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Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption

Chapter 410
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Lizetta's eyes widened in shock, immediately cutting him off, "Stop! Putdown, now!"

Seeing her flush with annoyance, Remington reluctantly set her down. Lizetta leaned against a pillar, fixing her

disheveled clothes.

The man looked down at her and suddenly said, "Who says they won't grow? | feel like they've gotten bigger

these past few days."

Lizetta, at first confused by his comment, followed his gaze down to her chest and her face turned even redder.

But since she got pregnant, there seemed to indeed be schanges; her bra had gotten tighter.

"Don't go wrapping them up in cloth this time."

Lizetta shot Remington a glare, remembering how she used to bind her chest with cloth and how he had spanked

her for it, feeling a tinge of sweetness.

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He leaned closer, whispering slowly in her ear, "They're mine now. Any mistreatment won't just result in a


Although Lizetta wasn't well-endowed, her figure was beautifully proportioned, thanks to her slim waist.

She had always thought he liked her figure, but never realized he was actually a fan of bigger being better.

She smacked Remington lightly, calling him a "pervert" with a mix of anger and embarrassment. Remington just

held her and laughed softly, not bothering to argue.

At noon, Lizetta and Remington joined Fiona for lunch, and also shared their decision to have a wedding


Fiona was over the moon, eagerly discussing dates and arrangements with Lizetta. After lunch, Lizetta spent a

long while with Fiona, and they finally left the villa.

On their way back to Oakridge Heights, Remington got a call from Martin. Barbara had woken up and had been

moved from the ICU to a regular room.

Not wanting any delays, Remington directed the driver to the hospital, taking Lizetta with him. Entering the

hospital room hand-in-hand, they found Eileen wiping Barbara's face. She greeted them with a smile.


She hesitated to address Lizetta, feeling it awkward to call her "Mrs. Dashiell" in front of Barbara. Before she

could find an appropriate title, Barbara happily reached out from her bed.

"Remington, | never thought I'd make it through this. Guess it means even the heavens wantto witness your

wedding with Stella. Let's keep the wedding simple and fast, okay? I'm not sure how long I'll last but attending

your wedding would letdie happy."

Eileen shot an apologetic smile at Lizetta, leaning in to whisper, "Mom, Mrs. Dashiell ctoo."

Remington held Lizetta's hand tighter, while the latter had made full mental preparation. Having decided to

stand by Remington, Lizetta was ready to face all hardships with him, including his obligations to the West family.

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Respecting Barbara as a mother figure, Lizetta was prepared to treat her as such. Without hesitation, she

returned Eileen's smile, clasped Remington's hand, and then turned to Barbara with a bouquet in hand, softly


"Mrs. West, I've brought you sflowers. | arranged them myself with pale pink carnations, bright yellow roses,

green bellflowers, and orange tulips, all symbols of health and happiness.

Try smelling them; the scent's light and refreshing. They're still dewy from the morning. Just touch them; they're

full of life and beauty."

Lizetta reached out to let Barbara feel the vibrant energy of the flowers. However, Barbara's smile faded, and

with a sudden sweep of her hand, she knocked the bouquet away.

In an instant, the flowers scattered on the floor.

Fortunately, Remington reacted quickly, pulling Lizetta away from the bedside to avoid getting hit in the face.

Barbara's voice was filled with agitation, "Remington, your wife knows | can't see. What's the point of bringing