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The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 1108 Immortal King's Tomb! Moon God Hall
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Chapter 1108 Immortal King's Tomb! Moon God Hall

"Good kid! You have some ability."

The two of them shuttled through the layers of patrols and reached the deepest part of the Spruce Heights. Even an old fox like the old Daoist couldn't help but admire Ye Qiu's speed.

It was too fast!

The most terrifying thing was not only his speed, but also his sharp insight. One had to know that the old Daoist had observed for a hundred years before finding this path. And Ye Qiu passed through these layers of surveillance with his sharp insight and high-speed mobility on his first try.

"Hehe, it's just a small matter. It's nothing." Ye Qiu smiled humbly. At this moment, they had already barged into the depths of Spruce Heights and arrived at a forbidden area.

The old Daoist priest sneakily walked to a desolate land. There was a dead old tree growing there, and there was a rotten stone sword inserted in front of the tree. "This is the Immortal King Tomb! The ancestral land of the Spruce Clan. I've asked around. I heard that when this Immortal King Yun Shan was alive back then, he liked to accumulate wealth and only loved treasures. I think there must be treasures in his tomb."

At this point, the old Daoist's eyes flashed. Everyone knew that Immortal King Yun Shan loved treasures, especially some metal treasures. There might be some supreme treasure inside.

Ye Qiu's interest increased when he heard his words. The two of them sneakily walked to the Immortal King Tomb, but they were blocked by a barrier. He was about to ask how to crack it when the old Daoist priest had already taken out many Dharma treasures from his cosmic bag.

Ye Qiu was stunned as he looked at the filled treasures. "Good lord! As expected of a professional gravedigger. This row of tools is quite complete."

"Hehe, you flatter me." The old Daoist priest was not humble either. At the very least, he dared to say that no one was more professional than him in this line of work. He took out a treasure that looked like a small shovel with a few runes carved on it. "Kid! Help me."

When Ye Qiu heard this, he silently came behind him and gently pushed. A pure and noble aura instantly entered his body. As the two forces erupted, a powerful impact was instantly injected into the small shovel.

The old Daoist priest quickly pressed forward a few times. Suddenly, the light screen in front of him opened.

Ye Qiu called him an expert and exclaimed in his heart. This old Daoist's comprehension of array formations was really strange. How could he undo this sealing array so easily? Good, good, good! As expected of a ruthless person who had been on the verge of death all year round. This method… was admirable.

"Don't just stand there! Let's go. Be careful not to be seen by the Spruce Clan patrolling the mountain." The old Daoist priest shouted softly. Ye Qiu hurriedly followed. The two of them tiptoed and escaped under the desolate land.

A dazzling door appeared in front of the two of them.

"F*ck! I'm rich." The old Daoist's eyes lit up as he looked at the golden door. It seemed that the legend was true. Immortal King Yun Shan indeed loved to collect these gold, silver, and enchanted armaments. Even this door was made of pure gold. It could be seen that there was definitely a precious treasure hidden inside. "Let's go."

The old Daoist priest's eyes became even more excited. He walked to the door in a few steps. He was so meticulous that he did not act rashly. Instead, he observed the situation at the door. With his many years of sharp sense of smell, he could sense that the two stone statues in front of the door were filled with killing intent.

"Hehe, it's this old mechanism again! Even if I didn't have tens of thousands of years in grave robbing, there are thousands. I'm already tired of looking at such old tomb mechanisms! Don't you have anything new?" The old Daoist priest grinned. Ye Qiu sweated. It turned out that the traps that others had painstakingly thought of for so long were so unbearable in the eyes of this old Daoist priest.

He quickly took out a few tools and in no time, he directly tore down the statue, not even triggering the alarm. He dismantled the mechanism! He resolved the problem from the source.

"Let's go! There must be a precious treasure behind this door." After dealing with the mechanism, the old Daoist opened the door. However, in the next second, the two of them were stunned.

"Who is it!"

This person wasn't Ye Qiu, nor was he an old Daoist. Instead, it was voiced by a mysterious person in moon-white clothes in the tomb.

"What! Someone actually beat me to it?" The old Daoist's face instantly darkened and he gritted his teeth. He had carefully observed for a hundred years and had yet to make a move. He did not expect someone to attack faster than him. "Moon God Hall?"

"What Moon God Hall?"

The old Daoist priest asked curiously. Ye Qiu hurriedly asked. He looked at the group of seven people inside. Their cultivation levels were above the Dao Sacrificial realm. Their spiritual energy was oppressive and his bearing was extraordinary. It was obvious that they were not good people.

The seven people from the other party also saw the old Daoist priest and Ye Qiu who had suddenly barged in. They began to gradually form a group and stared at the two of them carefully.

"Senior Sister, be careful! These two people's identities are unknown and their auras are stable. Looks like they're not easy to deal with."

The stunning woman in the lead nodded silently as she listened to the voice in her ear. Her bright eyes kept sizing up Ye Qiu and the old Daoist. She felt an ancient aura from the old Daoist. When she observed with the Moon Reading Eye, she was surprised to discover that she could not see through the old Daoist's cultivation. "Could it be that this person is a peerless expert?"

She was shocked and looked at Ye Qiu. This old and young man both had great karma. They had great providence on them and their strength was omnipotent. It was obvious that they were not good people.

It seemed like they were going to lose this time!

As they sized up Ye Qiu and the old Daoist, the old Daoist and Ye Qiu were also sizing them up. It was said that peers were mortal enemies. If they met outside, they might be able to live in peace.

"Strange! When did the Moon God Hall like to dig up people's graves?" The old Daoist priest had a strange expression, and Ye Qiu was even more dumbfounded. He did not know the Moon God Hall at all, let alone what this Moon God Hall was.

The atmosphere was a little anxious and strange. Neither side did not act rashly because the old Daoist had rich tomb raiding experience. He knew very well that someone who could pass through the layers of seals and come here without anyone knowing was definitely not a simple person. He was even more curious about how these seven little girls came here. It was impossible for them to enter this place before the seal outside was unlocked.

The atmosphere was in a deadlock for a while. The disciple in the lead suddenly bowed and said, "I am Yue Luan. Greetings, Seniors."

Although she could not see through their cultivation levels, she could feel that both of them were stronger than her. Originally, this sneak entry into the Immortal King Tomb was a secret operation. She did not expect to be bumped into someone here.

Yue Luan did not know what to do. If this matter spread, it would damage the reputation of the Moon God Hall, so her expression was a little awkward. Her original intention was to come to the Immortal King Tomb this time to retrieve the Dharma artifact left behind by the Hall Master back then. She had no intention of digging up the tomb.

Back then, the Moon God Hall Master had lost an intrinsic Dharma artifact during the final battle of the Immortal Ancient. Later on, for various reasons, she couldn't find it in time and was picked up by this Immortal King Yun Shan, who even brought it into this Immortal King Tomb.

Now, the Hall Master has returned. As the Hall Master's chief head disciple, Yue Luan had to personally come and find her master's Dharma artifact.

As a result, there was an unexpected encounter in the Immortal King Tomb.