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Love Unbreakable

Chapter 377 The Truth (Part Two)
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Chapter 377 The Truth (Part Two) Mitchel stood motionless. His cold and unwavering gaze locked onto Lauren.

Lauren's expression was filled with madness and malice. "This wretch! She deserves to die! If I can't have you, no one else can!" Mitchel's handsome face displayed almost no reaction. The grotesque sight of the corpse seemed to leave him unfazed.

Lauren found it hard to believe his calm demeanor. She thought he was putting on an act. With this thought, She smiled wickedly and asked, "Mitchel, do you want to see your beloved woman's insides?" Lauren released the hair she was

clutching, intending to dig into the corpse's abdomen and extract some organs for display. She refused to believe Mitchel felt nothing! However, before she could do anything, the corpse's head suddenly dropped. It tumbled several times before coming to rest beside Mitchel's feet.

"Ha-ha... Her head..." Lauren erupted into hysterical laughter once more.

Few things were as chilling as seeing the severed head of a loved one roll to one's feet. The pain of failing to attain one's desires no matter the effort exerted. Mitchel needed to taste it! However, Lauren's laughter abruptly ceased. Emotionlessly, Mitchel kicked the severed head. The head found its way back to Lauren's feet.

How could this be? Lauren stood frozen, disbelief etched on her face as she struggled to comprehend what she

was seeing. Was Mitchel, once full of affection, now devoid of any love for Raegan? "Take a good look at what you had stabbed." Mitchel's voice was eerily calm, his eyes devoid of any warmth.

The aura he gave off was akin to a demon lurking in the depths of a murky swamp. All around him, the air seemed thick with the scent of death.

Panicked, Lauren frantically wiped the blood from her lashes and looked closely. What lay before her wasn't Raegan. To be precise, her target wasn't even human. It was merely a lifelike dummy commonly used in film productions. The blood that stained the scene was nothing more than a theatrical concoction.

Lauren wondered about Raegan's whereabouts.

Terrified, Lauren's ears pricked at the

sound of the neighboring dressing booth door creaking open Raegan emerged, immaculate and composed, a stark contrast to the blood-stained figure on the floor.

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"You..." Lauren's face drained of color, realization striking her like a bolt of lightning. She remembered that during the stabbing, the figure she had stabbed a hundred times hadn't uttered a sound.

Lauren's illness had caused her vision and sense of smell to deteriorate, and with blood obstructing her eyes, she failed to realize the one she had exhausted herself from stabbing wasn't Raegan at all.

“You bitch!" Driven by rage, Lauren lunged at Raegan, her eyes burning with hatred. "I'm going to kill you!" Sensing the imminent danger, Mitchel

moved to intervene, but Raegan stopped him. Raegan's gaze bore into Lauren with icy intensity, fueled by a deep-seated animosity.

Raegan had yet to recall the past leading up to this moment. Previously, all she knew was the outcome. She remained clueless about the process.

Moments earlier, as Raegan prepared to leave the restaurant, Devonte intercepted her and urged her to take a call.

As it turned out, Mitchel couldn't reach her on her phone, so he called Devonte to inform her that Lauren was still alive. It was highly probable Lauren would seek retribution.

Mitchel instructed Devonte to ensure Raegan's safety and not to leave her side until he arrived.

But Raegan refused constant

protection, deeming 1t a sign ofl weakness. If Lauren was still alive and kicking, it meant Lauren's vendetta { against her was far from over.

Raegan understood that the adversary lurked in the shadows, and retreating was the weakest option available. It was wiser to employ cunning tactics.

She saw this as an opportunity to turn the tables.

Moreover, Erick had hinted that besides Tessa, Lauren might have been involved in her grandmother's and unborn child's deaths. Yet, Lauren proved to be too cunning. There was no evidence to support these two claims.

Therefore, Raegan had Devonte orchestrate everything, including surveillance.

Raegan had already sensed something was amiss when the cleaning staff collided with her. Later, in the dressing

room, she used her quick thinking to counter Lauren's words, coaxing Lauren into revealing the truth. In the |{ end, Lauren's arrogance led to her own downfall.

Mitchel grasped Raegan's intentions.

He stopped his actions but maintained vigilance over her safety.

In a frenzy, Lauren lunged forward, only to be met with a forceful kick from Raegan.

"Ah!" Lauren shrieked in agony as her fragile body was sent flying again. Her head slammed heavily against the wall. Blood streamed down the back of her head, staining the wall red.

