endured. Afterward, Bruce leaves her in a vulnerable state on the floor and departs without looking back. Two months later, Joanna finds out she's pregnant with multiple fetuses. The doctor advises her to consider reducing the number of fetuses for safety, but Joanna decides she won't take away any of her children's right to life. The story explores themes of emotional manipulation, toxic relationships, and the toll of enduring humiliation and pain. It highlights theplexities of marriage and the aftermath of a deeply troubled relationship... Read The Return of His Unrivaled Ex-Wife by Zara Gibbon

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