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A CEO's Revenge Marriage Accidentally in Love

Chapter 32
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Chapter 32


“I don’t know if eating at this restaurant is the best idea,” I peer out through the tinted.

window from Tobias’s limousine. He went all out and had a driver take us here.

“Why not?” Tobias asks from behind me. He is also staring at the fancy restaurant and the

beeline outside it.

“Because I’m not the type of girl to order oysters, eat a little, and leave most on my plate

like all you wealthy people do. I’m a hungry woman, and honestly, I like comfort food.”

Tobias leans closer to me, speaking in a sultry voice. “This place is all about comfort food. It

might be fancy with real chefs, but they have burgers, pizza, and a chocolate milkshake

that is to die for.”

I swear my heart stops in my chest, and I whisper excitingly. “Why is the chocolate

milkshake to die for? What makes it special?”

“They take an entire chocolate cake…”


Tobias’s tone goes lower. Leave it to him to make talking about food sound sexy. “And throw

it into the mixer…”

At this point, I’m getting turned on, and I’m not sure if it’s the milkshake or Tobias doing it,

probably both. My curiosity is growing, and I NEED to know what they do with this milkshake

to keep Tobias talking.

I squirm in my seat, whispering, “Go on… don’t make a girl suffer… tell me, tell me what

else they do to the chocolate cake!”

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He chuckles. “They mix it with ice cream and milk until the cake becomes the milkshake. It

has chunks and pieces of chocolate in it. It’s basically diabetes served in a glass with a


I take a deep breath and make up my mind. “I have to eat here.”

“As I said earlier, I’ve already booked us a table. We can skip the line and everything.”

Happiness is bulling inside me. “What else does this restaurant have?”


I think I dropped my panties.

“And dip sauces, lots of them.”

Yup, I’m dripping wet and SWEATING. Somebody better call 911 because there is an


I’m hot as hell and burning up inside this car. I can’t wait to order fries and a milkshake!

I turn to face Tobias. “Well, what are we waiting for? We HAVE to go in and order our food

right now!”

There is a gleam in his eye. “Oh, but I thought you said something about not wanting to eat

here? That it wasn’t a good idea?”

“I changed my mind!” I open the door and get out.

Tobias seems amused by this and isn’t far behind me. He closes the door and teases me

some more. “If you were born an animal, you would be a cute little puppy.”

Is that a compliment or an insult?

Puppies are cute, but you never know when it comes to Tobias, and I cross my arms over

my chest. He can’t think I look intimidating because he stifles a laugh.

Still, I don’t back up. “Why a puppy?”.

“They can be convinced of anything if given treats.”

It was an insult!

I gape at him but then close my mouth. “You will get away with that insult this time… only

this. time for taking me here.”

Tobias grins and takes my arm. Like he promised, we don’t have to wait in line to get inside.

A guard lets us pass, and once inside the restaurant, a waiter’s face lights up when they see


After a “Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Ford!” we are taken to our table. It’s on the top floor, away from

some of the other people. I see VIP signs, and most people are dressed in fancy clothes.

I’m in heaven until I see something I hadn’t hoped for: my mom is sitting by one of the

tables, and she isn’t in my dad’s company.

It’s an older guy, most likely rich, possibly about forty years older than her. She had me in

her twenties and is in her forties, but the guy? He looks close to a hundred with a hunched

back. and floppy facial skin.

He is also bald with these greying spots… like I have nothing against old people and all-we

will all grow old and turn grey. But my mom? Is she seriously dating him? Wasn’t she back.

with dad?


Is this her cheating on him?

I glare at my mom from my spot in the chair. She is laughing at something the old guy said,

but it’s her pretense laugh. My mom is an actress when it comes to that.

“Umm…” Tobias laughs a bit. “Why are you staring at those people? Are they someone you


“It’s my mom and… I don’t know who the man is… but I’m guessing it’s the person she is


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“Oh,” Tobias turns around in his chair, blinks, and looks back at me with a surprised

expression. “That would be the owner of this restaurant. Would you like to go and say hi?”

I shake my head. “Nope.”

“I thought as much.”

We continue our dinner, and I order many different comfort food: fries, mini hamburgers,

and a chocolate milkshake. Everything is perfect, but I wince whenever I hear my mom’s

fake laugh.

Does she have to be so loud?

I roll my eyes and slurp the milkshake. It tastes delicious, and I break out into a wide smile.

You know, it would be really fun to have abs,” I say and drink more. “But this… this is too

delicious to pass up on. I could never be fit with food like this existing.”

Tobias breaks out into a laugh, showing me a glimpse of his teeth before he chews on his


I arch an eyebrow at him. “What?”

“Nothing…” he smiles as if searching for words. “I will never tire of the crazy things that

come from your mouth,” his eyes crinkle, and then he says, “You’re cute.”

I blush in my seat, high on the compliment. I open my mouth to say something, and that’s

when my mom ruins the entire date.

“Hannah! My daughter! My treasure!” my mom comes up to our table, stupidly drunk and

barely able to stand on her high heels. She smiles dumbly at me and hiccups. Then her

mood changes, and she sobs. “Hannah… my date tells me I’m embarrassing for getting so

drunk…” she complains in a whiny tone. Then she turns to face Tobias, widening her eyes

as if just realizing I’m here with someone. “Well, hello there, daddy… fancy seeing you

here… you come here often?” 1

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