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Trapped in Love By Kitty Song

Chapter 937
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Chapter 937


Greta's face turned ghastly pale as she muttered to herself in disbelief.Her knees buckled, and she staggered


involuntarily before collapsing to the ground.

The three children hastily assisted in holding her up.

"Grandaunt Greta!"

"Go and call out to your mom now, quickly.Let her know that you're here so she can hold on!"

Greta instructed the children, who nodded in response.

As they rushed to the door, the bodyguards blocked their path.

Tyler and Axel pushed against the bodyguards strenuously, allowing Liora to squeeze through.

She shouted, "Mommy! You must hold on! We're in the next room, and we're fine.

"Don't abandon us...Daddy has already abandoned us, so don't leave us.We don't want to be orphans...Can you

hear me,

Mommy? You must hold on for us!"

Liora's cries echoed through the corridor, eliciting sighs from the nurses.

The children, only five years old, were forced to mature beyond their age due to the unexpected turn of events.

Caroline heard Liora's voice as she was undergoing resuscitation.

Although she couldn't make out the words, the cries reached her.

Caroline thought, ‘How can this be real? Scott ordered his subordinates to take them...

I remember Scott telling me they'd be in the next room, but I don't believe what he said.

I trusted him too much previously.

As a result, he killed the people I love the most, one after another.

"I'm too tired and don't want to suffer anymore.I miss him so much.He must be in pain.I'm going to find him and be

with him.I'm going to tell him that he is not alone" At Muricia. Scott gained control of MK's branch company using

the document he had made Draco sign.

After the negotiation, he walked out of the office and received a text message that caused his gaze to gradually

turn cold.

He read the message from his bodyguard, feeling an uncontrollable panic in his chest.

Unnoticed, his grip over his phone tightened.

Elvira noticed Scott's cold expression and asked, "What happened, Mr.Hendrix?"

Scott put away his phone.

"Prepare to head back to Cheasia."

"As you wish," Elvira replied.

Reuben trailed behind Scott, his eyes glistening at the mention of Cheasia.

His thoughts were not about Caroline but the will in Scott's possession.

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