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Heavenly Destined Dragon Marshall

Heavenly Destined Dragon Marshall
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Heavenly Destined Dragon Marshall

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    Read Heavenly Destined Dragon Marshall by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free here Heavenly Destined Dragon Marshall update . Romance genre... Six years ago, as themander of the three armies of the Anxu army in the Western Region Chen Fan. In exchange for peace Chen Fan had to give up power and property for six years. Su Chunyu and  Chen Fan are married even though she doesn't love him. Chen Fan took responsibility for the fatal accident caused by  Su Chunyu's drunkenness on his wife's behalf. Chen Fan was sentenced to one year in prison. Today, when he was released from prison, he heard that his wife had a child. He was happy because he thought it was his child. But the truth Su Chunyu had a child with someone else. And today is also the day he regained his power and wealth....

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