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Samsara Online-Novel

Chapter 474: Wanting to cry but having no tears to shed
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Chapter 474: Wanting to cry but having no tears to shed

All the students were paying maximum attention to what kind of reply Shen Xinya would give next. Even the mathematics teacher was interested in this matter.

Shen Xinya, despite having retired from the world of music, was still the brightest star in the entire Asian continent and undoubtedly one of the brightest in the world, if not the brightest of them all. In fact, the success of her last concert was still being studied and analyzed but one thing was certain; thanks to her song Love of God and beautiful cappella voice, Shen Xinya's popularity had only grown in recent days.

The son of the teacher Yuan who taught mathematics to all the third-year students related to economics was called Yuan Ming and he was 17 years old so next year he would be applying to Shanghai University. However, he was also one of the young men whose weak heart broke into a thousand pieces when he learned that the goddess of his heart had actually always been in love with a man and that for him she was now willing even to leave the world of music which a year or two ago she had said she adored.

The teacher Yuan could not help but be curious about the kind of man with the ability to make a heavenly beauty like Shen Xinya fall in love. After all, even he who had one foot in middle age had to admit that the beauty of Shen Xinya was spectacular enough to blind anyone of any age, and was it not for the fact that he was happily married with a beautiful family he might even forget all sense of shame or propriety to pursue the beauty despite the fact that she was almost young enough to be his daughter.

"About that..." Shen Xinya put on a hesitant expression on her face and in everyone's eyes, she seemed to be in a great dilemma.

In the distance, Xie Feng gritted his teeth as for a split second their eyes met. He cursed in his heart Shen Xinya several times but also did not forget to send her a warning glance.

However, Xie Feng forgot that Shen Xinya was the type of proud and wild woman like a little beast who did not accept "threatening" glances.

With a performance worthy of the Oscar Award for best actress of the year, Shen Xinya looked towards the window and with slightly sad eyes said in a low voice, "If you promise not to say anything, then I will answer that question from before."

"Don't worry, Goddess Shen." That same student from before stood up and looked around with a serious expression on his face as he said, "Everyone here will be classmates for at least the rest of the year and I don't think anyone wants to get along badly with you, on the contrary, I'm sure we would all like to be your friends. Therefore, I think I speak for everyone here when I say that not a single word you say next will leave this classroom."

"Of course!"

"Don't worry, Goddess Shen! We are all honorable people here!"


The voices of those who wanted nothing more than to see the world burn immediately echoed as they urged Shen Xinya to answer the question from before.

Shen Xinya looked at them all and her eyes flashed weirdly. She was not a naive girl who knew nothing of the world, in her career as a professional singer she had met many people and among them there was no shortage of those who smiled as warmly as the sun but in their hearts hid smiles as cold as the legendary frozen world Niflheim.

Regardless of what everyone said here, it was simply impossible for her to childishly believe what they said. In fact, Shen Xinya was practically 100% convinced that it wouldn't even be an hour before the news would begin to spread; after all, there was no need to wait until lunchtime to share such juicy gossip when cell phones and the internet existed.

Sure, there might be many who could keep the secret just as she had asked and just as they had promised. However, in such a big tree there would always, by nature, be a rotten apple; this was the reality, and the one who did not want to see it would only suffer in the future, a reality which fortunately she had seen from a very young age.

However, guess what? Shen Xinya didn't care!

"Actually, the man I love and who I have always loved for all these years despite the distance, in fact, is a student at Shanghai University."

The words of Shen Xinya were like a thunderclap followed by a fierce flash of lightning in the middle of a starry night in the summer season with almost 40 degrees temperature; even though the possibility was latent, it was actually something completely unexpected.

Holy crap!

That guy really studied here!

The minds of the students in the Department of Business and Administration went blank for a moment before gasps and loud murmurs began to sound loudly inside the classroom.

Many had thought "could it be that..." but still something inside them rejected the possibility that the main reason Shen Xinya registered at Shanghai University was mostly because her beloved was studying here. However, now that she had confirmed it herself, everyone was going crazy!

But the one who was going the craziest of all was Xie Feng!

For the love of my dear god! Xie Feng wanted to cry but he had no tears and the "casual" smile on his face was uglier than seeing a spirit in the middle of the night!

Although Shen Xinya had not exposed his name or anything too obvious, they would often be seen together from now on, wouldn't they? Then it would only be a matter of time before the gossips would start jumping to conclusions and the "rumors" would spread far and wide!

But Xie Feng still underestimated how mischievous Shen Xinya could be when she was in the mood for revenge.

'Hmph! You little scoundrel, you dare to ignore this young miss's call for help? This young miss wants to see how you can continue to sleep in peace!' Shen Xinya gritted her teeth in her heart as she secretly scrubbed her hands like someone whose Machiavellian plan was about to be completed successfully.

While everyone was gossiping with each other, Shen Xinya continued to watch the sun slowly ascending higher and higher in the sky through the window. Her expression was slightly bitter as she softly said, "But, it's really a pity."

Despite the mini chaos inside the classroom, Shen Xinya's voice was so beautiful and delightful to be heard that even amidst so many voices it made itself heard even though the tone of voice she was using was light and considerably low.

The voices immediately stopped as if by prior arrangement and a rather pretty girl looked at Shen Xinya in surprise as she asked in confusion, "Goddess Shen, what do you mean it's really a pity?"

'Goddess Shen' was the title the fans had given Shen Xinya. It was not only limited to men as countless women also took to calling her that. After all, Shen Xinya was really like a goddess who had descended to the mortal world not only because of her beauty but above all because of her voice that seemed to have powers to purify the soul and drive away sadness along with bad energies.

Shen Xinya looked at everyone again with that hesitant expression from before, and seeing that expression, Xie Feng began to feel nervous so he began to fidget uncharacteristically in his seat but fortunately for him, even his best friends were distracted by what was going on or else he really could have been exposed by now.

Seeing the hesitant expression return to Shen Xinya's face, there were a few youths who tried to express their support.

"Goddess Shen, don't worry. No one will say anything!"

"That's right! We might even help you if we know your difficulties!"

"Most of us here worship you as a true goddess. We will not allow you to suffer injustice!"


Shen Xinya looked moved on the surface even though in her heart she knew that in reality, it was unlikely that these people were actually saying those words from the bottom of their hearts. It was most likely that 90% of them were lying just for the sake of knowing their secrets.

But it didn't matter... At the end of the day, this was all an act to punish that evildoer who watched everything silently trying to hide without success.

"Actually..." Shen Xinya started to speak but stopped midway as if hesitating again. After a few seconds of silence and tension, she finally sighed and slowly said, "The man I love, although he studies at this university, he also has a girlfriend so I doubt I will be lucky to conquer his heart.... His girlfriend is so beautiful that even birds would stop at her window to watch her sleep."

Silence was heard for a long time when the words of Shen Xinya came out of her mouth and it was as if for an instant the world froze. Everyone was trying to process what they had just heard even though the answer was clear in their hearts as regardless of the clarity of the matter it was difficult for them to accept it.

It's over... Xie Feng let his upper body fall on his desk while crying tears of sorrow in his heart.