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My Servant System

Chapter 873 872: Terracotta Grottos (26)
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Chapter 873 872: Terracotta Grottos (26)

Pointing the spell back at the rushing Minotaur monster, I exhaled and 'pulled the trigger', activating the spell and grunting softly as a compressed wave of wind splashed back against my arm and torso when the miniature ice bullet shot off from the Ritual Circle.

A small, tapered projectile made from pink ice sped off as soon as the spell was cast, the bullet traveling far faster than I could see and shrieking through the air as it raced towards the Minotaur, who widened its eyes and tried to bring a nearby monster up to block it, only for that to fail.

Impacting against its cranium, the pinkish blue bullet brushed aside the emerald fur and pierced into the flesh below, before splintering against the bone, eliciting a shriek of agony from the Minotaur as it skidded to a halt, blood pouring from the shredded flesh on its head.

But, it was only shredded flesh and slightly cracked bone, the monster's defense far stronger than I had anticipated, but I still got the one of the results I wanted; I stopped the monster for a single moment and gave myself time to funnel some more mana into the Ritual Circle, creating a second bullet and shooting it towards the monster's skull once again.

Another blast of wind blew back against me as I turned and shot once more, and the pinkish blue projectile raced forwards and slammed against the Minotaur's head again, drawing another angry, pained snarl from its lips as a second portion of its flesh was shredded from the impact, whilst the cracks in its skull thickened.

Snarling at me, the Minotaur ignored the blood pouring from its head and took a shaky step forwards, its depth perception failing it thanks to the blood aggravating its eyes, while the pounding headache that it must be feeling and utter agony permeating its head only robbed it further of any intelligence it must have had.

Taking another step forwards, it tried to use its arms to block the third bullet that I shot, but the speed was too quick as it hit its mark yet again, blowing another chunk of flesh away and revealing the bone beneath; this time, a large chunk of its temple was revealed, making the monster sway on its feet for just a second, but that second was all I needed to increase the size of the projectile and take another shot.

This time though, the bullet slammed into its arm, tearing off a sizable chunk of muscle and splattering more beautiful scarlet across the grass below.

Each bullet was draining me of the Lust Mana I had harvested over the last few days, and I warily watched the monster take another step, gauging the amount I had left compared to the damage I had already dealt.

Was it worth taking a fifth shot at this monster and using up more of my Lust Mana, or should I begin to lead it back to the others and save as much of it as I could?

That question stayed my hand for a single heartbeat, and before I could realize it, I had shot again when the Minotaur snarled at me, my bullet tearing another giant chunk of flesh off of its arm and further hindering the monster's ability to put weight on that limb.

I was removing its muscle and flesh easily, but the damage to the bone was not what I wanted it to be, least of all since that first shot had been my hope at killing it swiftly.

Now though, I was standing still, far away from the herds of monsters and the Demons, and a swift check of my surroundings made me nod as I took a sixth and seventh shot, blowing away more and more of the monster and pinning it in place.

As it stood there, bleeding from the various wounds peppering its arms and its head, I erased the bullet spell and swiftly replicating the Torii Gate spell that Anput love to use, recreating it with Ice Mana and trapping the Minotaur down, ensuring that its limbs were anchored down and unable to be moved as I began another spell.

A long, heavy pole of ice appeared in my hands, and the bottom of that pole began to taper into a spearhead of sorts, morphing into a rectangle that gradually formed a point, using the least amount of mana to get the result I wanted.ᴛʜɪs ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ɪs ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ ʙʏ ɴovel(ꜰ)ɪre.nᴇt

Standing above the Minotaur, I ignored the snarls and glare it sent my way, ensuring that the monster was firmly and utterly trapped before raising that heavy ice pole in my hands and unceremoniously stabbing it down, targeting its skull that was laid bare to me thanks to the bullets.

The spearhead slammed against the bone and shattered, making the monster screech in agony as it tried to break free, only to fall silent as I reformed the spearhead and tried again, targeting the cracks that had widened on its thick skull.

Stabbing it down again, I pierced its skull and pierced its brain, silencing the monster instantly as the spearhead shattered once more, this time on command as I turned the contents of its skull into a paste, all while its blood poured out over my boots and splashed against my ankles and calves.

[Virdis Bestia Minotaur killed - 972,340 Xp awarded]

Allowing the spear to dissipate, I breathed a sigh of relief before shrouding the monster in my mana, maintaining its corpse for disassembly later.

Turning, I looked towards the others and took a moment to myself before beginning to aid them from afar, creating arrows from normal Ice Mana and launching them at the monsters from behind, cutting them down and ensuring nothing would happen to the corpse of this 'Virdis Bestia Minotaur' that I had taken down myself.

Some quick thinking, speed, and an understanding on how projectiles work turned a dangerous monster that would turn me into a meat paste with a single attack into a relatively easy fight... but still a heart pounding, anxiety ridden chase that admittedly took a year off of my life since one misstep would mean death, but hey!

I am not only alive, but also unharmed and still raring to go, so I would call that a major win in my books!