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Reborn: Another Chance to Leave U by Hazel Ramirez

Chapter 501
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Chapter 501 The Ending: Their Children

Anaya successfully gave birth to one boy and one girl.

When Anaya was in labor, the Malpas family, Hearst, and Adams gathered at the hospital.

Anaya was at greater risk than those mothers-to-be, who had only one child

in their bellies. Hearst carefully took care of Anaya after the doctor told them that Anaya had twins in her belly.

Hearst was afraid that something bad would happen to Anaya.

When Anaya was about to have a delivery, Hearst's panic and worry reached the limit.

From the predelivery room to the delivery room, Hearst looked calm on his face, but his hands were full of sweat.

He kept comforting Anaya by telling her not to be afraid.

The delivery would happen soon. Anaya felt a sharp pain. Because Hearst was agitated, Anaya forced a smile and

said, "Mr. Helms, it seems you are more scared than me.

"The doctor said after the examinations that my condition was good. I will be fine."

Hearst tightly held Anaya by the hand and said nothing.

The nurse appeared and pushed Anaya into the delivery room.

Hearst stood rooted at the door for ten hours.

After a long wait, the first baby's cry finally came from the delivery room.

The door was open, and the pale Anaya was pushed out of the delivery


Instantly, the people waiting outside the delivery room surrounded Anaya.

Hearst, whose eyes were red, leaned over and kissed Anaya on the forehead. His hoarse voice trembled slightly.

"Thank you."

The drug effect of the Epidural block was gone. There was no trace of blood on Anaya's face. Anaya suffered great

pain but put up with it without a groan.

Anaya was feeble. She gently pushed Hearst to stop him from kissing her.

"I am drenched with sweat. Dirty."

"Not at all."

Hearst gently kissed Anaya on the lips after carefully cupping her face in his hands and then said nothing.

The others looked at the couple quietly and did not disturb them.

The two babies, who had just arrived in the world, were forgotten by the crowd. No one cared about them, so their

cries became louder.

The cry reminded the crowd of the babies.

Anaya in a wheelchair tugged at Hearst's clothes. "I want to see our children."

Hearst nodded and asked Jaylon to help carry the two babies over.

Anaya glanced at the two wrinkled babies and complained, "So ugly."

Carlee smiled. "You were as ugly as them when you were a baby. They will become good-looking in a few days."

After a few days, the two babies became fair and tender.

Because of maternal instinct, Anaya found her babies good-looking as days went by. She always played with her


It was late autumn when Anaya left the hospital to go home.

Anaya was still weak, so Hearst helped Anaya wear a trench coat and found

a hat and scarf to keep her warm. Anaya didn't walk out of the hospital because Hearst insisted on carrying her


Anaya pulled up the scarf to cover her face after noticing the subtle gazes

from others. "Jared, put me down. I can walk by myself."

Agitated, Hearst did not let Anaya do anything after she had come out of the delivery room.

Anaya protested many times, but Hearst was not swayed.

This time, Hearst didn't take advice from Anaya as usual. He carried Anaya in the car.

Samuel followed behind with two babies in his arms and suddenly took pity on them.

Samuel still remembered the conversation between Hearst and Adams

after Anaya had a delivery.

"Jared, have you thought of the names of the children?"

Hearst carefully helped Anaya lie on the bed. "Yes."

Adams stretched out one finger for his great-grandson to hold. "What are


Jared helped Anaya take off her shoes and tucked her in. "I forgot," Hearst


Adams was speechless.

He won't be a good father, Samuel thought.

Because of this conversation, Samuel worried about the future of the two


"Amy Helms, Joseph Helms, come to me if you are homeless. I will take

good care of you."

Amy and Joseph looked at Samuel with their big eyes, confused.

Seven months later, the two babies could climb.

Recently, Anaya stayed in the nursery after work and played with her babies

there. She didn't go back to her bedroom until it was late at night.

Anaya worked in the daytime and kept her children company at night.

Therefore, she spent little time on Hearst.

Hearst finally got an opportunity to have sex with Anaya, but Anaya fell

asleep in his arms after the foreplay.

Hearst was reluctant to disturb Anaya, so he helped himself into the


Another month had passed. Reina and Jaylon held their wedding.

Anaya and Hearst attended the wedding together.

Reina had successfully given birth to one daughter half a year ago, so she

was a mother now.

At the end of the wedding, Reina and Anaya gathered together and talked about their children.

Silvia and Aracely didn't want children yet, so they played cards with others.

Jaylon raised his wine glass and toasted Hearst. The two men quietly sat

there and heard the happy conversation between their women. They couldn't cut in at all.

Jaylon asked Hearst, "I heard from my mother that you wanted to send your babies abroad and let her bring them


"Yes." Hearst shifted his gaze away from Anaya. "Well, do you want to do so


Jaylon nodded. He drank up the wine in his glass in one gulp. "I got a


"Me too."

The two men exchanged one glance and saw the frustration in their eyes


At night, Hearst warmed up one glass of milk for Anaya after they went

home. Looking back, Hearst found that Anaya in the living room had gone

to the nursery to play with their babies.

Hearst pursed his thin lips, sent the milk to the nursery, and then went to the

bedroom alone.

Around nine o'clock, Anaya appeared in the bedroom.

Hearst helped Anaya find her pajamas and then left them in the bathroom,

so Anaya could take a shower after taking her makeup off.

After the shower, Anaya lay on the bed. Hearst leaned against the

headboard, put down the book, and kissed Anaya. "Why did you come back

so early today?"

"I was afraid that you would feel lonely." Anaya pressed her face against

Hearst's abdomen and closed her eyes relaxedly. "Today, I learned from my brother that Mr. Helms was jealous. You

are even jealous of our children. I didn't know that you were so stingy."

Hearst flipped open the blanket and lay down. He embraced Anaya by the

waist and carefully kissed her forehead, the space between her brows, and

lips. "What will you do? You're already married to a stingy man and can't


Anaya smiled at Hearst and said, "I will have to spend more time and energy on you and coax you."

Seeing Anaya smile, Hearst couldn't help but smile, "Ana."


Hearst leaned close to Anaya's ear and said in a deep and low voice, "I love


Anaya raised her head and responded to his kiss. "Me too."

So will I in the future, Anaya thought.

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