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Forensic Imperial Concubine by Erika Black

Forensic Imperial Concubine by Erika Black
965 Chapters
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Forensic Imperial Concubine by Erika Black

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    Read Forensic Imperial Concubine by Erika Black by Erika Black. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRead Forensic Imperial Concubine by Erika Black . Genre: Romance...Forensic Imperial Concubine by Erika Black pdf free download. Harper Chu, a modern forensic expert, is examining a corpse with her colleague Diego Guo. Despite Diego's objections to her eating a lollipop during the examination, Harper continues. They find a key inside the corpse, leading to speculations about a high-ranking official's murder and a potential leak of confidential information. Harper urges Diego to inform their leader discreetly. However, Diego turns against her, demanding the key at gunpoint, revealing his involvement in the murder plot. A guard shoots Harper, and she experiences a strange sensation, waking up in ancient times as the daughter of the head of the Chu Clan. Falsely accused of killing a general's unborn son, Harper faces execution. She tries to prove her innocence, offering to implicate her whole clan. Prince Matthew Jun gives her a chance to provide evidence, creating a glimmer of hope. Harper's sister, Felicia, disapproves of Harper's decision, leading to a confrontation. Harper insists on being selfish to save herself. Harper Chu faces General Maxwell and Jade Su, who accuse her of killing their child. Harper claims Jade Su was never pregnant and had taken a secret medicine to fake the pregnancy. She asks for a chance to prove her innocence by testing the blood relationship with the deceased baby. Jade Su panics, fearing exposure, and tries to stop Harper. Harper suggests using the baby's bone for a blood relationship test, but Jade Su protests, claiming disrespect to the deceased child's burial. Harper firmly insists on proving her innocence, even at the risk of her and her family's lives. General Maxwell remains skeptical, and tensions rise as Harper vows to face the consequences if she fails to prove her innocence... Read Forensic Imperial Concubine by Erika Black .

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