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Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

Chapter 1005
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Chapter 1005 Miru Snitches Adam had pissed Kaze off for the last time. He had been pushing his luck the whole night.

Kaze would have smacked anyone else a long time ago. However, he let it go because Adam was Darcy’s uncle.

Yet now, Adam threatened that Agnes would not be allowed back with the family unless Darcy divorced him.

That was where Kaze drew the line.

Kaze narrowed his eyes and headed straight toward Adam.

“Kaze!” Darcy pulled him back and shook her head with worry She was concerned that Kaze's drastic

response would stir more trouble With Kaze staying put, Darcy turned to look at Adam.

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She took a deep breath before uttering, “Get over yourself, Uncle Adam.

“No one can step into my marriage to Kaze, not even my parents.” Darcy’s tone was firm and resolute.

She then took off together with Kaze.

Adam stood there, his face ashen.

Kaze and Darcy humiliated him tonight.

Adam did not believe he had done anything wrong. In fact, Kaze and Darcy had been aggressive all night.

“Without my permission, Agnes will never be welcomed back into the family,” Adam said chillingly while staring at their backs.

Kaze and Darcy did not hear what Adam said, but even if they did, they would not care. They caught up to Sam and brought him back to Horizon Mirror Mansion.

Sam was in his advanced years. After a day of toiling, he was weary and went straight to bed.

Agnes had the utmost respect for Sam, helping him up the stairs and into the upstairs bedroom.

The smile on Agnes’ face disappeared when she emerged down the stairs.

“What did you and Kaze do, Darcy? “Adam just called me and said that you

made him very angry. For that reason, I cannot go back to the family.” : Agnes shot an angry look at Kaze. She knew Kaze had messed up and rubbed Adam the wrong way.

She had cut contact with her family for many years, hoping for a chance of reconciliation.

Now, Kaze destroyed that chance. Of course, she was angry.

“Mom, Uncle Adam was rude. He kept finding things difficult for us. It’s not our fault.” Taken aback by Adam's finger- pointing, Darcy said furiously, “Besides, even if he agrees to let you go back to them, the Otters don’t seem to have any respect for you.

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“Why do you want to return to them?”

| With Darcy’s words striking a raw nerve, Agnes fell silent.

Moments later, she glared at Kaze.

“The idiot is such a troublemaker.

“Miru called earlier to tell on Kaze. He missed work on the first day on the job.

A senior executive was arrested, and yet Kaze did not report the incident back to her.” “Why didn’t Miru call me?” Darcy asked curiously.

Agnes replied peevishly, “Miru said that you would come to his defense, so she didn’t see the point of telling you.

She wanted us to lecture him.” She darted another dirty look at Kaze.

“Can you make something of yourself, Kaze? Miru gave you a job because of Darcy. - “You prance around with a fancy job title and get paid over nothing.

“You can’t do anything right. What’s the point of having you around?”