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Fairy Tail: Collapsing Stars

Chapter 157: The Shock
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Chapter 157: The Shock


Bruce, who was originally excited, became unhappy when he saw Evan.

Originally, Bruce was very happy when he heard Yajima's words. He just felt that not long after Ishgar, Yajima immediately arranged a helping hand for him. No matter how good the quality of this helping hand was, it meant that Yajima and the Magic Council of Ishgar cared about their Northern continent...

Although they are from different continents, the Magic Council of all continents are still the same as before. They are all united...


Bruce looked at Evan's appearance, his height, and his throat.

"Isn't this a child?"

At this moment, Bruce was furious. There was anger burning in his chest and mouth. Even if Yajima had arranged for him to train the soldiers in the training ground, Bruce would not be angry. At least they were a group of soldiers. This meant that Ishgar still wanted to help them. It was just that they were powerless. He understood.

But what does it mean to arrange a child as a helping hand for him? Are you looking down on their mainland? Or is it that the people of Ishgar are so arrogant that they think that the dragons that are wreaking havoc in the Northern Continent can be solved by a child?

"Mr. Yajima, I can't understand what you mean. Do you not know how powerful the Dragon is? Let a child be our helping hand or something..."

Bruce was livid, but he still maintained his respect for Yajima.


However, although Bruce still managed to maintain his respect for Yajima, behind Bruce, the group of warriors from Guiltina did not have such a good temper. At this moment, they all glared at Yajima and Evan. They felt humiliated.

"No, no, no, Brother Bruce, you misunderstood..."

"Evan is the strongest warrior in the Magic Council. He is also one of the ten strongest mage in Ishgar. He is also the strongest of the Ten Wizard Saints. In fact, he is the only Ten Wizard Saints in the Magic Council who can be contacted and has free time..."

Seeing Bruce's expression, Yajima knew that Bruce had misunderstood. After all, Evan's appearance was too confusing.

As for what he said to Bruce, everything he said was true. Evan was indeed the only Ten Wizard Saints in the current Magic Council who had free time. ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ ꜰʀᴏᴍ Novᴇlꜰɪre.nᴇt

The other mages who were conferred the title of Ten Wizard Saints by the Magic Council could not be contacted at all, just like the Guild Master, like Makarov.

Or like Ultear, who had important personal matters to do. Yes, Evan threw the task of looking for the next 2nd Guild Master, Pertch to Ultear again. Now, Ultear was like when she was looking for the Tower of Heaven, working as a detective...

"You said that this child is one of the Ten Wizard Saints in the Ishgar?"

Bruce's ashen face dissipated a little after hearing Yajima's words. Although he was a member of the Norther Continent's Magic Council, and he did not know much about Ishgar, he had heard of the Ten Wizard Saints. It was said that they were selected by the Magic Council of Ishgar. They were one of the ten strongest mages in the entire Ishgar


"Ten Wizard Saints? This kid?"

"Is it true?"

"What kind of joke is this..."

"Ishgar wouldn't deliberately mess with us? Do you think that we, Guiltina, are doing well in the lake?"

"If you don't want to help us, just say it. There's no need to do such meaningless things!"

Although Bruce did not speak, under Bruce's instructions, the soldiers behind him, Guiltina, expressed Bruce's thoughts in anger.


"Evan, explain it to him!"

Yajima scratched his cheek, not knowing how to explain Evan to Bruce and the warriors behind Bruce.


Out of his respect for Senior Yajima, Evan had been silent the entire time when Yajima was communicating with the important figures of the Magic Council. He stood behind Yajima without saying a word until Yajima asked him to speak. Only then did Evan smile and stand in front of Yajima, and then...


Evan took a deep breath, and then his eyes flashed with a white light.


Suddenly, the ground under everyone's feet began to tremble. The rocks, dust, and sand on the ground slowly floated up from the ground! The entire earth seemed to be roaring, roaring in filial piety!

The air in the sky began to become extremely viscous, and the atmosphere was constantly shaking. The clouds in the sky seemed to tear apart, as if they were forcibly torn apart by a giant ten thousand meters tall!



Dark clouds came from the sky, and bursts of violent thunder fell from the sky and landed on the ground...

"This is..."

The warriors of the Magic Council, were shocked when they saw the scene in front of them! Their bodies seemed to weigh a thousand pounds. Their originally straight backs could only continue to go down under this violent momentum...

Evan's body was shrouded in a huge pillar of light and soared into the sky. For a moment, a strong wind blew, lightning flashed, thunder roared, the earth roared, and the sky was tearing!

"Magic power! This is magic power!"

"What kind of joke is this? Is this magic power that humans can control?"

Northern Continent Magic Council has paid a visit to the leader of the Magic Council in Ishgar, Bruce. His entire body was drenched in cold sweat. When Evan released violent magic power from her body, it seemed that there was a dragon cry. He knew that he had made a mistake. This child in front of him was not a human at all, but a real monster.


Just as all the warriors of the Magic Council were about to kneel down under the pressure of Evan's magic, the magic power disappeared like a gust of wind...

He came quickly and disappeared very quickly.

"Plop... plop... plop..."

As Evan's magic power dissipated, the warriors of the Magic Council felt their bodies lighten, and then they fell to the ground because they used too much strength.

"I wonder if my strength is enough to support Ishgar and go to the Northern Continent to help the Magic Council suppress the dragons?"

Evan looked calm. After all, he had never seen a dragon, and Bruce and the others in front of him should have seen a dragon. So the next words of these people could also be used as a reference for Evan's strength between herself and the dragon.

"Enough! Enough! It's enough! It's enough..."

"I really didn't expect that there would be such a powerful mage like you on Isghar!"

"Now, we can be saved..."

Bruce grabbed Evan's arm after listening to her words. The way he looked at Evan was like looking at a shining treasure.

"Then when are we going to Guiltina?"

After listening to Bruce, Evan looked at Bruce and asked.

"There's no time to lose..."

"Let's go now. We can't let that damn dragon continue to be arrogant again. Otherwise, humanity's face will be thrown away."

Bruce grabbed Evan's arm firmly. As he spoke, he led Evan towards the flying vehicle behind him.


On the other hand, Evan frowned slightly after hearing Bruce's words, because he heard some deep meaning from Bruce's words.

What did he mean by not letting the giant dragon continue to be arrogant, otherwise the face of the human race would be lost?

After hearing Bruce say this excitedly, Evan's brain worked quickly and came up with many possibilities!

Perhaps the real situation of Northern Continent not what Evan had imagined at the beginning. The giant dragon is wreaking havoc in the city, and it is possible to kill at will...