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Primordial Sin System

Chapter 26 26- Lina’s Resolve (R-18)
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Chapter 26- Lina's resolve (R-18)

The school ended as usual but Dave kept noticing Lina looking at him with hesitation from time to time.

Dave smiled and knew that his plans worked so he planned to add her to his harem.

After the class ended, he told Rose to go to his dorm first as he was doing something.

Rose agrees and she first goes to her dorm to get her things.


Lina, who was thinking about how to talk with Dave, suddenly heard a knock on her door.

"Teacher it's me". Dave said.

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Lina was surprised but she calmly said "Come in"

Dave went inside and look at teacher Lina and said, "Teacher Lina, you know that it's hard for me to forget everything so I hope you give me a chance"

After he said that, he is secretly releasing his Incubus Aura toward Lina.

Lina didn't notice anything as she was stunned by his confession.

Lina immediately stood up and went to hug Dave as she cried, "You know, it's hard for me to also forget it and I was thinking about you every day. I don't know why I always dreaming of you every night and why I was feeling jealous when you are flirting with other girls"

Dave hugs her and patted her head and then he kissed her lips.

Lina was stunned by his bravery but she didn't resist as her heart right now was happy that Dave finally talked to her and even confessed to her.

She didn't care about what others would say as she finally released her inner feelings to Dave.

Dave's hands were touching her body. His hands groped her breast and she moaned, "Ahhh".

Her face was red as Dave kept releasing his Incubus Aura. Lina was aroused and then she immediately kneeled and looked at his bulging pants.

She inserted her hands into it and then pulled down his pants.

She saw his large dragon and she gulped. She didn't see it clearly when they first did it as her mind that day was chaotic but now she was shocked to see how big it was.

She had some knowledge about it and she was sure that Dave's dragon was extraordinary.

She swallowed it and moved her mouth.

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

She continued to service Dave and he was enjoying it as his teacher was sucking his cock.

After 5 minutes, Dave suddenly felt the pleasure so he shot all of it in her mouth.

Lina swallowed it and was stunned because his cum was sweet and tasty.

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Dave immediately removes all his clothes and then Lina also follows him.

He put her on her table then he positioned his dragon in her wet cave.

He pushed it slowly as he started to move his hips.

Plok! Plok! Plok!

The sound of colliding flesh can be heard inside the office while Lina was moaning loudly and screaming for his name.

Plok! Plok! Plok!

Dave and Lina tried many positions and they did it everywhere in Lina's office. In the table, in the chair, in the comfort room, and even near the window.

They did it for 3 hours and finished when it was 8 pm.

Dave knew that Susan and Rose were waiting for him so he didn't dare to make them wait.

He looked at the naked Lina who was sleeping blissfully in his arms and kissed her forehead.

He waved his hands and a bed appeared. He always brings many things to his storage space because the storage space that is given by the system can even carry a big mansion.

He put her on the bed and covered her with blankets.

He wrote a few words on the paper then he left her while she was sleeping.