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My Puppet Wife

My Puppet Wife
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My Puppet Wife

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    Read My Puppet Wife by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereMy Puppet Wife full chapter at . Genre: Billionaire Gabriella, terrified, tries to push the man away, but he flips her over and pins her down. Lightning illuminates the room, revealing his face. Gabriella recognizes him as Lorenzo, her fiance. Shocked and frightened, she tries to reason with him, asking why he is doing this. Lorenzo, consumed by lust, ignores her pleas and proceeds to assault her. Meanwhile, Gabriella's friend Maria had proposed a plan to help her escape her unhappy engagement. Gabriella had agreed to it, and Maria had been making arrangements. However, Gabriella now finds herself trapped and at the mercy of Lorenzo. As the man continues to assault her, Gabriella desperately tries to fight back and escape. She manages to land a blow on his face, causing him to momentarily stop. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Gabriella pushes him away and scrambles to her feet. She runs towards the door, hoping to find a way out. Outside the room, she hears footsteps approaching. The man she had been fighting with earlier had been injured and was being pursued by others. Gabriella realizes that if they find her, she will be in even greater danger. With no other choice, she opens the door and pretends to be afraid of thunder, hoping to divert their attention and avoid suspicion. The men, finding Gabriella's appearance pathetic, decide to leave her alone and continue their search. Once they are gone, Gabriella feels a sense of relief but also remembers the intruder who was hiding in her room. She turns to face him, trembling with fear. The man instructs her toe closer, and although terrified, Gabriella obeys. However, in the darkness, she stumbles and falls on top of him. He groans in pain and reprimands her for her clumsiness. Gabriella apologizes, explaining that she kept her eyes closed out of fear. The man scoffs and urges her to open her eyes, but she refuses, afraid of what she might see. Despite her refusal, the man pinches her chin and urges her to open her eyes. Reluctantly, Gabriella opens them, still unable to see his face clearly due to the dim lighting. The man taunts her, suggesting that he might do something inappropriate if she continues to lie on top of him. Confused, Gabriella asks what he intends to do, to which he replies with lustful intent. Terrified, Gabriella tries to push him away and declares her intention to leave. However, the man responds with the chilling words, "It's too late," and lightning flashes again, revealing his face.... Read My Puppet Wife full chapter at

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