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Monarch Of Time-Novel

Chapter 867 World Zero
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Chapter 867 World Zero

''World... Zero.''


The moment that those words left his mouth, Shun Long's spiritual sea that was previously calm like an ocean that wouldn't be moved regardless of what it faced, suddenly started to churn, looking like a volcano that was about to explode!

At this moment, Guo Chen who was about to stab Shun Long with his dagger for the second time suddenly halted his movements, while his eyes widened in disbelief as his body involuntarily started to tremble.

Sensing the terrifying aura that was coming from Shun Long's body, Guo Chen immediately abandoned all thoughts of continuing his attack, and without any hesitation, he flew backwards at full speed as he hurriedly opened up the distance between himself and Shun Long!

However, Guo Chen wasn't the only one who had sensed this overbearing aura that was coming from Shun Long's body!

Every single one of the surrounding Dao Kings, regardless of what they were doing previously, all turned their attention towards the source of this disturbance the moment they sensed it, as they stared at Shun Long with disbelieving looks on their faces.

''What? The spiritual strength of a Dao Emperor? How is that possible?''

''What is going on? How is that kid emitting the spiritual strength of a Dao Emperor? Weren't talismans and similar items all ineffective while we are inside the 'City of Immortals'?''

''No, talismans are definitely restricted in this place. Besides, this doesn't seem to be the effect of a talisman in the first place! ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ ꜰʀᴏᴍ NovᴇlFirᴇ.net

But this spiritual strength... this is too strong! This isn't simply the level of an early-stage Dao Emperor! This is at least at the same level as that of a middle-stage Dao Emperor! How is this possible?''

The surrounding Dao Kings could no longer hide their shock as they immediately burst into discussions while they stared at Shun Long, before many of them hurried to open up the distance between themselves and Shun Long who was now clearly emitting a spiritual strength equal to a middle-stage Dao Emperor!

In reality however, it wasn't just the Dao Kings around Shun Long but even the magic beasts stationed outside the 'Illusion oasis' that had also sensed the horrifyingly powerful spiritual strength that had suddenly appeared inside the 'Illusion oasis', which far exceeded what any peak-stage Dao King could possibly muster!

And yet, Shun Long wasn't aware of any of this, as his entire attention was fully placed in his spiritual sea that was now rumbling violently and looked to be on the verge of exploding.

After breaking through to the Dao King realm, Shun Long had already sensed that his spiritual sea had been affected by the 'Stone of time' and had changed in a certain way.  Although he didn't know exactly what kind of change it was, he could tell that his affinity with the Dao of Time had risen even further due to it. It was also thanks to this change, as well as his abnormal level of spiritual strength along with the quality of his soul, that he could possibly comprehend such a 'heaven-defying skill' like 'World Zero' upon breaking through to the Dao King realm.


At the same time, the moment that Shun Long's spiritual strength inside his spiritual sea began to surge, in the center of his spiritual sea, the 'Stone of Time' that had stayed dormant for so long suddenly started to vibrate intensely, before it began to emit a blinding blue and golden-colored light that was quickly seeping into Shun Long's spiritual sea.

At this moment, Shun Long could feel his spiritual strength along with what little qi he had remaining in his 27 qi balls being sapped at an extremely rapid rate, as his body began to emit a bright blue and golden light that was nearly identical to the light that the 'Stone of Time' was emitting in his spiritual sea!

The instant the last bit of his spiritual strength was sucked away from his spiritual sea, Shun Long could feel an indescribable, soul-splitting pain assaulting every single part of his body, similar to that of a thousand sharp needles being inserted into his every single pore simultaneously.

In fact, this pain was so intense, that being stabbed by Guo Chen's star-rank dagger moments ago was nothing in comparison.

And yet, along with this indescribable pain, Shun Long could also feel the flow of time around his body changing in an extremely peculiar manner, as his surroundings immediately started to turn blurry.

A moment later, Shun Long could feel the flow of time around him quickly getting distorted, as if it was being affected by the blue and golden light that his body was now emitting, while the 'Stone of Time' in the center of his spiritual sea was vibrating with even more intensity than before!




However, the scene that followed next was so abnormal, that it would have left even peak-stage Sovereign realm experts like the Northern Sovereign utterly dumbfounded from sheer shock and disbelief if she could somehow see this!

The blue and golden light around Shun Long's body abruptly started to spread outwards, completely enveloping the rest of his surroundings in the blink of an eye.

In the next moment, regardless of whether it was Liu Mei, Jiang Chen, Xingyi, and Bai Longtian, who were still lying on the ground in a pool of their own blood after they had been attacked by Mao Huang, or the surrounding Dao Kings like Guo Chen and the others who had already started to pull themselves away from Shun Long the moment they sensed the abnormal level of spiritual strength that he was emitting, all of them were immediately enveloped by the blue and golden light before their bodies immediately turned stiff.

It didn't matter if it was the peak rank 9 Dao Kings like Guo Chen and the others who were just a few hundred meters away from Shun Long, or the middle and late-stage Dao Kings who were spectating Shun Long's fight with Mao Huang from thousands of meters away, as their bodies were all frozen into place the moment they were touched by this blue and golden light!

And yet, this wasn't the end of it as the blue and golden light around Shun Long continued to expand even further without any signs of stopping, spreading past the borders of the 'Illusion oasis' before it moved towards the magic beasts that were stationed right outside the oasis' entrance.

In the next moment, the thousands of magic beasts that were gathered in front of the entrance of the Illusion oasis were enveloped by this palpitating blue and golden light as well, before they were also frozen in place just like Guo Chen and the Dao Kings inside, without the slightest ability to resist it.

This was a truly horrifying scene that would have left even the strongest experts of the central region completely stunned from shock, confusion... and finally, disbelief.

Thousands of rank 6 magic beasts, including even peak rank 6 magic beasts like Little Silver who were actually strong enough to destroy entire groups of late-stage Dao Kings all by themselves, were now frozen in place after they were enveloped by that blue and golden light, and all of this had been caused by a single peak rank 3 Dao King!

If news of this started to spread out, the entire central region would instantly fall into an uproar, while even those old monsters who had remained hidden for hundreds of thousands of years and were ruling the central region from the shadows would most likely make an appearance!

And yet, Little Black who was watching everything from the 'Stone of Time' with his deep azure eyes understood, that in reality, this was nothing but merely the tip of the iceberg of Shun Long's 'World Zero'!