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I Became the Billionaire's Target After Pulling Out From My Marriage

Chapter 133 - 133: Not Meeting Even Once
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Chapter 133: Not Meeting Even Once

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Those who could become the richest man were not ordinary people. Jiang Yunfei knew that Lu Yunxiao was not as easy to get along with as he looked.

Jiang Yunfei was not part of the wealthy circle in Ocean City, but for Jiang Youyi, he actually dared to contradict Lu Yunxiao. Obviously, Jiang Yunfei loved his daughter very much. Jiang Youyi felt a little upset when she saw her father doing this for her.

“It’s alright. When you see your grandson, you won’t reject me anymore,” Lu Yunxiao suddenly said. Jiang Yunfei was almost frightened to death with his words.

In an instant, the entire family stared at Jiang Youyi’s stomach.

“No… No.” Jiang Youyi hurriedly waved her hand. She hated Lu Yunxiao to death. He was really bold and dared to say anything.

When Jiang Yunfei hung up the phone, his hands were trembling. He looked at Jiang Youyi and sighed. “Youyi, come over!”

Jiang Yunfei waved his hand and gestured for Jiang Youyi to come over. Jiang Youyi timidly came to his side.

“Youyi, I’ve never felt that it’s a good thing to interact with a wealthy family. Previously, I didn’t stop you from liking Xu Yuning because I thought that it would be good for you to marry the person you like. However, I didn’t expect things to end up like that. The Xu family is very domineering, especially Mrs. Xu. She’s very shrewish. I think that even if you marry over, you might not have a smooth life. It’s good to split up. However, the Lu family is different. They’re the richest family and have complicated family relationships. A girl like you can’t deal with them.”

Jiang Yunfei did not blame his daughter, but he felt that their family was really different from the Lu family. He was afraid that Jiang Youyi would really be at a disadvantage if she married over. After breaking up with Xu Yuning, Jiang Yunfei had a long talk with Mrs. Jiang one night.

Among their three children, Jiang Youyi was the one they cared about the least.

Firstly, Jiang Youyi’s birth was not part of the plan. Moreover, when Jiang Youyi was born, their department store was not doing very well. At that time, Jiang Yunfei stayed in the company all day and had no time to care about Jiang Youyi.

In the years that Jiang Youyi had been overseas, Jiang Yunfei had only visited her once or twice, so he still felt a little guilty towards her.

“Dad, I understand.”

“As long as you understand. Your mom and I can’t follow you forever. Your brother and sister can’t live for you either. In the end, you still have to rely on yourself. It’s fine as long as you think about your own matters.” After saying that, Jiang Yunfei waved his hand and told everyone to go back and rest. Then, he went upstairs.

When Jiang Nian passed by Jiang Youyi, he reminded her again, “Lu Yunxiao isn’t as simple as you think. He’s not a good person. Good people can’t survive in that circle.”

Jiang Youyi pouted and did not say anything else. She knew what they meant and could understand how they felt.

But… She had really been misunderstood. It was obvious that Lu Yunxiao was deliberately trying to scam her. She took out her phone and was about to criticize Lu Yunxiao when she suddenly saw a WeChat message from Jiang Youtian.

Jiang Youtian: Youyi, did you meet Ji Chu at the banquet?

Jiang Youyi: I didn’t see him. I don’t think he went.

Jiang Youtian: Is he deliberately avoiding you? He actually rejected Mrs. Li’s invitation?

Jiang Youyi: He seems to have quite a personality.

Jiang Youtian: You’ve been back for so long. Are you going to keep being so distant?

Jiang Youyi: Sister, you don’t care about him, do you?

Jiang Youyi knew that her sister didn’t like that type, so she teased her on purpose.

Jiang Youtian: Forget it! He’s such a character. I can’t afford to provoke him.

Jiang Youyi: Hehehehe…

Jiang Youtian: You still have the cheek to smile? Big Brother sent me a WeChat message just now. He said that you were very close to Lu Yunxiao and you even drove his car.

Jiang Youyi: He’s the one who keeps pestering me. Maybe I’m too attractive!

Jiang Youtian: Nonsense! But there’s something I have to tell you!

Jiang Youyi: Speak!

Jiang Youtian: Last year, Big Brother offended someone when he was doing business, but nothing happened in the end. He felt that it was strange, so he asked around. I heard that the Ji family suppressed this matter.

Jiang Youyi fell silent.

Jiang Youtian: Also, when you went on a trip at the beginning of the year, I was injured on set. It was Ji Chu who found me a hospital and a specialist professor to operate on me.

Jiang Youyi: Sister, what do you mean by saying so much?

Jiang Youtian: I don’t mean anything else. Back then, I felt that you and Xu Yuning couldn’t get along, in the end, you really broke up. But Ji Chu is different. Our entire family likes him. As for you, I don’t know what’s going on. You’ve been back in the country for so many years, but the two of you haven’t seen each other once..

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