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Sending the Groom to Jail on My Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding

Chapter 224 - 224: Good Guy, If Your Head Is Overwhelmed by Love, There's Really No Hope...
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Chapter 224: Good Guy, If Your Head Is Overwhelmed by Love, There’s Really No Hope…

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Certainly, Su Xuan’s attempts at persuasion fell flat this time.

Deng Jingjing genuinely had strong feelings for Zhang Zehao. Her mind was entirely occupied by him. She couldn’t bear the thought of him ending their relationship over this issue.

“Officer, there’s no need to concern yourself about me anymore.”

“I’ve already expressed my willingness to cooperate.” “Does this mean that Zhang Zehao bears no blame in this?” “Can you release him now? I really need him.” “He hasn’t committed any crime. What you’re doing isn’t right.” Upon completing her statement, Su Xuan intended to say more to her but Deng Jingjing quickly fired back. Essentially, she wanted them to release Zhang Zhehao so he could be with her.

Su Xuan was left speechless. It seemed like there was no reasoning with this person.

Thank you for your cooperation.”

The police will take your statements into consideration.”

“You’re still not in good health. Get some rest.”

After saying these words, Su Xuan departed.

He paid no attention to Deng Jingjing’s persistent pleas for Zhang Zhehao’s release.

Once back at the police station, Su Xuan settled into his seat, deep in thought. Zhou Qiang, who was also present and not occupied, couldn’t help but be curious.

“What’s up, Su Xuan?”

“Weren’t you all excited earlier to catch the criminal? Why the sudden change of heart?”                                  6

“Speaking of which, did your case from earlier get resolved? I heard you led the team and nabbed the person.”

Zhou Qiang came over and stood in front of Su Xuan, firing off questions He seemed somewhat excited.

Well, if Su Xuan had really resolved the matter, Zhou Qiang owed him a bubble tea…

The young lady says she voluntarily donated blood.”

Su Xuan calmly responded.

Zhou Qiang didn’t even pay attention to what Su Xuan said; he had already started looking at food delivery options on his phone.

“Oh, she claims she donated blood voluntarily. So, are you going to arrest her…” “What did you say?”

At that moment, Zhou Qiang felt like his bubble tea had grown wings and flown away.

“What the heck!”

“In that case, the charge doesn’t even hold.”

I remember you searched for these regulations for days…”

“What can I do? Are you planning to release her?”

For some reason, Zhou Qiang had a feeling that Su Xuan wouldn’t give up so easily.

Sure enough, the next moment, he heard Su Xuan’s puzzled voice.

“What are you thinking… How is that possible?”

“This guy broke the law.”

-Deng Jingjing willingly helped, so she’s committing perjury.”

“I’ll have to go a few more times.”

“This girl is young and probably doesn’t know that perjury could lead to imprisonment.”

“A perfectly innocent victim, yet she wants to help the perpetrator…”

“I never thought of something like this…”

As he spoke, Su Xuan lowered his head again.

Although he said all that, at this stage, he couldn’t find a way to make the other party think about what he had said.

“Alright, enough of this.”

“No case is easy. Instead of dwelling on it, how about I treat you to coffee?”

“Starbucks, anyone?”

Originally, Zhou Qiang was going to suggest bubble tea.

However, looking at Su Xuan’s appearance, as if he were about to be cursed by the heavens…                                y

Well, maybe it’s safer to go with coffee. Coffee was less prone to accidents. He genuinely feared that if Su Xuan wasn’t careful, he’d end up on the ground… Free coffee? Who could resist that?

Su Xuan immediately nodded.


He had to drink the coffee, and he had to find the person.

Although Zhou Qiang did not say anything encouraging, it was undeniable that this cup of coffee had indeed given Su Xuan the courage to continue.

He approached for Zhang Zehao again.

Record, persuade, record, persuade.

Under the circumstances where they could not directly convict a person, they could only hold them in the interrogation room for couple of hours.

What Su Xuan had to do now was to race against time.

It made Deng Jingjing change her mind.

As for whether Zhang Zehao would take the initiative to admit that he had committed a crime?

Dream on!

Instead of thinking about this, it was better to think about when Deng Jingjing would give up on Zhang Zehao!

However, in the end, the truth proved that no matter how correct his method was.

Some people were just as determined!

“Officer Su, it’s time.”

Just as Su Xuan was about to ask again, the voices of other police officers suddenly sounded in his ears.

Only then did he realize that he no longer had the time to detain Zhang Zehao. Time was up.

Seeing the other party leave the police station excitedly,

Su Xuan was sitting in the hall.

As they watched the other party leave, their expressions turned ugly.ɪꜰ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs, ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ ᴠɪsɪᴛ novᴇl(ꜰ)ire.ɴet

The police officer standing beside him had a serious expression, and his gaze would occasionally glance at Su Xuan.

He was worried.

After all, ever since Su Xuan caught a high-level criminal, he had always been a criminal miracle in their eyes!

All the criminals had nowhere to hide in front of him.

This was the first time someone could escape after committing a crime in his hands.

Moreover, they could all see that this was a crime.

However, the victim protected the criminal because of this. After the victim insisted that she was willing, even the police could not detain her in the interrogation room in time.

“Su Xuan, are you alright?”

Zhou Qiang, who had heard the news, came over and saw Su Xuan standing in

the hall. At this moment, he was looking at the door in front of him with a serious expression.

Zhou Qiang thought that as long as he gave Su Xuan a chance, this guy would definitely rush out and capture that criminal again!

“Although we can’t do this case, we can try something else.”

“It just so happens that I still have an unsolved case here. I haven’t found the

result yet. Why don’t you come over and help me?”

“I really can’t take it anymore.”

On the one hand, Zhou Qiang said this so that Su Xuan could quickly get out of this case.

Another reason was that he was really going to die.

Zhou Qiang had been a police officer for so many years, but this was the first

time he had encountered such a thing.

This case was too strange.

He really couldn’t handle it!

More importantly…

Zhou Qiang felt that Su Xuan would definitely be curious about this case.

Sure enough, after hearing Zhou Xiang’s words, Su Xuan immediately turned his head.

“What case are you working on now?”

As expected!

Zhou Qiang’s heart skipped a beat, and he immediately dragged Su Xuan back to his office.

The case I’m in charge of this time is rather bizarre.”

“It’s a murder case in a secret room!”

“The victim was still broadcasting when he died. From the looks of it, he died because of a sudden palpitation.”

“But the police think…”

“This should be a murder.”

“But we’ve already investigated it once, but we haven’t found any clues..”