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The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet (Thalassa and Elowen)

The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet (Thalassa and Elowen)
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The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet (Thalassa and Elowen)

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    Read The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet (Thalassa and Elowen) by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Billionaire’s Secret Quartet full chapter at . Artist: Thalassa and Elowen... Genre: Romance Five years later, Thalassa is at the train station in Starhaven with her four adorable children. Her mother, Evelyn, is exhausted from babysitting and expresses frustration over the number of grandchildren she has to care for. Thalassa promises to buy her new clothes soon. Thalassa returned to Starhaven to find a better-paying job as she struggled to support her four children. She had be pregnant after a stormy night five years ago when the house collapsed, leaving her searching for the man who fathered her child. With no clues and unable to remember his face, she had given up on finding him. Thalassa's children offer to help their grandmother with her bags and share their water with her, displaying their childlike innocence and kindness. Their names are Atticus, Dorian, Elowen, and Sophia, and Thalassa finds immense joy in their presence. Passersby praise the children's behavior, and Evelyn proudly introduces them as her quadruplet grandchildren. Thalassa had been renting a place in Starhaven while working to support her family. Thalassa heads out for a part-time job at a nightclub, wearing an unfamiliar and revealing uniform. She's determined to earn money to buy new clothes for her children. The manager warns her about the VIP room's high-rolling clientele and advises her to be careful.... Read The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet

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