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City Life - Miraculous Doctor From The Mountains

Chapter 126 - 126: My Brother-in-law Is Lin Dong!?
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Chapter 126: My Brother-in-law Is Lin Dong!?

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

When Lin Dong arrived at the department, he realized that everyone in the department was avoiding him like a plague.

“Stay away from him, this Lin Dong is dead this time!”

“How dare he attack Liu Qingteng? He’s too bold!”

“I heard that Liu Qingteng has already spread the word that anyone who has a relationship with him will be implicated!”

“Then wouldn’t Bai Jue suffer as well?”

“Yeah, Liu Qingteng said that after he got tired of playing with Bai Jue, he would sell him to a brothel to be a dancer to earn money.”

Many doctors and nurses in the department avoided Lin Dong, afraid that they would get involved with him.

Huang Hua and his intern, Zhang Yao, were also there. At this moment, Huang Hua looked at Lin Dong and said sarcastically,

“Lin Dong, I thought you brought Bai Jue back to the countryside to hide! Do you think it’s useless to hide in the countryside? So you just gave up on yourself?”

Lin Dong was speechless.

This person was as noisy as a fly.

“Your words are so smelly. Did you not wipe your mouth after going to the toilet?” Lin Dong was speechless.

“Pfft Although many people avoided Lin Dong like a plague, they were still amused by his words.

This was a roundabout way of scolding Huang Hua for using his mouth to defecate!

Huang Hua’s face flushed red as he pointed at Lin Dong and said, “Lin Dong, you’re still stubborn. Just you wait. Did he really think that he could do whatever he wanted with his mediocre skills?”

“With your little martial arts, you can’t even withstand a single blow in front of a true expert!”

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“Let me tell you, I was in front of Liu Qingteng and Young Master Liu just now.

I heard him calling his brother, Liu Qingshan!”

“His brother said that he will send the Fist King Zhou Tong to Jianghai to deal with you…”

“A country bumpkin like you probably hasn’t even heard of someone like Zhou Tong.”

When Lin Dong heard this, he raised his eyebrows slightly. “Boxing King Zhou Tong? Is he very powerful?”

“Hahaha, why? Are you afraid?”

“But it’s too late to be afraid now! I’ll be merciful and tell you what kind of ruthless person the Fist King Zhou Tong is…”

“That’s someone who even Master Tiger Lin knelt before. He fought with Black Dragon Zhao from the Black Dragon Triad for hundreds of rounds!”

“Do you know why he is called the Fist King Zhou Tong? Because his fist had once defeated the world’s boxing champion!”

“He even killed a cow with one punch!”

Hearing Huang Hua’s words, Lin Dong gained a certain understanding of the boxing champion, Zhou Tong.

“Then I really have to thank you for telling me this…” Lin Dong shrugged.

“Haha, no need to be so polite. You’re about to die. I don’t need the gratitude of someone who’s about to die.” Huang Hua curled his lips.

“Your mouth is really smelly. Remember to brush your teeth more later!” Lin Dong brushed past Huang Hua after saying that.

When she brushed past him, she pretended to accidentally touch the Daling Acupuncture Point on his hand.

This ‘Daling Acupoint’ was an acupoint that affected bad breath.

If used well, this acupoint could be used to treat bad breath.

But if it was like Lin Dong, it could also induce bad breath.

After Lin Dong had done something to the acupuncture point, he went to Qiao Bing’s office.Google seaʀᴄh N(o)vᴇl(ꜰ)ire.nᴇt

As he watched Lin Dong leave, Huang Hua said to his intern Zhang Yao and the others, “As colleagues, should we buy Lin Dong a coffin?”

“Otherwise, if he dies, there might not even be anyone to buy a coffin. Hahaha…”

However, just as he said this and laughed, Zhang Yao wanted to agree, but she smelled a stench.

The words that he wanted to say were swallowed back by the stench.

“Teacher Huang, you…Your mouth stinks!” Zhang Yao couldn’t help but say this after a long time.

Huang Hua’s expression changed drastically. “What did you say? Even you are scolding me for having a foul mouth?”

“Teacher Huang, your mouth really stinks.” Zhang Yao quickly said.

People with bad breath couldn’t smell their own bad breath at all. He thought that Zhang Yao was scolding him, and he was so angry that he almost hit her.

However, the others were also affected by Huang Hua’s bad breath.

“Wow, what’s this smell? Isn’t it too heavy?”

“Huang Hua, so Lin Dong wasn’t wrong when he said your mouth stinks. Your mouth is really smelly!”

“Hurry up and brush your teeth. Don’t talk now. If you keep talking, the stench will spread throughout the entire department!”

Seeing this, Huang Hua quickly covered his mouth and nose with both hands, then took a deep breath.

People with bad breath could only smell their own bad breath in this way.

“Ugh…” When he smelled his own bad breath, even he couldn’t help but vomit.

After that, she hurriedly ran to brush her teeth.

Lin Dong didn’t see this scene at the moment.

At this moment, he arrived at Qiao Bing’s office.

Because now, it was time for him to treat Qiao Bing’s androphobia.

Qiao Bing paid no attention to what was going on outside and focused on her work.

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At this moment, she still had no idea that Lin Dong had offended Liu Qingteng.

When he saw Lin Dong enter, he couldn’t help but laugh, “Lin Dong, is it time for acupuncture again?”

“Yes.” Lin Dong nodded.

Qiao Bing took off her clothes, revealing her white back.

Lin Dong held a needle and started to perform acupuncture on her back.

At this moment, Qiao Bing’s phone rang.

“Lin Dong, can I receive treatment while answering the phone?” Qiao Bing asked Lin Dong.

“Sure.” Lin Dong nodded. Her answering the phone wouldn’t affect his treatment.

Qiao Bing saw this and picked up the phone!

“Hello, Xiao Bing. Something happened to our family. Your good-for-nothing brother-in-law actually offended Liu Qingteng!”

“Liu Qingteng said that he wanted to bankrupt our family!”

“What?” Hearing this, Qiao Bing was also shocked. “Mom, where did you get the news? How did you know that brother-in-law offended Liu Qingteng?”

“Someone took a video and posted it online. How do you think I know?” Chu Yunxiu cursed, “That trash can’t do anything. He’s the first to cause trouble.”

“Now you’ve implicated us!”

“You should quickly think of a way too. You’ve been a doctor for so long, so you must have a lot of connections. Hurry up and find some connections. See if you can find someone to help us plead with Young Master Liu and ask him to let us go…”

Chu Yunxiu hung up the phone after saying a bunch of things.

Qiao Bing was also worried. “Who is my brother-in-law? You even dare to offend the Liu family of the provincial capital?”

Just as she was wondering, she suddenly received a few more messages and a video on WeChat.

That was her mother’s hair!

“In this video, it’s your good-for-nothing brother-in-law’s doing…”

Qiao Bing was curious and clicked on the video.

To his surprise, the main character was Lin Dong!!!