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Love’s Cunning Ruse

Love’s Cunning Ruse
311 Chapters
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Love’s Cunning Ruse

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    Read Love’s Cunning Ruse by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereLove’s Cunning Ruse by . Artist: Kieran and Julie... Genre: Billionaire The story opens with a heavy rainstorm as a pregnant woman, Joyce Abraham, is rushed to the delivery room alongside another pregnant woman. There's a man present who is indifferent, seemingly the father of one of the babies. Inside the room, Kieran Hernandez, the man, is informed that there's a blood shortage, and they can only save one baby, either Joyce's or Bertha Stewart's. Despite the chilling atmosphere, Kieran chooses to save Bertha's child, leaving Joyce devastated. Joyce eventually wakes up in a bright, sunny room, feeling a sudden emptiness in her belly. She remembers the previous night's events, realizing she had lost her baby and had a miscarriage. She demands to know the whereabouts of her child from her maid, Shannon. However, when she learns that her baby is dead, she begs to see Kieran, her husband, and asks him to return their child. Kieran enters the room and confirms the baby's death, shattering Joyce and ending their relationship.... Read Love’s Cunning Ruse

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