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The Devil's Temptation!

Chapter 248 - 248 Getting Rid Of Bigger Problems
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248 Getting Rid Of Bigger Problems

Sitting comfortably on Anna’s dressing table, Aveline quickly made herself familiar with the things Anna usually did. Like reading books, going for early sword practice, knowing and trying to act out her nice personality with everyone.

After a few demonstrations in the room, Aveline was already starting to get the hang of it, except for the nice part that didn’t suit her own personality since she was more bossy.

“Why does she have to be so nice? It irritates me.” The demoness hissed in frustration before looking at herself properly in the mirror. She was waiting for the maid that would help her get dressed for today, but as she continued to wait, no one showed up like she expected.

“Don’t tell me she has no maid to dress her up?” Aveline couldn’t help but wonder how a human hasn’t seized such an amazing opportunity to gain power. She might have a little bit of Anna’s blood running through her veins, but it was impossible to understand how the mind of that human worked.

She would have made her power be known by her presence. People will shiver at the mere mention of her name, but it wouldn’t be right to do any of that sort since she has to marry His Highness first.

“At last, I have gotten rid of that woman.” She smiled triumphantly. “His highness wouldn’t have been able to resist the real Anna if she pleaded the same way I did, but regardless of the fact we look alike, he didn’t mark me. He can’t be too smart to tell the difference right?” Her brows slightly grimaced.

“I need to be at my best till after our wedding. What a lucky human though, you wanted to have such a fine man all to yourself, unfortunately for you, I’ve taken your place in his life now.” She giggled happily at her evil plans finally coming together.

Like she remembered something, she suddenly stood up from the dressing table.

A knife was kept inside the small basket of fruits that rested on a table in the middle of Roshan’s room. A menacing smile curved her lips at the sight, and she reached to pick the knife from the basket.


As though enthralled by it, her index finger gently ran across the sharp edge. She wanted to feel the intensity of the blade against her skin, and just a gentle brush was enough to give her a cut.

“This is perfect for my next job.” She said with delight. “Luderick, you certainly owe me much more for this.” With that being said, she quickly stepped out of the room.

Making her way through the upstairs corridor, Aveline skillfully hid the knife in her black dress, keeping it away from the eyes of suspicious people. With her chin tilted up, she elegantly made her way through the corridor and down the stairs.

She didn’t bat an eye, or even bothered to look at anyone who walked beside her, as long as it wasn’t Roshan’s brothers.

How was she going to find the Dungeon in such a big palace? She would have taken her time to get familiar with the new environment, but sadly, she had to accomplish her task quickly to avoid future problems.

“Hey you.” She called two maids who were making their way up the stairs.

“Where’s the dungeon area?” She asked, and the maids, although confused, pointed at the direction of the dungeon.

Aveline had been informed about how nosy the maids in Viscarrian were. She had her research about the palace made, and so, she came prepared for anyone who tries to get in her way

“You may leave.” She dismissed the two maids before continuing down the direction they pointed.

She’ll have to get rid of them later.

To her relief, It didn’t take too long before she found the dungeon. Following the stairs and going underground, the guards who were on duty made way for the lady to go in.

They didn’t need to search her for any weapons since she was his highness’s future wife, and their Queen. Because of that, Aveline was able to get away without being questioned.

Enjoying the role of being respected, she turned left, letting her senses lead her to the direction of her next victim.

Reaching the cell where Freya was placed. The low demoness looked comfortable where she was, and a look of peace dawned on her expression as she sat at the far back of the cell, leaning against the wall.

“Rise and shine my dear.” Aveline sweetly said to Freya whose eyes fluttered open.

Using her powers to secretly open the cell, she stepped in, and Freya immediately got to her feet in the presence of Anna.

“Anna?” She stood straight, finding it surprising that Anna visited her cell, even when His Highness told her not to.

“I came to see if you were alright.” She smiled, “how are you feeling today?”

Freya’s eyes raked her from head to toe with a skeptical look, and she shook her head. “You’re not Anna.”

“Seriously, I was hoping you could play it out a little bit before speaking. Has Anna really influenced everyone with her boringness?” Aveline couldn’t be more irritated, but her sudden change of tone made Freya step back in alarm.

“Who_who are you??” She demanded. After teleportation, Freya had the ability to detect people through their soul. It was a rare power that wasn’t used much often. She found it useless in some cases, but today, she finally understood what that power meant.

“Who are you?? You imposter!”

“That is not something you’re worthy of knowing. I’m just here to get the job done.” Aveline smiled maliciously, her optics turning dark red for Freya to see.

“A demon??” Freya took a step back in shock. “What did you do to Anna?? I’ll tell his Highness about this, I’ll expose you to his highness! You’re an imposter with the face of Anna.”

She was about to run for it when Aveline grabbed her hair with a speed she never saw coming.

“Ahhh!! Let go!” Freya’s cry echoed in the empty cell, but her cry only brought happiness to Aveline’s heart.

“Not so fast my dear. You really didn’t think I came here to let you expose me, did I?”

“His Highness Azazel is the Lord of the limbo, one look at you and he’ll be able to tell who you really are! You’re still doomed!”

“I know, that’s why he’s next right after I’m done with you.” And before Freya knew it, Aveline had stabbed her right at her back with the blade, digging the length of the blade into her back till it drew out blood.

“Ahhh!!!!” Freya let out a scream of agony when the piercing ache got into her skin. She tried to free herself regardless, but was slammed against the wall instead, before falling to the ground.

“Useless!!” Aveline cursed before moving to where Freya had sprawled on the ground.

“See, you low life demons are quite easy to kill. Roshan and the rest can’t be killed with such simple weapons as this, but you poor pathetic little things are so weak, that all I need to do is stab you in the right spot and then, you become a bleeding mess.”

As she explained to Freya how she would end up dying very soon, the young demoness shook her head in refusal. She tried to get up, but her energy was slowly slipping away as she remained at her spot, unmoved.

“You don’t deserve to live, stabbing Luderick in the back was one of the biggest mistakes you made. I would have made you happy, you would have become my pet and I would treat you well, but unfortunately, this happened.”

“Where...where is Anna?” Freya’s breath came out harsh, she couldn’t breathe and only managed to force those questions out.

“Anna? Well, I hope you find your precious Anna in the afterlife. The conversation was fun while it lasted, but I have to go now, okay?”

Stepping out of the cell, Aveline locked the cell as it was. Luderick told her about Freya being one of her problems, but now she had bigger problems.

Getting rid of Azazel was sounding impossible. Unlike Roshan he’s a full Demon, his powers must be stronger than hers since she still needs to consume more humans before standing against someone like him.

“If I can get my hands on the Valerian sword, I can end him for good.”