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Sugar Dating with CEO

Chapter 9
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Chapter 9: Almost happened

Arthur turned away again, he looked at Kalea in disbelief. “Kissing you, of course. It’s not your first time,right?” Arthur asked.

“T-this is the first time...” Kalea whispered, turning her face away with her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.

The man blinked. “First time?! Wait, are you still a virgin too?!” Arthur asked again. Because he doesn’t want to have sex with a woman who has never been touched by anyone. He does often have sex, but he is not the first person to have this love affair.

Kalea nodded slowly, making Arthur want to curse Zeline even more for giving him a girl too innocent for him. The blonde girl should know what kind of woman she wants. He can be patient when he finds out if Kalea doesn’t know about the sugar dating relationship. However, for a matter like this, it was already very difficult for Arthur to tolerate. The man pushed his black hair back in a huff. “Kalea, is it okay to give your body to me?” Arthur asked again, reassuring the girl. “You’ve read the contract carefully, haven’t you?”

“... already. I ... i’m okay,” Kalea replied.

“You sound unconvincing. We can still cancel the contract if you’re not sure,” Arthur replied, even though in his heart he was screaming because he was very sorry about Kalea’s virgin status.

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Kalea’s eyes rounded, and she shook her head strongly while holding the man’s arm. “No, I’m fine, really! Don’t you want to be my first?” asked Kalea with a pitiful face. She even threw away her shame by saying things like that. Just for the sake of Arthur not canceling the contract. She didn’t want the man she had thought of as a running bank to disappear too quickly.


“That’s not it, Lea. Can I just call you Lea?” Arthur asked, Kalea nodded slowly. “My principle is not to be the ‘first’ for a woman. I can do it many times as long as the woman is not a virgin,” he explained, and hoped Kalea would understand.

“If I’m not a virgin, do you want to be with me?”

“Of course, my explanation is enough for you to understand, right?”

Kale was silent for a moment. “Then I’ll have sex with another man, and then come to you again.”

Arthur nodded in agreement. “Yeah, that too-wait-what?!” exclaimed the man in surprise.

Kale raised an eyebrow. “Doing it with another man.”

“Not like that! Do you really want me that much?” Arthur asked, suddenly confidently. Yes, he really believes in his quality. All the women must have fallen into his arms, and it turns out that Kalea was already fascinated by him. Yet the reality is not like that.

The corner of the girl’s lips curved downwards. She nodded slowly in response to Arthur’s question. Kalea just didn’t want Arthur to ask her to return the one hundred thousand dollars that had been given. Because she has already spent some of it. Arthur took a deep breath, he hesitated. It is impossible for him to violate the principles he has set for himself. Not only with Kalea, he has also met many virgin girls who insist they still want to have sex with him. And Arthur always refused.

Then now, he was again faced with such a situation again. Arthur couldn’t possibly lick his own spittle.

“Arthur?” called Kalea, because the man kept silent.

“Hmm?” Arthur said with a sweet smile that made Kalea a little fascinated. Only a few. “Come here, if you still want to be with me,” Arthur said as he spread his arms, waiting for Kalea to come back into his arms.

The girl smiled broadly, she immediately rushed into the arms of the handsome man. “Do you still wanna cancel the contract?” asked Kalea, to be sure.

“I dunno, I’ll think about it. But,” Arthur pulled away from his embrace and looked at the girl’s face. “If it’s for this, may I give it a try? Cause you’ve been teasing me,” Arthur asked while touching Kalea’s luscious lips.

Kalea couldn’t lie if her heart suddenly beat faster than usual. Unconsciously, she bit her lower lip, which only made Arthur more tempted. The man chuckled, a little annoyed because he couldn’t stand it. “What you’re doing makes my cravings go wild, you know?”

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“B-but, I-” Kalea couldn’t continue her words because Arthur had kissed her lips a little greedily and wouldn’t let the girl breathe properly. Arthur really wasn’t lying about himself being so seduced by Kalea. The man’s hand went down to the neck of the hazel eyed girl. While Kalea couldn’t move, she just closed her eyes and tried to keep her breath because Arthur really didn’t let the kiss slip away.

Arthur licked those lips, which at first felt greedy, now turned slowly soft and not in a hurry. As if enjoying and getting used to the girl’s lips. Even though it was Kalea’s first time, she tried to return the man’s kiss. The longer she enjoyed and was lulled by what Arthur did to her. At the point where it was already too difficult for Kalea to breathe with the oxygen supply, she hit the man’s chest a little hard to break the kiss.

The man let go, smiling mischievously, making Kalea blush. “You like it?” Arthur teased. Kalea didn’t answer, she couldn’t say out loud if she really liked the man’s kiss. Arthur tried to take off the white cardigan that Kalea was wearing, and the girl somehow became obedient, as if hypnotized by the charm of the handsome man.

Without a word, Arthur kissed the girl’s lips again. Whether it was the influence of alcohol or that he was trapped by the girl’s charm, he kept wanting to touch Kalea and wanted to forget the principle he always used. His position was now on top of Kalea’s body, lying on the bed. Kalea looks very beautiful, despite turning her blushing face away. Arthur smiled a little, he brought his face closer and switched to kissing the girl’s slender neck a few times. As for Kalea, she felt amused but couldn’t stop the man’s actions. She just squeezed Arthur’s shoulder and slowly wrapped her arm around the man’s neck, who had a mole under his eye.

The moment Arthur wanted to touch Kalea even more, his hand that was almost holding the girl’s chest suddenly stopped. He felt that this was not the time, and only cared about his lust without caring about Kalea. Arthur glanced at Kalea, he smiled bitterly as he plopped down beside the girl.

Kalea opened her eyes after feeling Arthur no longer touching her. “W-what’s wrong?”

“I’m afraid I’ll get wilder later,” Arthur replied as he hugged the girl from the side again. “Just leave it like this for now.”

“Are you all right if it’s like this?” Kalea asked worriedly. She felt Arthur’s appetite was indeed high, although she wasn’t ready if she was going to go any further.

Arthur snorted. “You should be more worried about yourself than I am,” Arthur said, with a point. “Now I want to talk to you more.”

“Eh? Talking about what?” Kalea changed positions and now faced the man. Arthur smiled sweetly, the 32 year old man’s smile was really sweeter than honey. It seemed that Kalea had started to make Arthur’s smile one of her favorites in Kalea’s gloomy life. The man tucked Kalea’s hair behind her ear.

“About you. I want to know all about you.”