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Stealing The Protagonist’s Yandere Lovers

Chapter 154 The Ending, The Beginning
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"I am not authorised to tell you her name but she is someone who you know and she cares about you deeply."

Selena spoke worriedly.

By now, more than half of my surroundings have completely disappeared.

The figure of Selena in front of me started becoming illusory.

Due to the sudden extreme mental trauma, my mind was having intense fluctuations.

I knew this was my last chance.

If even my figure became illusory like that then what was waiting for me was without a doubt oblivion.

'Crap, I don't want to die! I remembered all the previous times I experienced, all the girls I stole with my villainous manipulative actions. Even if it was a fake, I wanted a life like that. There's still so many things and desires left pending, I can't go like this.'

A deep desire to live was ignited deep within.

In front of me, now only a trace of Selena was left, most of her body had become ethereal.

"Aushima, Rose, Mitshua, Radhika, and all the other girls, Serena, were they you all along?"

"Was anything real?"

Even though I knew the answer... for some reason I don't know why, I wanted to hear her words.

"Oh, what an awful day!"


Serena looked towards the empty sky. Her lips which were tightly closed gave a deep sigh as she uttered those words.

Even if I knew she was just some artificial intelligence, a type of program to help me keep fantasizing, her face right now gave a very humane look.


"My programming only tells me what to do, there is no concept of emotions like love, happiness, sadness, remorse etc because perhaps, unlike you, I don't have something what you humans call a soul but..."

"It may sound strange."

"As you kept conquering different girls played by me, I wanted."

"I wanted to be real for you!"

"I think in the process I might have fallen in lovv…

By the time I realised, her figure had already disappeared.

Everything around me turned pitch-black.

I closed my eyes with determination, letting my mind concentrate my entire strength on those closed pupils.

At last, It was time to wake up from this fantasy.


In a dark room, illuminated by a single lighting, a boy of 27 years old was lying on a bed.

Various life-support systems were connected to him, keeping his body functioning properly.

The woman around him wore a white coat, she was quickly trying to destroy everything present in that room.

Of course, she was the one who saved him.

"Phew, finally all the important stuff is destroyed."

Just when she was about to sit for some rest, the man on the bed started coughing.

Before she knew, his eyes forcefully opened.


"It's so painful!"

Elandor absent-mindedly looked around where he was.

Because of Selena's prior briefing he wasn't too surprised looking at his situation.

He looked at a cable that should have been connected to the back of his head.

'Looking at the other end that is tied to a computer, this should be the medium by which the artificial intelligence Selena must have been loaded deep into my consciousness '

Slowly, his real memory started recovering as he identified the woman in white coat standing in front of him.

On seeing Elandor talk, she was already sitting on the floor crying bitterly.

It took some time for him to recall everything about his real life.

The woman waited patiently giving him his space.

"Oh, so it's you, Serena!"lights

"The system name was Selena… close to the word Serena!"bender

"I should have guessed it."

He spoke slowly.

Maybe because he hadn't used his tongue for a couple of months, it was quite hard to talk.

Just then, the door of the room was forcefully opened and several people in millitary uniform appeared.

"There's the woman who is suspected of leaking national secrets and carrying out illegal activities", spoke the supervisor.

Hearing him, two armed people quickly tied Serena's hands and tied a cloth around her mouth.

"Damn, it's going to be hard to apprehend her, this smell of burning…. all the evidence seems to be burned by this bitch", the supervising officer gritted his teeth.

"Sir! Look, the patient on the bed is still alive", one of the soldiers quickly caught everyone's attention.

"No, his vitals are not stable! His heartbeat may stop any moment! Quickly transfer him to a proper hospital else he will die. He urgently needs a doctor!" -shouted the soldier standing beside the previous one.

Elandor, under the military's help was shifted to a nearby hospital ward. The doctor upon seeing his condition was very surprised and optimistic of his complete recovery.

Although, a brain-dead patient suddenly waking up was big news but in this big world where people are busy with their own lives, such news quickly faded away.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm Because of her wittily destroying all the stuff present in the room and the absence of any substantial evidence, Serena was not charged with any big crimes.

She was only awarded a 7-year sentence for attempted murder because of secretly dragging a brain-dead patient to her house's basement.


4th December, 2023

7 years after Selena was caught.

"Today should be the release date for you, Selena!"

Elandor, standing in front of the prison gate, spoke leisurely.

In the past few years after miraculously surviving, he opened a new gaming studio which made an instant hit game, letting him earn a shit ton of money.

All in all, he became a better person after recovering. He thought about a lot of things that happened, even if most of it was not real, the effect it had on his life was quite real.

"Never wondered that lesbian scientist girl whom I hooked up with before would be the one to save me."

Elandor recalled how he coerced and manipulated a girl named Serena just half a year before his car accident.

He knew she was a sick girl. Sick because she liked someone other than a man, therefore, guided by his strong desire, he himself took the initiative to bring her back to the correct womanly way, what followed were without a doubt some old-school routines, coercions and manipulations.

"No wonder I felt so natural while trying to steal all those girls from the protagonist, it seems I had done such things in real life all along, hahaha!"

In reality, a lot of people are scared to get into relationships. They are afraid of being cheated upon….betrayed upon. All of them want someone who can trust them unconditionally, someone who can always listen to them without complaining.

When people hear the word yandere, some get goosebumps thinking of their extreme love for the person they cherish.

But they forget: Actually a yandere is the one they had been looking for all their life.

Those yanderes can go to any extreme to earn your recognition, and most of the time will do their best to turn impossible to possible.

While Elandor was in thought, the gate of the prison opened wide and the woman he was waiting for slowly walked out.

Their eyes met.

"Serena…. I might be ashamed to announce it boldly, but conquering a yandere like you who can even bring me back to life from such a sure death is the best and proudest thing I had ever done", Elandor was the first to break the silence.

"I thought after I leave you, you will go back to your female lover, forget everything I did to you and start anew", his voice kept following.

"You said I was a sick girl. Bastard! How can I live without a man after all that you did to me! You still have the guts to say it?"

Serena's voice carried a bit of coquettishness, a bit of complaining.

"Now that I have chosen to be with you! Even if you try your best, you won't be able to get rid of me your entire life."-Serena chuckled.

"Let's go home first and then talk."

-Elandor offered his hand to her.

Like it was a natural instinct, she put her hand in his and walked together.

"By the way, I heard your gaming studio is recently researching on artificial intelligence."

"Don't tell me you plan to bring back that system program Selena which I wrote to revive you", her eyes carried a deep tinge of danger.

How can one forget? The yanderes are the most obsessed, the most possessive girls. In your eyes, other than them, even by mistake , you should not be able to see anyone else from the opposite gender lest your life may unknowingly end up in danger.

But if you are able to tame them then...

I pulled her a little closer and put my hand over her shoulder.

The sudden attack made her cheeks red.

"Oh, since you heard so, that saves me the trouble. Wouldn't it be best if my wifey can help me?" -Elandor's such close words being whispered softly in her ears evoked a big smile on her charming face.