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The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 2360 - Successful Tribulation
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Chapter 2360 - Successful Tribulation

When Xiao Chen left, everything he had manifested disappeared. This place returned to primal chaos, with only the Flaming Yin-Yang Painting remaining.

Lin Yun hovered in the air and felt like it was a dream. He smiled, “Big Brother Yun? Big Brother Chen?”

Xiao Chen was the one who established the Divine Dragon Era, but they called each other brothers. Lin Yun took a deep breath and circulated the Blue Dragon Bone, executing the Nirvana Dao once more with his hands changing signs. He formed an ancient seal and a vibrating noise came from a cauldron as his blue dragon’s aura rose. Even his eyes became golden, looking dignified and noble.

“Blue Dragon Divine Seal!” Lin Yun opened his mouth, and muttered, “It’s actually real...”

He took a deep breath to dismiss the Blue Dragon Divine Seal, his face becoming grave.

“I have a method now, but I need to find the right opportunity. After all, the Blue Dragon Divine Cauldron is a treasure of Heaven's Gate,” Lin Yun muttered then focused on the painting. According to what the Blue Dragon Ancestral Deity said, one could grasp Yin-Yang Dao if they reached a high level with this secret technique. If he could grasp it, he would grasp two Eternal Daos. He found it somewhat ridiculous.

“Let’s go face my tribulation.” Lin Yun retreated from this space and opened his eyes to the lesser secret realm. He stowed the golden jade slip and began to sort out his harvest. There were twenty-three Flame Origin Pellets, eighteen Divine Dragon Destiny Pellets, and a Divine Sovereign Dragon Pellet.

The Flame Origin Pellets contained boundless primordial aura for seventh-stage Saint Lords. As for the Divine Dragon Destiny Pellets, he didn’t understand it well. But just from ‘Destiny’ alone, he could tell that it must be used to increase his saint daos or strengthen his martial techniques.

As for the Divine Sovereign Dragon Pellet, he didn’t know what it did. But when he saw the shock on the faces of the divine guards, he had a feeling that this probably had a considerable value.

“Let’s find a time to ask Profound Sky Venerable. He knows about it,” Lin Yun began to face his tribulation after sorting out his harvest. The breakthrough wasn’t about foundation but courage. This was because one would die if they couldn’t succeed, and one had to endure it.

“Come on.” A decisive light flashed in Lin Yun’s eyes. When he closed them, he poured all his saint energy into the golden pill. The golden pill began to shine brightly. After four hours of pouring his saint energy into the golden pill, a golden radiance appeared from within his body, making it transparent.

His bones could be seen, his skin gave off a jade light, while his blood gave off a divine aura. Next was the last step, which was to fuse Nirvana Dao, Azure Dragon Dao, and Sword Dao into his golden pill. When he completed that, his tribulation would arrive, the Firestorm Tribulation.

This wasn’t divine flames but a bizarre yin flame. When the flames appeared, they began to envelop Lin Yun, which gave him great pain. When the flames blazed, Lin Yun could sense that his cultivation was falling as well as the intense pain.

The yin flame entered his violet palace, filling up his entire violet palace. The remaining saint energy was incinerated, but it was fortunate that Lin Yun poured the majority into his golden pill. Otherwise, there would have been a massive fire that incinerated Lin Yun to ashes.ƒɾҽҽധղ.çօണ

The yin flame spread throughout his violet palace, coiling around his golden pill before spreading to his internal organs. It didn’t take long before his internal organs were wholly incinerated, and Lin Yun was bearing the huge pain with his will on the verge of collapse. He finally knew why the tribulation was so terrifying, and the thought of stopping even crossed his mind.

If he wasn’t careful, he would be incinerated to ashes. If someone saw this scene, it would leave behind a nightmare, and they wouldn’t have the courage to face the tribulation.

In the end, the yin flame stopped after incinerating all of Lin Yun’s flesh, leaving behind a skeletal frame. But this process lasted a long time, with Lin Yun’s will on the verge of collapse. He didn’t know how much time had passed before the flame stopped spreading, and the wind tribulation came before he could catch his breath.

The wind came from nowhere and passed through his body. His body was showing signs of collapsing. This naturally frightened Lin Yun, “No! No! No!”

