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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter Chapter 1498 Compensate With A New Phone
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Emmeline hurriedly guided Luca into the bathroom.
Upon closer inspection, he discovered the phone submerged in water. In a panic, he retrieved the waterlogged device,
exclaiming, “It’s ruined! It’s ruined! It’s unusable now!”
Her distress was evident as she stomped her foot and teetered on the verge of tears. She grabbed his hand and conveyed her
worry through writing on his palm. ‘Abel won’t be able to find me. He’ll be worried!
Luca quickly reassured her, saying, “Don’t worry, don’t worry! I’ll call Boss immediately and inform him.
With that, he dialed Abel’s number, and the call was promptly answered.
“What’s the matter, Luca?”
Luca explained the situation to Abel. “Dr. Wyatt was charging Emma’s phone, which accidentally fell into the water. She’s worried
that you relay her message to you right away.”
Cursing under his breath, Abel expressed his frustration. ‘D’un it! This Brandon! How could he be so careless? I’ll make him
compensate Emma with a new phone.”
Luca agreed, “Alright. Emma’s phone was purchased in Sandwell, and if I recall correctly, it cost around five or six thousand.
Brandon should compensate her with at least ten thousand.”
“Tell Brandon,” Abel instructed, ‘And let Emma know I’ll be back soon. She should listen to Brandon for now!”
After ending the call, Luca informed Emmeline, “You heard it, Emma. Boss wants Dr. Wyatt to compensate for the phone.”
However, she shook her head in disagreement, thinking, How could I blame Brandon? He was only trying to help me charge the

Coincidentally, Brandon returned at that moment. Seeing the two blocking the bathroom. door, he asked, “What’s going on? Is
there a mouse in the bathroom?”
Luca responded, “We’re on the eleventh floor! Where would a mouse come from?”
Brandon retorted, “I’ve seen one on the seventeenth floor, so a mouse on the eleventh floor isn’t out of the ordinary!”

Luca picked up the soiled phone, looking bewildered. “Are you suggesting that a mouse caused this, Dr. Wyatt?”
Brandon examined the phone and exclaimed, “Oh no! What happened? It was charging perfectly fine just now!”
Luca clarified, “It ended up in the water!”
Brandon sighed. “What a shame. It’s a Motorola.”
Luca continued, “Boss instructed us to pass on a message to you and to buy a new one for Emma!”
Emmeline, still frustrated, lashed out at Luca, but Brandon held her back, offering. ‘My master’s phone isn’t working well either.
I’ll buy one for him as well.”
Later that afternoon, Brandon ended up purchasing two identical Nokia N7 phones. She had no further objections. He also
obtained a new SIM card, with only him and Abel privy to the number.
Five days passed, and Zahn remained conspicuously missing. Each day, Adam and his wife. waited outside Abel’s office as if
they were on their way to work, hoping for Abel to agree to “let go of Zahn.
Lorren, passing by these two door guardians, entered the office. “You’re looking for me, Mr. Ryker,” he greeted Abel.
Abel reviewed the production report and commented, “The production efficiency has been excellent lately! The production line is
running smoothly, and orders are pouring in!” With enthusiasm, he continued, “The city has approved land for us in the

development zone. Next spring, we’re going to expand the company!”
Lorren took a sharp breath.
“What’s wrong?” Abel inquired.
Lorren hesitated before responding, “Mr. Ryker, with the scale of our current production, something we wouldn’t even have dared
to imagine before you took over.”
“I’m genuinely grateful for the timing with the favorable national policies. Abel chuckled. “It’s almost like catching a fortunate
wave. If not for this opportunity, I might still be a small- scale salesperson.”
Lorren continued, “Our employees‘ incomes have multiplied several times. Just ask anyone. in the workshop. They all praise

Abel replied modestly. “No need for praise; just don’t criticize me.”
Lorren pressed on. “The employees are saying that you are considering building apartments for the Ryker Group next year?”
Abel confirmed, T’ve already secured the land from the city. I want our workers to have good housing!”
Adam joined the conversation, mentioning casually. “Abel, save two lots for Zahn; he’s getting married!”
Lorren furrowed his brow and asked, “Mr. Ryker, should I leave first?”
“Take a look at this booklet on the foreign production process, Abel said, handing it to Lorren.
“Okay.” Lorren acknowledged, taking the booklet before leaving the room.
Adam smirked, teasingly saying. ‘Well done, Abel! It’s a whole different game with money. and power, isn’t it?”
Abel smirked and remarked, “I’ve told you repeatedly that relying on me is futile. The main focus is convincing Zahn to
Adam, seemingly frustrated, responded, I’ve been waiting for just one word from you. As long as you inform the higher–ups, this
matter will be over. It’s that simple. Why won’t you budge?”
Abel firmly stated, “I won’t waste my time explaining to you. The arrest warrant was issued. today. So, deal with it.”
Surprised, Adam asked, “What arrest warrant?”

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