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El regreso de su inigualable ex esposa

Chapter Capítulo 1120
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“Good luck, Declan! Teach that insolent brat a lesson!” Daphne cheered enthusiastically as she admired Declan’s imposing
Growing up as a Fallon, she had always admired powerful individuals. That was why she had always been close to Declan since
In her eyes, only exceptional people like Declan deserved to stand on equal ground with her.
“Sweetheart, looks like your boyfriend here might be in danger.”
Simon remarked, his eyes narrowed on the scene, “Declan is the top talent of their family. With his improved skills and ascent to
the level of a semi- grandmaster, few among his peers can truly rival him.”
“Grandfather, let’s not jump to conclusions. Nobody knows how it will end yet,” Natasha said with a smile. While Declan was
undeniably strong, she believed that Dustin had the upper hand.
“Oh?” Simon raised an eyebrow, looking intrigued.
“Sweetheart, you seem quite confident in this young man.”
“Of course,” Natasha replied with pride.

“The man I’ve chosen is undoubtedly exceptional.”
As long as the Fallons engaged in a fair duel without resorting to any underhanded tactics, none of their members would stand a
chance against Dustin.
“I’m quite intrigued now. If this man can truly defeat Declan, he is undoubtedly a promising talent.” Simon stroked his beard.
“Let’s wait and see. I believe he will pleasantly surprise you.” Natasha smiled.
Meanwhile, in the center of the battle ring, Declan’s energy was charged to its maximum, and his body was in peak condition.
His presence was almost similar to a grandmaster.
“Dustin, to show my respect for you, I will give it all I have. If you can withstand my attacks for three minutes, I’ll consider it your
victory,” Declan declared confidently.

Ever since he became a semi- grandmaster, the world seemed different to him. Any martial artist below the level of a
grandmaster was longer a threat to him.
“Three minutes is too long. If you can withstand three of my attacks, I’ll surrender immediately,” Dustin returned the sentiment.
“The audacity! I will make sure you regret this!” Declan was enraged at being underestimated.
Without another word, he shot himself forward and transformed into a ghostly shadow. He charged straight at Dustin.

“That’s so fast!”
The crowd exclaimed in shock. In just the blink of an eye, Declan had traversed a distance of over ten meters. Their eyes
couldn’t even catch what had happened.
“Fiery Storm technique!”
As Declan approached Dustin, he used the Fallon family’s special technique without hesitation. With a forward thrust of his fists,
a barrage of countless fist shadows swept out toward Dustin like a tidal wave.
They were dense and overwhelming, making it nearly impossible to defend against or evade.
The relentless barrage of fist shadows distorted the air around them. In the eyes of the crowd, it seemed like Dustin’s body was
also distorting and would shatter in the next second.
“What an imposing and terrifying punch!”
“Even though it’s the same Fiery Storm technique, the power unleashed by Declan surpasses Dexter’s by tenfold!”
“No wonder he’s the number one talent of our family! No one would be able to defend against that punch of his!”
The Fallon disciples were deeply impressed by Declan’s incredible fist.
“Is this the power of a semi- grandmaster? It’s truly exceptional.”
With a thunderous roar, the crowd watched as Declan’s rain of fist shadows struck Dustin’s body with full force.
In an instant, the ground cracked, sending debris and dust into the air. A wave-like energy ripple emanated from the point of
impact, spreading outwards in all directions.

It was followed by a powerful gust of wind, causing those nearby to stagger back. The crowd wasn’t even able to keep their eyes

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