He was really terrified because if the Blue Dragon Bone was incinerated, he would be finished. In the end, the Blue Dragon Bone managed to bear it, which made him heave a sigh in relief.

The wind and fire gathered in his dantian as they began to burn his golden pill. This was also a form of tempering. If he managed to endure it, his tribulation would be a success. But if his golden pill shattered, his tribulation would fail, and he would die.

But during this process, Lin Yun was weirdly calm because the fire and wind couldn’t inflict any damage on his golden pill but made it even more refined. He soon discovered why his golden pill was being empowered by an Eternal Dao as well as his saint energy. The wind and fire could destroy the other daos, but they couldn’t do anything to an Eternal Dao. He could only say that there were pros and cons.

This made Lin Yun heave a sigh in relief, but he didn’t relax because of it. The entire process lasted for seven days before the fire and wind began to dissipate. Before his Blue Dragon Bone could activate, the saint energy and saint daos in his golden pill began pouring out along with vitality that recovered his body.

Lin Yun finally heaved a sigh in relief and opened his eyes. This was a weird feeling, as though he had reforged his body. The energy filled his body, and the saint energy pouring out of his golden pill became even more refined with a trace of golden threads coiling around it. He soared to the sky and let out a roar to vent the pain that he had suffered, causing the entire secret realm to tremble.

There was a majestic palace outside the secret realm, and at the center of it was an array of many floating jade medals, each representing a secret realm. Suddenly, a jade medal began to tremble, which caused the entire array to violently tremble.

“What the hell is going on?!” The two deacons from Heaven’s Gate who were stationed there were frightened, before the one with a robust figure frowned, “It seems to be the secret realm belonging to that Flower Burial.”

This jade medal was especially marked, and the two deacons naturally heard of Lin Yun’s recent deeds. The robust deacon turned to the plump deacon. He asked, “Do you want to go and take a look?”magic

The plump deacon replied, “There’s no need. Do you think he can destroy this secret realm? He’s probably undergoing a tribulation, so there's no need to worry about it.”

“So what? Many people stood out in the Heavenly Barren Saint Mountain recently...” Under the perseverance of the plump deacon, the robust deacon could only give it up. What the plump deacon said made sense since big shots engraved the jade medals, so how could there be a problem with it?

Seeing that the secret realm was trembling, Lin Yun was alarmed before he smiled. When he landed on the ground, it felt satisfying as he muttered, “Let’s hold back a little.”

His breakthrough was only a small one, but it made Lin Yun feel like he had broken through his shackles. He muttered, “I now know why I can’t even take a palm from a divine disciple.”

The tribulation not only tempered his saint energy but also made it even more refined with some primordial aura mixed in it. Aside from that, his physique had also been transformed.

“It’s already so strong as the seventh-stage Saint Lord, so how terrifying would an eighth-stage Saint Lord or ninth-stage Saint Lord be?” Lin Yun wore a grave expression since he knew that the last three stages of the Saint Lord were a transformation each.

“Let’s focus on increasing my cultivation.” Lin Yun felt a sense of urgency and no longer hesitated. He quickly brought out the twenty-three Flame Origin Pellets and began refining them. Looking at the Flame Origin Pellets, Lin Yun had anticipation rising. “Let’s hope the Flame Origin Pellets are as strong as rumored.”

He didn’t have the time to wait for his cultivation to rise through accumulation, so he could only rely on treasures. Since the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity had refined the Flame Origin Pellets, they should have a good effect. He didn’t hesitate and swallowed the entire pellet.

When he swallowed it, Lin Yun opened his eyes wide as a primordial aura began gushing out from his pores, filling up the entire secret realm. This made his face change before he quickly sat down and closed his pores to refine the Flame Origin Pellet, “Damn it!”

But the moment he sat down, flames engulfed him because the effect of the Flame Origin Pellet was too domineering. Shortly after, dao rhythms echoed from him, filling the entire secret realm. This brought joy to Lin Yun. The Flame Origin Pellet was so terrifying, but he had twenty-three of them, so it shouldn’t be a problem for him to reach the late phase of the seventh-stage Saint Lord.

“Shangguan Jue... I really have to thank him. Hahaha!” Lin Yun laughed.