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Villain: Destiny Transfer System

Chapter 139 Skip
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"You think you can escape from me? This is the end of the line for you," Elder Qing sneered, his voice dripping with malice, as he pursued Su Ling or toying with her.

Su Ling, desperate to flee, pushed her body to the limit, her heart pounding in her chest. But it was a futile struggle. The vast difference in cultivation between her and Elder Qing rendered her attempts to outrun him futile.

Not long ago, under Wang Chen's orders, Su Ling raced through the cave, her heart pounding in her chest as she pushed her body to its limits. Deeper and deeper she ventured, seeking refuge from the imminent danger that lurked behind.

Finally, she reached the end of the cave, and before her was a hole, a glimmer of hope. Without hesitation, she squeezed through the narrow opening, emerging into the open air. Gasping for breath, she took a moment to collect herself.

Suddenly, a thunderous shout pierced the air, "Su Ling!" Her heart skipped a beat as she initially believed it was Wang Chen calling out to her from behind thinking that perhaps Wang Chen had caught up with her, having triumphed over the monstrous adversary or successfully made their escape.

But fate had a different plan in store for her as the voice resonated clearly in her ears, a sense of dread washed over her. Her feet rooted to the spot, she slowly turned her head, only to be greeted by the sight of Elder Qing, his face twisted into a wicked smile, approaching her with malicious intent. In that moment, Su Ling's usually fortuitous luck seemed to have abandoned her, leaving her at the mercy of an imminent threat.

In her desperate attempt to flee, Su Ling sprinted away, unaware that she was unwittingly heading back to the very place where it all began—a grave mistake in her escape plan.

Meanwhile, a sly smile crept across Elder Qing's face as he observed Su Ling's futile struggle. He had been on the hunt for both Su Ling and Wang Chen, scouring the forest in the direction they had fled. However, his efforts proved fruitless as he couldn't find a trace of their escape, leaving him with a disappointing realization that he would have to return to Moon Jade City and face the wrath of Su Song. The thought of enduring Su Song's anger, harsh words, and potential punishment weighed heavily on Elder Qing's mind.

As he journeyed towards Moon Jade City, a sudden presence caught his attention. A glimmer of hope sparked within him, thinking it could be a fellow clan member who had come to aid in the search for their enemies. Eagerly, he followed the source of the presence, anticipating a stroke of fortune. However, as he drew closer, his astonishment grew, realizing that the figure before him was none other than Su Ling herself. It seemed the gods had bestowed upon him a rare opportunity.

With an excited smile, he called out, "Su Ling!" From that moment on, a thrilling pursuit ensued, with Su Ling desperately trying to outpace the relentless pursuit of Elder Qing. Although Elder Qing could have easily caught up to Su Ling from the beginning, he decided to prolong the chase, relishing in the cat-and-mouse game since he wanted to see Su Ling's face when she realised that instead of getting revenge or running away she was helping her enemies.

However, his momentary relief quickly evaporated as Su Ling abruptly changed direction and sprinted with all her might. Elder Qing's face contorted in frustration, muttering under his breath, "Tsk! Why does she have to take a turn now? That path leads away from Moon Jade City."

The realization hit him like a gust of wind. Time was slipping away, and he had already wasted too much time fruitlessly pursuing Su Ling and Wang Chen. Continuing this game of cat and mouse would only invite Su Song's wrath if he wasted more time, he desperately wished to avoid facing Su Song's anger and he may be punished for it.

"Huh?" Su Ling's confusion grew as she turned around, only to find Elder Qing mysteriously gone. But before she could make sense of the situation, she felt a powerful force lift her off the ground, and a tight grip wrapped around her neck. It was Elder Qing, appearing in front of her as if he had teleported.

Struggling to speak, Su Ling managed to utter, "L-Leave me alone," her voice choked by Elder Qing's firm grasp on her throat, rendering her unable to say anything more.

Elder Qing's grip on Su Ling's neck tightened, his voice filled with a malicious tone. "Leave you alone? What nonsense! I'm just giving you the chance to reunite with your dear mother Su Mi," he taunted, a sneer spreading across his face.

Fury surged through Su Ling as she heard her mother's name uttered by the enemy. "D-Don't you dare utter her name with your filthy mouth," she spat, her anger fueling her defiance.

Elder Qing's laughter echoed through the air, his voice dripping with cruel satisfaction. "Oh, you're angry, are you? Angry that I speak your mother's name with this filthy mouth? Well, let me enlighten you before you meet your end. This filthy mouth has tasted your mother's flesh before she chose to end her own life," he jeered, reveling in his sadistic revelation.

Elder Qing's laughter echoed through the air, his voice dripping with cruel satisfaction. "Oh, you're angry, are you? Angry that I speak your mother's name with this filthy mouth? Well, let me enlighten you before you meet your end. This filthy mouth has tasted your mother as well before she committed suicide ." he jeered, reveling in his sadistic revelation.

In that moment, a storm of emotions raged within Su Ling. Anger, despair, and disbelief intertwined as her face flushed crimson under Elder Qing's suffocating grip. Despite her struggles, she found herself helpless, unable to break free from his clutches. However, as his vile words sank in, a profound transformation overcame her. The once fiery gleam in her eyes faded, replaced by a haunting emptiness. Resigned to her fate, she ceased her futile resistance, her body going limp within Elder Qing's grasp.

Observing her surrender, Elder Qing relinquished his grip, Su Ling crumbled to the ground, her body trembling with exhaustion. With one hand pressed against her pounding head, she felt an intense surge of emotions welling up within her. Tears streamed down her cheeks, but they were no ordinary tears. They were tainted with her anguish and desperation, staining her delicate face with crimson trails of blood.

In that moment, as the tears of blood dripped from her eyes, Su Ling's voice quivered, barely audible. Her disbelief and denial echoed through her trembling words. "It... It can't be true." The very core of her being rejected the horrifying revelation, refusing to accept the unfathomable fate that had befallen her beloved mother.

"I see that you still cling to the illusion that your mother's demise was a result of mere sickness. Oh, how naive you are! It was your father who commanded me to administer the poison, rendering her frail and feeble. But alas, she proved to be resilient, defying death's grasp. Then Su Song himself commanded her execution. Who was bestowed with the honor of carrying out this heinous act? None other than me."

"My duty was to carry out the deed, but I had no intention of allowing her to depart so easily, not when such a beautiful delicacy lay before me."

A twisted grin twisted across Elder Qing's face as he recounted the gruesome tale. The memory of his sadistic indulgence resurfaced, filling him with a perverse pleasure. "She pleaded, she wept, begging for mercy as I ravished her. Oh, the taste of her tears, the sweet desperation in her cries—it was an ecstasy I had long craved. Yet, in the end, she chose to end her own pitiful existence, denying me the satisfaction I so desired."

A dark chuckle escaped Elder Qing's lips, his demeanor a chilling blend of sadistic pleasure and malevolence, as he allowed himself to revel in the twisted memories of his depraved encounter with Su Mi.

In a moment fueled by a mixture of anger and determination, Su Ling's voice trembled with intensity as she uttered the word, "Die..." Her body propelled forward, driven by the raw emotions triggered by Elder Qing's callous mention of her mother. Gripping tightly onto the dagger gifted to her by Wang Chen, she prepared herself to defend against the looming threat.

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