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My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace

Chapter 481
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Chapter 481

“Wow, just wow! Breathtaking, truly breathtaking!”

7 guess this must be what Xan mentioned at the Celestial Cinema Awards ceremony, the mountain of irises Mr.

Lockwood planted for her?”

“How romantic is that? Which girl could possibly say no?”

Christopher and Susanna were invited to join Theodore and the rest of the Lockwood family on the raised

platform to mingle and chat. Oliver stood off to the side of the stage, silently rehearsing his lines in his head.

Ethan and Samuel looked up at the mountain. blanketed with irises, utterly astounded.

“Who would have thought? Orion planted a whole mountain of irises. He really loves Xan.”

“That's because our Xan is inesistible!”

“Is it time?”

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Getting the cue through his earpiece, Oliver picked up the microphone and cleared his throat, facing the


“Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends and family, please take your seats in an orderly fashion; the wedding is

about to begin!

I'm deeply honored and thrilled to be here today as the bride's uncle, acting as the officiant for her and her

groom'’s wedding.

Most of you might not know, but the bride and groom have met when they were just children, their bond forged

by chance but deeply rooted in mutual affection.

This bond has weathered storms and basked in sunshine, growing stronger with each passing day, blossoming

into the beautiful flower of love we celebrate today.

As an elder, | sincerely and wholeheartedly wish them a life filled with love, happiness, and unity! Now, let's

welcour adorable flower boys to join the groom”

Down the rose petal-covered aisle, a pair of cute little flower boys walked hand in hand.

The guests immediately noticed Sebastian dressed up as a girl, his brown curls bouncing, wearing a lovely pink

dress, his pout as comical as Donald Duck’s, making everyone laugh with his adorably disgruntled look towards

the man on stage.

Oliver glanced at his watch, all three hands pointing to twelve, and loudly announced. “The auspicious moment

has arrived

Let's welcome, with the warmest round of applause, the most beautiful bride in the world as she makes her

grand entrance!”

As he finished,

I, cameras from dozens of angles turned towards the entrance of the aisle.

0000000 0000000

The sky was clear, the sun warm and shining, casting a radiant glow on the groom in his sharp, white suit, on his

well-shaped brows, deep eyes, and then his chiseled face, making him look almost divine, bathed in light.

His eyes, filled with eager anticipation, were fixed on the entrance,

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Today, he was marrying the girl he had adored for so many years; a dream would ctrue. But one second,

two seconds, few seconds passed, and the bride had yet to appear

“Why hasn't she cout?”

“I have no idea.”


Just as the crowd began to murmur a sweet, melodious and resounding voice cut through the air.

“Ori, I'm here to marry you.”

Orion turned around to see the girl descending on a round parachute, in a stunning white wedding dress holding

a large bouquet of Irises, her smile as bright as the sun, like an angel coming towards him, just like when he first

saw her.

He was mesmerized.


Once upon a time, there was someone who loved you for a very, very long time.