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Even After Death Novel (Olivia)

Even After Death Novel (Olivia)
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Even After Death Novel (Olivia)

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    Read Even After Death (Olivia) by Lilting Champ. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereEven After Death by Lilting Champ full chapter at . Artist: Ethan Miller and Olivia Fordham... Genre: Billionaire Olivia Fordham, diagnosed with stomach cancer, faces a grim prognosis. Keith, her doctor, advises surgery with a 15-30% survival rate. Financially strained and reluctant to burden her family, Olivia declines treatment. She contacts her estranged husband, Ethan Miller, seeking a divorce. Their marriage had soured after Olivia's traumatic experience losing her baby, and Ethan's first love returned pregnant. Olivia, aware of her impending death, asks for a divorce and a $10 million alimony. Ethan, initially skeptical, eventually agrees to sign the divorce papers. Olivia remainsposed, determined to finalize the divorce and face her fate. In the aftermath of her failed marriage and the loss of her child, Olivia, battling cancer, faces financial challenges. Desperate to cover her father's medical bills, Olivia seeks help from her estranged husband, Ethan, who coldly demands a divorce before providing financial assistance. However, Olivia discovers a shocking truth—Ethan may have played a role in her family's bankruptcy. Meanwhile, Olivia's father survives a heart attack, but she struggles to pay the mounting medical bills. In a twist of fate, Olivia encounters Marina, Ethan's current partner, at a jewelry shop where she tries to sell her wedding ring for money. The encounter adds another layer ofplexity to Olivia's already tumultuous life.... Read Even After Death

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