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A Stolen Kiss From THE CEO!

Chapter 310 - 310 Awkward Romance
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310 Awkward Romance

Leon stood at a vantage position in the airport while watching his wife board her private jet. He was happy to see the breathtaking smile on her face and the way she held the rose bouquet close to her heart.

He wished he was there in person to kiss her goodbye but due to her earlier request, he kept his distance and watched her from afar.

As a measure of keeping Ella safe, Leon sent some bodyguards ahead of her to Lanwick City. He instructed them to keep Ella in sight at all times and ensure no harm came to her.

Also, based on Ella and Denise’s conversation Leon listened to the previous night, he decided to start making arrangements for Ella to enjoy different family members’ companionship.

The first person that came to Leon’s mind was his mum. He knew how much Ella craved a mother’s attention. Hence, he made it his next mission to get his mum to fall in love with Ella.

When Ella’s jet finally took off, Leon instantly left the airport for Carlpole.

After almost two hours of driving, Leon finally arrived at his country home of Carlpole unannounced.


He intended to surprise his mum and spend a day with her before returning to the city.

However, when he walked into the living room of the mansion, he met his mother and uncle in an awkward position.

Marissa was seated on Maxwell’s thigh while he was reading a book to her. They were so engrossed in each other’s company that they didn’t notice Leon’s presence in the mansion premises until he walked into the living room.

Maxwell was the first to detect Leon’s presence due to his distinctive fragrance. So he slowly tapped Marissa and she abruptly stood up out of shock.

“Leon, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in Amzone City with your wife?” Marissa queried in anxiety. Her behavior was like that of a teenager caught in the act of making out in public.

“I...I wanted to surprise you, Mum,” Leon’s eyes wandered from his mother’s direction to that of his uncle. He didn’t know whether to laugh or feel disgusted by what he just saw.

Although Leon initially suspected that something strange was going on between his mum and uncle, he never expected them to be lovers based on the level of intimacy he just witnessed.

It felt awkward that his dad just died some weeks back and his uncle was already chasing after his mum.

Unable to hide his emotions, Leon sternly voiced out his displeasure.

“Mum, Uncle Max, what the hell is going on?” Leon’s face was scrunched with anger and his eyes were darkened in rage.

“Leon, p... please calm down!” Marissa said in a jittery tone as she took cautious steps to where he was standing.

“Stop right there and answer me, Mother,” Leon growled. “Is this what you both have been indulging in since we left the island?

Maxwell stood up, cleared his throat, and spoke in a calm voice.

“Leon, please! I know what you saw seems awkward but your mum and I are not children. Please, don’t overreact and allow us to explain ourselves. If it’s not too much to ask, I would appreciate it if you have a seat.”

Leon stared at his uncle for a while, unable to move or react.

Maxwell was someone he greatly respected and looked up to, aside from his late father. Hence, he found it difficult to say any rash words to him.

Taking a deep breath to calm his awakened rage, he slowly walked towards a single couch and sat down while avoiding his mum’s pleading stares.

“Thank you, son,” Maxwell smiled before taking his seat.

“Marissa, please come,” Maxwell tapped on a seat beside him.

“Umm... Don’t worry, Max, I’ll be fine here.” Marissa slowly sat down on a seat between the two special men in her life. She felt too frightened to seat close to Maxwell in her son’s presence knowing that this might further anger him.

Inwardly, she started praying that Leon would not lose his temper and attack his uncle.

“Leon, before you judge your mother and me, I want you to know that you and your sisters are not just nephews and nieces to me. You are also my children.” Maxwell’s tone was both authoritative and fatherly.

“I know you do not know the history between your dad, your mum, and myself. I also know that you do not have an idea about the reason I chose never to get married.”

Leon shrugged but didn’t utter a word.

“Fine, I’m going to let you know everything.” Maxwell inhaled and exhaled before he started his story.

“Once, I met the most beautiful lady in the entire world on a vacation trip. That amazingly pretty lady was your mum.”

“Really!” Leon’s stared at his uncle in disbelief.

“Yes.” Maxwell smiled. “For me, it was love at first sight. But your mum wanted us to be friends first so that she could get to know me better. Being a gentleman, who wanted to win her at all cost, I agreed to her request. So we became best of friends for two good months until your dad came into the picture.”

Leon felt his heart miss a beat at his uncle’s revelation so far. He wanted to say something but decided to keep quiet and allow his uncle to finish his story.

“Your dad also fell in love with your mother just like me and we both started competing for her love.”

“Really!” Leon’s forehead furrowed as he clearly understood the direction of the story.

“Yes son,” Marissa interjected in a broken voice. It was the most difficult decision I had ever made in my life. I was in love with two brothers and I didn’t know what to do. One day, when Maxwell traveled out of town, your father did something that swept me off my feet and I immediately chose him. When Maxwell got wind of it, it felt as though I had killed him. It took your Nana a lot to reconcile all three of us before Max allowed me to marry your dad. Even though I loved your dad, I never stop loving Max.” Marissa ended her story in tears.

“Mum, you mean to tell me you had this kind of story and you’ve been giving my wife a hard time?” Leon asked between gritted teeth.