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The Heiress’ Return: Six Brothers at Her Beck and Call

Chapter 1082
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Chapter 1082 I'll Write "That was your dream when you were young, wasn't it?" Wynter pointed at her very first Facebook post and read, "In the future, I want to write a book that will be remembered by the people. The nof the book doesn't matter.

"I just want my book to reach readers abroad and teach them about our Cascadian culture. I want them to understand how wonderful we Cascadians are, and I hope they will stop looking at us with biases.

"I hope that the characters in my book will be vivid and cto life, giving my readers strength and energy." Wynter smirked. "You're very cool, just like my brother, Tobias." It had been a long tsince Judith had heard such words. Ever since she started her family, she had spent most of her tthinking about how she should balance out her relationship with her husband.

She would often think about what to do to lead a happy life and how she should respect the elders in the family.

On the first day of her marriage with Jaxon, Georgia had warned her by claiming that their family was better off living and working in the system.

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Georgia had also told her to not do anything that would put her in the spotlight. She had insisted that she still needed a career and had forced her to take the teacher qualification exams.

Back then, Jaxon wasn't like how he was now and would often help her. Georgia would also often use their spare keys to open their bedroom door without permission.

That was a dark period in her life as she would always have to fight for herself and would often be left feeling sad. After that, she began to have hope in life after having a daughter.

But life wasn't kind to her as she would always have to ask Jaxon for money. She needed money for diapers, milk powder, and groceries. It was as if she was spending money left and right.

There was one month when Jaxon had cut off her allowance. She had to take up a part-tjob doing customer service for her previous company and had barely made ends meet.

She should have cto her senses back then. But the little courage she had back then had disappeared with the troubles she faced in life.

She had to make breakfast and send her child to school. Then, she would have to pick up her child when school was over and remember what meetings the schools were holding the next week.

She could not forget that her child was required to wear her uniform on Monday as there would be a school assembly. She needed to remember all of the homework the teachers had given her child.

Whenever her daughter's results slipped, she would need to ask the teachers for ways to help her daughter improve.

She was also required to maintain a good relationship with the parents of her daughter's classmates. Those were her tasks, and there were many more.

Soon, those tasks began to take over her life. As the days passed, she slowly forgot what it meant for her to be herself.

Judith touched the screen as she felt tears pool in her eyes. She did not cry, but her voice trembled as she said, "Alright. I'll write. I'll write about the truth." Wynter had been waiting for that sentence. She didn't want to just destroy the Spectral Veil. She decided to leave Georgia alone for now, but her main target was to ruin that scumbag and his lover.

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Judith barely gave it much thought as she immediately began to type on the keyboard.

"The day before was my 41st birthday. I suddenly remembered how I was an intern when I first got together with my husband. Both of us didn't have much money back then.

"He cfrom a wealthy family, but I had a plain family background, He toldhe didn't want to rely on his family, and I agreed. Rent was expensive in Kingbourne. Chapter 1082 Fy Write "So, we gathered the money we got from our scholarships and rented a small 400 square feet house that was nearer to our workplace.

"On the day we moved in, I ordered the cheapest grilled chicken I could find from a restaurant nearby. We made a simple salad at hand drizzled sranch over our chicken.

"The smoky flavor of the chicken and the sweetness of the salad dressing mixed well together remember smiling at him and telling him that we finally had a home.

"When I was 27 years old, he proposed towith a ring and we bought a house our hose wasn't big, edur but it was filled with warmth. He huggedand twirledaround in circles.

"He boughta birthday cake and my favorite grilled chicken with a side of fries. Back then, I felt like I was the happiest woman in the world." X