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illicit relationship

Chapter 1782 Killing Rye
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Chapter 1782 Killing Rye

When Rye saw Xiao Tian rushing toward him, he tried his best to destroy the ice tiger as quickly as possible.

'No. I have to destroy this tiger quickly, or else I will die.'

But before he could destroy the ice tiger, Xiao Tian appeared before him and pierced his heart with his sword.

"Cough…" blood splashed out of his mouth as he stared at Xiao Tian.

He did not have an armor suit like Xiao Yaling and Xiao Yimu, so Xiao Tian could pierce his heart easily.

"I did not expect to die in this pla-" before Rye had finished his words, he died.

"What?! He died?!" Xiao Yaling and Xiao Yimu were shocked.

Previously, they believed Xiao Tian would die at Rye's hands.

But instead of killing Xiao Tian, Rye got killed by Xiao Tian.

Rye even got killed by Xiao Tian in a short time, as if the one ranked third in the global rankings was Xiao Tian, not Rye.

"As expected of my future husband, he is amazing!" even though Rye died at Xiao Tian's hands, Yukina was still happy.

Xiao Tian fought Rye because Rye injured her, so it could be said Xiao Tian killed Rye for her sake.

"I know little brother will win." Shi Fei stated.

"Weak! He got killed by an unknown young martial artist." Even though they were in the same group, Jay did not feel sorry when he knew that Xiao Tian had killed Rye.

It was Rye's fault for being weak, so he acted indifferently because the weak were the prey of the strong.

Unlike Jay, Xiao Deng Jiang was furious, especially when he knew the one who killed Rye was Xiao Tian.

'Tch! Didn't he say he ranked third in the global rankings? Why is he so weak?'

He did not expect Rye to get killed easily.


"Everyone, look! Young master Xiao killed one of their main figures."

"As expected of young master Xiao, he is amazing!"

"Hmf! So what if he ranked third in the global rankings? He still got killed by young master Xiao."

"Everyone, let's do our best. We can win this war."

"Yes. We can win this war."

"Kill Xiao family's people."

"Kill them!"

Xiao Zhan's subordinates and allies got fired up when they knew Xiao Tian managed to kill one of their main figures.

Due to how happy they were, they even felt like their bodies were filled with amazing power because killing a main figure could change the outcome of the war.

"So what if you managed to kill him?!" Xiao Yimu roared. "The outcome of this war will not change. We will still win this war."

"That's right." Xiao Yaling added.

Upon hearing their words, Xiao Tian used the Dragon Move skill to appear before them.

"Is that so?" he failed to kill them because their armor suits were so strong.

Otherwise, they would have died many times because they were still alive thanks to their armor suits.

Now that some parts of their armors had been destroyed, it would not be hard to kill them because Xiao Yimu was only ordinary martial artist while Xiao Yaling only mastered the fourth stage.

"Kim Jung-Ho, Yon Seong, go help my daughter and brother." Xiao Deng Jiang roared. "Don't let them die."

Kim Jung-Ho and Yon Seong wasted no time and rushed toward Xiao Yaling and Xiao Yimu, protecting them from Xiao Tian and the others.

Even though Xiao Tian managed to kill Rye, they were not afraid of him. Their teamwork was good, so they were confident they would not lose against him.

Xiao Deng Jiang immediately returned his attention to Xiao Zhan and Lian Xun.

'We have to kill Xiao Zhan quickly.'

His confidence in winning the war had begun to waver.

He was afraid that his daughter and brother would die if he did not end the war immediately because things had started to turn around now.

"Jay, stop playing." Xiao Deng Jiang uttered, "Let's kill them quickly."New chapters are publɪshed on NovᴇlFire(.)nᴇt

"Sure." After saying that, Jay rushed toward Xiao Zhan and Lian Xun.




They began attacking each other again.

At the same time, Xiao Tian, Shi Fei, and Yukina were facing Kim Jung-Ho, Yon Seong, Xiao Yimu, and Xiao Yaling.

Even though it was three versus four, Xiao Tian and his group still had the upper hand in the fight.

Shi Fei and Yukina gave great support in the fight, so their teamwork could make up for their lack of numbers.

"Uakk…" Yon Seong was sent flying after getting kicked by Xiao Tian.

Xiao Tian did not stop there.

This was a good opportunity to kill Yon Seong, so he used the Dragon Move skill to appear before him.

"Die." He swung his sword, intending to cut off Yon Seong's head.

But before Xiao Tian could kill Yon Seong, Kim Jung-Ho appeared before him, protecting his brother.


Xiao Tian changed the flow of his slash.

"Agghh…" Kim Jung-Ho cried out in pain.

Even though he managed to protect his brother, but he failed to protect himself, causing him to lose his right arm.


After cutting off Kim Jung-Ho's right arm, Xiao Tian pierced his heart with his sword.

"Jung-Ho!" Yon Seong shouted.

"Cough…" Kim Jung-Ho coughed up blood before finally falling to the ground, died.

The battlefield was in an uproar again when everyone found out that Xiao Tian managed to kill another main figure.

They would not be in a state of shock if the person he killed were only an ordinary martial artist, but the one who died in his hands was someone in the top twenty of the global ranking.

Previously, Xiao Tian killed Rye, someone who ranked third on the global ranking. But in a short time, he killed another martial artist who was on the global ranking lists.

Martial artists who could be on the global ranking list were supposed to be really powerful, yet they looked like weak people in front of Xiao Tian.

He even killed two of them in a row, as if killing a martial artist on the global ranking list was as easy as turning the palm of his hand.

"Handsome, you are so cool. I love you." Yukina expressed her happiness by confessing her love to him.

"Haha. Two main figures died at young master Xiao's hands."

"We can win this war. With the help of young master Xiao, we can win this war."

"That's right."

"Young master Xiao is sure amazing."

Like before, Xiao Zhan's subordinates and allies were thrilled again.

They knew Xiao Tian was a genius martial artist, but now, they finally realized that he was more amazing than they thought.

After all, Xiao Tian was the first to kill the main figure among them. Not only one, but he killed two of them in a row as if they were nothing to him.

Wan Shun, who was standing several meters from Xiao Tian, was also shocked.

'What?! He killed another main figure?'

His surprised face immediately turned into a smile when he remembered that Xiao Tian was his disciple.

'My granddaughter gave me an amazing disciple.'

He thanked his granddaughter for giving him an amazing disciple.

Unlike Wan Shun, Xiao Deng Jiang was enraged.

At this moment, he finally realized that Xiao Tian was the most dangerous one among his enemies.

They could have lost the war if they had not killed Xiao Tian immediately because he kept killing the main figures.

"Everyone, attack Xiao Tian together. Kill him immediately!" Xiao Deng Jiang roared.