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I Shall Cuck Everyone

Chapter 330 The Strong Gets Pushed
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Leaking out a sigh, I head towards Jill's room and when I get inside, I see Zamira lying down on the bed, unconscious. Jill is sitting on the side of the bed while Zagrath is sitting on the other end, her eyes filled with tears.

"She used it even though I warned her about it…" I mutter with an expressionless gaze.

Shifting my gaze to Jill, she seems pretty angry about something as she doesn't even look at my face.

"Did I do something wrong?"

*No answer*

"Okay, I am sorry… I was just taunting you, why wouldn't I care about you? I learned that you sustained small injuries," I say, and to my surprise Jill raises her head this time, looking at me.

"Why…. Why didn't I come earlier?"

I hear a voice on the other side of the bed, causing me and Jill's attention to be shifted to the source.

Zagrath can be seen crying profusely while grabbing her master's hand. Her eyes are extremely red and her clothes are soaked with tears.

Before I can say anything, Zagrath starts slamming her head into the wooden bed frame with great force, marking it with the blood seeping from the bruises on her head.

"I am so stupid!"

"I am so stupid!"

"If only I had come earlier!"


Zagrath mutters some random words as she continues to slam her head into the wooden bed frame while crying her eyes out.

"Hey~," I say with a small voice, and to my amusement, Zagrath pauses, raising her head to look at me.

"You shouldn't be doing that because it isn't going to help your situation. You are supposed to think about her health and make her recovery your priority. I know you love your master. But… doing this isn't going to help," I say, explaining and calming her down at the same time.

Zagrath doesn't say anything and simply stares at me, her expression unreadable to me.

"Prince Jake… you don't know anything~. You know nothing about my master, nothing!! You took her away from me simply because you were lusting after her!" Zagrath bellows, tears streaming down her face.



[What the fuck is she saying, master?]

I don't know… I indeed lusted after Zamira for fun since I heard she was hard to get. However, along the line, I fell in love with her. Heck, I haven't even fucked her before!

[This girl is weird. She seems to have a master complex]

Yeah, I figured. Another hole to conquer.

[Fufu, I can't imagine her lustful face after she gets conquered. Her lovely master will be fucked by your big dick while her pussy will be fingered mercilessly along with her master's. Hehe, can't wait for this day to come.]


Clearing my throat, I decided to clear the misunderstanding or should I say try to settle with my competitor…eh.

"You are getting it all wrong here, Zagrath. It's indeed true that I lusted after Zamira which she's also aware of. However, I want you to know that we've both come to love ourselves. Furthermore, I don't understand what you meant by saying I took her away from you…" I say, looking at Zagrath with a questioning gaze.

*Sniff~* *Sniff~*

"I…Only have a few days left to live. Since I had only a limited amount of time left, my master promised to spend a lot of time with me. However, my master isn't keeping to promises," Zagrath laments.

Hearing her words, a gasp of surprise escapes from my lips.

"I am sorry about that. If you don't mind can you tell me what you mea–"

"Don't worry sir… It's nothing important. A-And I am sorry for saying those words." Zagrath says, her eyes still fixed on Zamira.

Seeing her hesitation, I don't persuade her further as I simply place my hand on Zamira's forehead. With a small glow, a red aura emits from my hand and starts to enter her head.

"What are you doing, Jake? Isn't it dangerous to give another vampire your aura?" Jill asks in panic while Zagrath doesn't look bothered as her eyes are fixed on Zamira without wavering.

Hearing Jill's question, I don't answer but simply focus my attention on sending my aura into Zamira's head. Once done, I decided to answer Jill's question.

"I know it's dangerous to give another vampire one's aura. However, I am not just an average vampire, I am the protoss. There's practically anything I can't do to a vampire as long as there is still a sign of life," I explain.

"Why does that sound like a flex though?" Jill asks, her mouth pouted.

"Y-Your Highness… I have a fav- N-No, I want to thank you for helping my master," Zagrath suddenly says with a stutter.

"No need to thank me though… It's my duty," I say, getting up, ready to walk out of the room.

Getting out, I see Carter standing at the entrance of the house, his gaze fixed on the blood splattered on the ground.

"Thanks for your assistance, once again," I tell Carter. "Furthermore, you have increased the hands of your ability; Statue of Buddha," I add.

"Yeah, it's all thanks to you, Prince Jake," Carter says with a small bow.

"I'd have liked to check out your new power-up now, but I have something more important to do, and I'll need your help with it," I say, looking at Carter with a serious expression.


Right now, I am flying towards the royal palace, after getting some crucial information from Carter.

Getting closer to the palace, the broken windows and charred walls appear before my eyes, causing me to hasten my pace.

Dashing into the window with a strong force, I land a kick on a vampire's jaw, one whose aura seems to carry the signature of the blood pills, shattering his skull upon impact.


Due to my grand entry, a loud sound erupts as I land on the ground with such great force that even the people fighting inside pause to look at me.

Putting my hands in my pockets, I look at the scene that's unfolding right now. The sight that gets my attention first shocks me to the core, but I quickly compose my countenance, hiding my shock.

Alphonso is currently standing on his last legs, one of his hands and leg chopped off and his body radiating with an intense vampire aura. Shifting my gaze, I notice that behind him, old man Duke is encased in a very strong barrier that seems to be very sturdy and created with shit tons of blood aura.

Still taking in the details, I realize that Alphonso's opponents are all at the god slayer level with six of them standing while four are dead. (I killed one)

I see… This is the first time I have seen Alphonso in this condition. He is someone who's always been one overpowered motherf*cker. He put a lot of his blood aura into creating a barrier strong enough to protect old man Duke from low-level god slayers, thus, putting himself in a bad situation.

However, god slayers aren't easy to deal with. I guess even the greatest knight Alphonso is not indomitable after all.

"Tell me now… who did this to my master?" I question, facing the vampires that were fighting against Alphonso, my eyes glowing red.


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