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The villainess shall be mine

Chapter 201 Unending Dream
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[Adam's POV]

I had a dream. I was walking on a street crowded with people. Somehow this scenery looked familiar.

"Where is this?" I couldn't help but this like it was a normal dream.


Someone called me, and when I looked back, I saw Liu. She was my wife. I still couldn't believe it, but I promised myself that I would treasure her.

"Liu… I am here… What? Who is that guy?" Liu rushed at a guy that looked like me.

"No! Liu, that's an imposter!" I yelled, I ran towards Liu.

However, when she saw me, she had a look of terror on her face and the guy stood in front of her.

"What do you want with my wife?" He said. His wife? What the hell was this imposter talking about? As if I would give Liu to you…

"Eh?" But then I saw my face reflected in the puddle of water below me. It was the ugly me from the past.

"Liu, listen to me. This is the real me. I am Adam," I told her, not panicking. I already knew that Liu wasn't the kind of person who would judge me by my appearance, but still, I was also aware of how ugly I was in the past.

"Adam, I love you," Liu said, suddenly, and the imposter disappeared all of sudden. "As a friend."

"No, Liu wait—"




"Adam?! Calm down. I am here. I am here."

When I woke up, I was hugged by Liu. I could feel her smooth skin on my face. She held me against her soft breasts and kissed my forehead.

"Sorry. I had a bad dream," I said, wrapping my arms around her hips and kissing her.

"Maybe you should take a break from the simulation," Liu said in a concerned tone, lying on my chest.

"Don't worry, it's just for a few days. After that, we can take a break together," I said.

There were still a lot of questions that I couldn't answer but for now, spending as much time as I could with Liu was my priority. It wasn't like I was scared of recovering my memory. Somehow, I felt that something bad would happen if I recovered them.

Nonetheless, sooner or later, I will recover my memory. As such, I needed to enjoy this opportunity so I won't have any regrets.



"I think I should tell you this… I was waiting for the right time but…" Liu was a bit nervous, and she trailed off. "Well, I-I am pregnant…"

"I see," or so I said, but I couldn't feel my face, so my reaction must have been a stupid one.

I wasn't really sure about how to react to this situation. There were a lot of conflicting emotions whirling inside my chest. Happiness. Fear.

"What's with that reaction? You don't sound happy at all," Liu said, puffing her cheeks.

I understood what she was trying to say, but until now I have never had this kind of relationship with someone. I might have been an adult but I have never gotten the chance to experience this kind of thing.

"I am happy of course. I am so happy that my brain stopped working for a second," I said in a daze, remembering my mother. What would have she said if she was here? My mother? How did my mother look like again?

"You can just say something like, 'Is it a boy or girl?'" Liu said in a moody tone, pinching my nipple.

"Ouch! Okay, okay! So, is it a boy or a girl?"

"I am not telling you anymore. It's a secret." Liu was teasing me for some reason. She was cute but I wanted to know if my child was a boy or a girl.

Still, to think I didn't remember conceiving this child. Well, I spent the night with Liu and I did what I had to do as a man.

However, this still felt weird. I was the father and yet I wasn't there, my consciousness wasn't there, and I didn't have the memory of it when this child was conceived. Yet…

"If it's a girl, let's call her Blanca," I said. I found this name beautiful for some reason.

"Blanca? That's a pretty good name. And if it's a boy?"

"Well, if it's a boy then… Mmmm… Bertolt? Bertorito? Berlotolo? I can't think of anything," I said, wondering why I thought about these names.

"What's up with that?" Liu said, biting my chest.

For some reason, she was really different. No, she was always like this, but she only showed this part of her to someone that she loved and she trust. She was kind of silly.

"Okay, how about Lucian?" I said.

"Lucian? Mmmm… It's better than Ber-Bertlot? Hahaha." Liu laughed a little as she tried to pronounce that weird name.

There was this warm feeling inside my chest as I looked at the woman next to me. Was this a real reality? Wouldn't it be alright if I just forget everything else and devote my life to making her happy and keeping her safe? Why did I have that lingering fear, that doubt somewhere in corner of my heart?

"Adam?" Seeing that I had gone quiet, Liu moved on top of me and looked down at my face.

"What is it? Are telling me that you are ready to go?" I said teasing her, grabbing her by her hip.

"Annh~ Y-you!" After letting out a cute erotic voice, Liu tried to regain her dominant position.

"You are so adorable, you know that."

"Stop teasing me."

I needed to protect her. I had to protect her. Even if it was the last thing I needed to do.


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