The excruciating pain contorted Lauren's scarred face into a more grotesque and fearsome visage as she crumpled to the ground. Her complexion was as pale as paper as if it might disintegrate at any moment

Pain coursed through Lauren, her crie for help interspersed with choking gasps. Her pleas echoed through the room as her consciousness faded Please help me... Ah..." Dark brown blood, tainted with toxins, spewed from Lauren's lips, a grim indicator of her impending demise She was suffering from chronic poisoning.

Any person with medical knowledge could discern from the blood's hue that Lauren was teetering on the brink of death.

Mitchel's disgust deepened with each glance at Lauren. Turning to Raegan, he asked, "How do you wish to proceed?" Raegan gazed at Lauren with eyes brimming with animosity as she said coldly, "She claimed she prefers death over prison, so let's ensure she faces tne consequenc es. We will send ner (Oo

prison, where she can spend the remainder of her days and perhap seek redemption.” Even stripped of her fragments of memories, Raegan couldn't summon an ounce of kindness toward Lauren The thought of her innocent child and grandmother, both unjustly taken, fueled a rage within her so potent it bordered on madness. She longed to tear Lauren apart and subject Lauren to torturous agony! Yet, if death were to claim Lauren now, it would merely offer solace to Lauren's feeble and disabled body Lauren must endure a fate worse than death itself.

Raegan longed for Lauren to suffer and feel the weight of her sins bearing down upon her with each passing day Only then would Lauren truly understand the magnitude of her evil

deeds, yet remain utterly powerless to amend it. What could be more harrowing than a life devoid of hope, burdened only by unrelenting agony? With two counts of instigating murder and the deaths of several people in that car, Lauren's guilt was undeniable.

No matter how long Lauren lived, even if it was two hundred years, she would remain imprisoned by her actions.

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Mitchel cast a frigid glance at Lauren, her features now distorted beyond recognition, and said in a chilling tone, "As you wish." His voice cut through the air like the icy breath of a devil in the depths of hell.

Lauren struggled to contain her trembling. Mitchel's tone suggested he had conjured up countless cruel methods to deal with her. Indeed, his ruthless nature was nothing new to

her. That harrowing journey to the mental hospital had nearly driven her to madness Still, Lauren staunchly refused to go tc prison. Facing that fate would spell the end of her very existence. Absolutely not! She couldn't accept that She would rather die than go to prison! "You wretch! It serves you right that the spawn in your womb was beaten out of you!" Lauren's laughter echoed with a frenzied edge, each syllable dripping with venom. "The spawn met its end quite fittingly!" These words struck Raegan like a thunderbolt from a clear sky. They washed over her, stirring a sense of déja vu deep within her. A shiver ran down her spine, raising goosebumps across her skin.

Memories flooded Raegan's mind, stacking up like a tower on the brink of

collapse. The terile scent of the hospital lingered in her recollections Lauren had said the same thing before "The spawn met its end quite fittingly!" Lauren had even used the same tone Straining to recall more, Raegan was suddenly seized by a searing pain. It was as if her skull was being assaulted by a relentless drill, buzzing and gnawing at her senses.

Raegan's hand instinctively flew to her temple, seeking to quell the agony However, the pain persisted. It was relentless and overwhelming, causing her legs to buckle beneath her.

"Raegan!" Mitchel's voice cut through the haze of pain, his expression etched with concern as he rushed to her side, catching her fragile form before she fell.

with utmost care, Mitchel cradled

Raegan as if she were the most precious treasure. His voice trembled with worry as he asked, "Where does it hurt?" Raegan's complexion turned ghostly pale. Her throbbing head made it hard for her to speak complete sentences "It hurts... It hurts so much..." Clutching Mitchel's arm tightly, Raegan felt utterly helpless amidst the searing pain.

The typically resolute girl let out a cry of pain. Mitchel's eyes brimmed with emotion, his heart aching at her suffering. If only he could bear the pain in her stead.

The anguish evident in Mitchel's eyes did not escape Lauren. This display of emotion from Mitchel was unprecedented. He had never shown such vulnerability to her before Mitchel's seemingly kind gestures in

the past were merely superficial acts of compensation with money and material possessions. But this genuine sentiment was reserved solely for Raegan, from beginning to end.

Consumed by rage and madness, Lauren's eyes gleamed with malice as she fumbled for a syringe, plunging it into her thigh with a frenzie determination.

The potent drug surged through her veins, numbing the pain and fueling her with boundless strength.

Then, brandishing a syringe, Lauren lunged forward, driven by a desire for revenge. "Wretched woman, rot in hell!"