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The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride

Chapter 496 [Bonus ]
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Blends are hybrids. A mixture of wolves and witches. One would think TAM was the first blend, but she was not. If Harold and Alicia could fall in love and Anne had also been in love with Wilder, what was to say that other wolves and witches hadn't crossed paths before and created blends while living in hiding? 

However, TAM's unique blend of Alpha and witch leader blood made her an unparalleled figurehead.

Unlike wolves, who were weaker during the Blood Moon, and witches, who were weaker during the full grey moon while the other parties were stronger, Blends were stable during both. Their core partially unlocks at twenty, opening them to more of their abilities, but the third decade was the peak of both abilities from wolves and witches blending. 


TAM was partly a witch, so it meant that she was to witches the way she was to werewolves. She had faced opposition trying to create a home for them in the Moon Kingdom with the help of the nanny witch beside her, who helped her seek the rest out. She didn't need to take a blood oath to protect and guide TAM for the rest of her life as punishment for the acts Arya used her to commit. TAM was a descendant of their leader, and therefore she was their leader and saviour.

For the first time, witches had a home. Even though it took a long time for both parties to adjust, they finally did after many years, and they even created more Blends through marriages between both groups. Although the usual opposition always came from both sides, as it would for most interracial marriages today.


Ivan lived with regret for the rest of his life. After journeying for a long time to find Luciana, he finally found her maid, Leana, and heard the worst news of his life—his love had passed on.

But Leana assured him that she was happy before she passed. 

The thought of her being happy before she passed broke him even more. The fact that she could only find true happiness after leaving him. And how much she had suffered with him.

He blamed one person for it. And that was his mother. And Ivan would not be Ivan if he wasn't... Ivan. 

He journeyed to find her to take revenge. But he heard she had killed herself after being crazy for a year and waiting for the king to come meet her. He was hopeless at this point. There was nothing left in the world for him. Nothing at all. 

He fed himself poison, and he passed, ending the bloodline of Lord Zealot. 


It was inherited by TAM. Alicia could not practice the backward spells herself because her real identity was a Blend, and any extraordinary thing she did during her time in the past was because of her Blend identity, as her core had already been partially unlocked when she turned 20, but her abilities were still limited in Amber's body. 

Amber could not use the spells in her book either since her core hadn't yet been unlocked and she had a protection spell over her until she was 20. Unfortunately, she didn't live past 20. 

But unsurprisingly, TAM had both the body, soul and abilities for it. She didn't need to use any spells either but she tried them out for fun.


Harold, a broken man. He understood the implications of being a leader, just like his father told him. And he regretted not leaving the palace when his father told him to leave with his bride.

If their fates had been different and he had Alicia by his side with half of his soul in her fueling him, he would have been the strongest Alpha to ever exist. However, that trait was passed down to his daughter and her lineage.

It was the reason mating marks were preached against. Because of how vulnerable it left the men if anything happened to their wives. But the good part about it was that even if the wife departed first, his soul would find her when it was time to leave. But all he could do was wait. That was the punishment for trying to sink oneself into the soul of another against natural forces. You can only wait until it was your time and suffer the pain of heartbreak. Taking your own life meant your soul was to depart on your own terms and disappear into nothingness. 

Harold's hope and belief were that as long as Alicia was back in her world, when it was time for him to depart his world, his soul would seek her out whenever she was. And he would find her. 

He didn't know how it would happen. 

But he knew it would happen. 


Alicia Queen never gives up.

Once she sets her mind to do something, she will see it through to the end. And now she was ready to seek her happiness. Whether it was going back in time or finding them all here, she was going to do it. At 30 or before.

However, since her mark isn't reflecting now, his memory of her cannot awaken yet. 

So maybe... just maybe... he was around.

Waiting to be awoken.

THE END!!!!!



Once again, thank you all for reading this book.


I think when the idea came, I wasn't exactly sure how to write it since I had never written a fantasy book before. But I remember texting Miss_B and telling her I had an idea about a book, and I shared the synopsis with her. 

She liked it but was a little skeptical because I am not very consistent with writing. Especially from 2021, when my health took a major hit. Many of my readers already know that I have the weakest immune system ever. It means I am prone to so many things. I always joked that if I waved at someone with a fever, I might end up having the fever. Lol.

Regardless of it, I wanted to write. I also wanted to earn Because yeah, I constantly visit the hospital, and hospitals are not exactly cheap. 

I think it got to a point where I took a really long break from writing. It was a crazy period for me because I felt like I was done. I gave up everything. Medication, hospitals, eating healthy, etc. I was angry because I felt I didn't deserve the endless suffering.

But you all brought me back. 

You know, sometimes I get scared reading the comment section. Lol. I always had a feeling that there would be someone bashing me for not writing. But fortunately, whenever I returned from my relapse, I met nice words from you all, and it has helped me. 

Writing isn't easy. 

Many authors, too, face different issues. A friend who also writes here on WN has been battling cancer for years, and she tries to keep writing because, well, chemo and medication aren't exactly cheap either, but sometimes she could stay months before writing another chapter because she cannot help it.

There is also the issue of writer's block. That part is very difficult to handle, I tell you.

Dear Lovely people, 

Thank you for the love you showed me. And I hope this love will be extended to other authors whose books you read. 

Also, when we write consistently for some new books, it is because we need to meet a certain requirement for that book; otherwise, we would not earn anything from the book. That was why I tried to keep updating Jock Next Bed, as I do not have enough readers there and can only earn if I write more and write every day! No matter how much pressure I'm under. 

So this is a thank you to you all, especially to my privilege readers, who helped me earn more than I've ever earned here on WN. 

Thank you for the GIFTS. Lol. 

The super gifts always made my day.

It is crazy how much love you've shown me by spending so many coins on this book.

I would have loved to write out the names of the top contributors, but there are so many of you. Lol. 

And thankfully, WN has made it easier to list you all out in this book profile, and as long as this book exists here, all your names will remain there, and everyone will see that we created this book together. 

So thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.


Love, AG.