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Chapter 700 Always And Forever
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Evie glanced over at Ezekiel and found that the man was now looking over at her. And he was already ready. Evie had to admit that his preparations were quick and flawless. In just a short time, he had already completed what he had to do. His dark magic was already swirling menacingly â€" thick and powerful â€" around him.

She took a few seconds to observe his dark magic and just from that short few moments, Evie could already confirm that this man was truly very powerful. More powerful than he had let on. What little power he was showing right now could only be considered the tip of the iceberg. She could not imagine the rest of that power â€" like the other 90 percent of the iceberg below the surface, hidden within himself. From the effortless way he was wielding his power, and how the winds that looked really dangerous and sharp that spun around him but he was completely unaffected by it â€" even still having that usual poker face that Evie was recognizing as his normal expression â€" even Evie marveled at it. She was already considered the most powerful being in their world right now. But even so, she could not see through the extent of the power held by this man, Ezekiel. His seemingly limitless power caused an inner shudder within her. She was suddenly thankful that his powerful person was on their side, on Gav's side, instead of being the opposition.

Evie nodded back, acknowledging him and with one last wordless communication with their eyes, she formed a small but extremely sharp dagger, formed by her light energy, and slashed it across her skin. She skillfully made that cut, only going along the muscle fibres and avoiding cutting across muscle and touching any tendons, ensuring that healing later on would be swift. And as soon as her blood dropped on the crystal, it shattered with a loud crack. As though someone had swung down a heavy-duty hammer onto glass.

A storm of powerful dark magic in the form of pitch-black smoke exploded from within the crystal, sending the shattered crystals flying all over. It was a good thing that they had all taken precaution and did not allow anyone other than Evie, Ezekiel and Gav in the crystal to be on site. They had expected some kind of explosion of power as Gav who was the embodiment of darkness in this world was being trapped and suppressed by the light crystal from Evie who was the embodiment of the light here. However, they did not expect the backlash to be this great.

It was so powerful that even Evie herself was caught a little off-guard. Because the power was indeed stronger than what she had anticipated.

She could not see Gav. Nor Ezekiel. The tornado of darkness had swallowed and wrapped them both within its centre and they could not even tell what was happening right now.

Evie's wings spread, ready to do anything to help Ezekiel even though he had told her firmly a while ago not to. She just could not help but feel uneasy and worried. Can Ezekiel handle this? Evie was still concerned even though she knew how powerful he was.

So she moved to jump into the dark tornado. But she only managed to flap her wings once before stopping because the darkness suddenly started to subside, as though something was sucking at it so impossibly fast.

Then as suddenly as it had happened, it was already gone. Gav was gone. Ezekiel was gone. And the Well... it was once again powerfully sealed up, preventing anyone or anything from going into or coming out of it.

Silence reigned for a long while as everyone recovered from the trance they were thrown in. Everything happened way too fast that it was just unbelievable. In fact, it was somewhat anticlimactic. The only trace left of what had happened within the area were the shards of amber crystals that were now slowly evaporating into a glittery golden smoke.

It was over. Ezekiel had indeed succeeded as he had planned.

"Such a powerful being..." Evie mumbled and shook her head slightly as her wings slowly closed and disappeared from her back.

A soft, sad smile tugged at the corner of her lips. Her heart ached that all of Gav was gone. He was no longer in this world anymore. But her smile slowly turned hopeful. She would endure anything and everything because she knew that one day, Gav would definitely return to her.

She opened her tightly clenched palm and stared at the onyx necklace that was still in her hand. Lifting it to her lips, Evie kissed it. The necklace glowed the moment it touched her lips. And she felt it... Gav hugging her. She knew this was magic, but she reveled in this ethereal embrace. No matter what, it was from Gav. Anything from him was treasure and precious to her.

"Gav..." she whispered and his voice echoed back.

"Wait for me, my love." It was Gav's real voice stored by magic in the crystal! Evie's heart leapt for joy in hearing her beloved's voice after so long.

"I will, my love. No matter how long it takes. I'll wait!" She replied, closing her eyes, imagining him to be holding her, repeating the words she had magicked on the necklace she had given to Ezekiel.

"I'll come back to you and our child no matter what. I'll conquer the darkness and bring this world to its knees if that's what it takes to get back to you again. Wait for me a little bit more, Evie, my love. I will return to you. I love you."

A lone tear silently fell from her eyes as she smiled and brought the necklace close to her chest. The presence hugging her slowly disappeared. "Always and forever, Gav... I'll wait for you even if it takes eternity. I love you!"

~ End of Season 1 ~


To my dearest Readers/Spellbounders,

I would like to thank all of you once again for reaching this far. Thank you for not abandoning this story even after all the ups and down. I know this is such a long season but don't worry, season 2 won't be this long. And I also believe that season 2 will be amazing. I already have the rough plot and I am excited to write it. I just feel like this will be hot and intense and exciting.

However, I would like to tell you guys that it will not come immediately as I decided to take a few months of break first before starting season 2. So that I will be able to update it regularly. Things might still change though as we don't really know what will happen in the future but if there will ever be changes in my decision, I will definitely let you guys know. You can follow me on instagram @kazzenlx.x for future announcement. Or you can follow my facebook page @Author_kazzenlx and join our fb group.

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I might also start releasing side stories about Gav's life in the Underworld. Would you guys want me to write it? Let me know. This is not a fixed decision yet.

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