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Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith

Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith
615 Chapters
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Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith

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    Read Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith by Mrs Smith. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRead Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith. Genre: Alpha,....  Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith pdf dowload...Read the full online for free here Kristen, the alpha's daughter in a werewolf pack, runs a tattoo shop and is finishing a tattoo for Jacob when Alec from the Black Moon Pack walks in. Alec wants a wolf mural on his back, and despite initial tension, Kristen agrees to do the tattoo. Kristen's twin brother, Colt, and their friends are wary of Alec. After the tattoo session, Alec schedules more appointments, and Kristen feels an inexplicable connection with him. Kristen and her friend Emmy make plans to go for a run. As they leave the shop, Kristen notices Alec across the street, and there is a mysterious and primal energy in his gaze that intrigues her. Kristen, the alpha's daughter, faces tension with her stepmother Luna Ann and asserts herself when accused of neglecting duties. She and her friend Emmy plan to go for a run and meet friends for supper. At the pizza parlor, Kristen encounters hostility from a girl named Angela. Alpha Alec from the Black Moon Pack intervenes, and tension escalates, leading to Alec handling the situation. Back at the table, Kristen updates her brother Colt and friends about the encounter. Later, Alec signals Kristen to go outside, creating an uneasy atmosphere... Read Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith

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