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Another Stupid Isekai

Chapter 948 T.D.O.N.B: EPILOGUE - The Place For You
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It was not good enough for them.

When I brought her to the Sky Palace on Quel'kabar, and told her to translate that I'm wishing to put her in charge, all the aliens who were in the council, usually working with Ixa, protested immediately.

It was hard for Katri Xel Avakadaisu to even translate as they began barking one over the other.

- Silence! - I shouted, making the whole flying city shake. - If you, cowards, were so afraid of Ixa, that she could do anything she wished to do, you should be twice as afraid of me, because my power is greater!

I told them. Atri immediately translated. One of them, belonging to Bimuwa, the crocodile-like aliens, dared to still complain. In the blink of an eye I appeared next to him, and reaching my hands up grabbed his throat so hard, that I closed the windpipe. He tried to fight with me, but his strength wasn't even comparable to mine.

I threw him across the weird room. He slid on the white stone with silver veins, all the way, till he reached the weird construction of the throne itself, and even hit the black veins of metal it was made of.

My move made them all go quiet.

- I am the new tyrant, and she is the one whom I'm putting in charge of the affairs. Does anybody wish to oppose my will? - I asked them, looking the aliens straight in the eyes, as my gaze traveled from one to the other.

I ended up, starting at the crocodile, who, just like the others, couldn't squeeze out a word.

- Good. And just so you know. If something happens to her, you all die - I threw, then simply shadow walked the hell out of that place.

I was slightly angry, but also happy. Since I ended up in my own garden, I just fell straight on my ass, then stretched on the ground, looking at the clear blue sky above.

Tam came out of the bushes, slowly approaching me, twisting his little head from left to right, to look at me with his eyes.

- What next? - I asked him. - There seems to be so much to be done, and yet... I don't know what I should start with.

- Bawk - he replied to my confession.

- More? There seems to be enough of them already - I argued since his proposition seemed weird to me.

- Bawk! Ba-awk ba-bawk bawk - he elaborated.

- You are kinda right... If they don't work for it, they won't understand. Maybe we indeed should start from scratch. I'll get some, and then I'll speak with Will about this - I said, then picked myself up to shadow walk somewhere else.

To the World Tree.

As always, the view was crushing, and the feeling even worse. Despite my power, it was still there. The place had its rules, and you had to obey them.

Looking up at the creepers coming down from the gargantuan tree crown - the round sphere - I noticed the seeds. There were so many of them up there. Then I looked to the side, where the throne was, and decided to have a look at it once again.

I just couldn't help but wonder if I should go help the Creator, still fighting with his sons, or maybe it was better t let them stay there, wherever they happened to find their battleground. After all, we were in peace now, and they could disrupt it.

After a long climb, without rushing, I saw it. Simple, dark, and standing alone in the same place as I remembered it to be.

I stared at that damn thing, thinking about The Great One, who desperately wished for this throne for himself. To take it from his father, and become the one to rule everything.

"Was it worth it?", I kept asking myself. "Or was it just the stupid jealousy." I couldn't find the answer to both of those questions. The only way to know was to sit on the throne, but I didn't want to. I didn't want to break the rules.

As I was about to leave, and begin my climb to get the seeds, I noticed that I was not alone. There was a man standing next to me. It's impossible to describe him, because, as I soon found out, he was everybody and nobody at the same time. He was my idea of him, and as it changed, he changed too.

At first the was a naked old man, but then he slowly became more like a grey mannequin. At that point his identity became obvious.

It made me a bit scared, which caused him to grow in size.

He didn't look at me at all, just stared at the throne for a while, before finally deciding to go and sit down on it. Then our eyes finally met, and he gestured with an open hand towards his side. There was another throne standing there.

Without the need for words, I was sure he wished for me to sit there, so I did. The feeling, as my body touched, the cold, rough stone, was very strange. My whole life flashed in front of my eyes. It was like a racing car, starting to slow down, as the timeline progressed, and it slowed enough by the last events, that I could understand what was going on.

I was looking from above at my friends fighting with aliens. At Ki'rai giving her best, at Nil getting trapped. Then a Nobuo, using his powers and at Martin... Before he died.

You know the story as well as I do. But you don't know this little thing, as I didn't know it back then too, and decided to leave it to the end. When The Great One was about to take over my body, I prayed to the Creator for help. And he actually did help. He helped me hide.

That was all he did. The rest was in my hands.

Now you know the whole story. Now you know where you can find me. Now you know how I found my place. You can do it too. There is a space for the third throne right next to mine. Come and take it.