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Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 312 - Ch. 312
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Ch. 312

Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

Who didn’t want his grandson to be well?

There was no need for Ning He to prompt him, General Yun fell into the routine himself: “It’s not easy for my little Ting. He has never stopped training for a day since he was a child. Maybe God rewards hard work, and there will always be rewards. Thank you to the country, the party, and thank you to the army that trained him.”

The old general’s brain was absolutely top-notch. He didn’t tell any lies, but he acquiesced to the topic.

As for why Yun Ting was so powerful? That was the credit of the party, the country, and the army. He did not admit that Yun Ting was born with any special powers.

“It’s okay. Those people in the hidden group are also somewhat invulnerable. Look at your knowledge.” Secretary Qiu agreed.

If they set the tone for this kind of thing, no one would investigate it.Follow current ɴᴏᴠᴇʟs on Novᴇ(l)ꜰɪre .ɴᴇt

They would not check it out. Yun Ting was the grandson of General Yun. Everyone knew about it. They watched him grow up as if he were their own child. What did he look like? Who among these old leaders still didn’t know?

If not, they would not trust Yun Ting and hand over all the special forces to him.

The question now was not what kind of person Yun Ting was, but how they wanted him to be promoted.

Someone had already taken the first step, even if the evidence was perfect, they just had to acquiesce, even if it was a push.

As long as these academic madmen who were doctors did not issue a hush-hush order, it would probably spread in the medical community within a day, and then more and more people would know about such a big thing.

This matter was successfully accomplished under Ning He’s promotion.

It seemed like a simple operation, but it was actually very brain-consuming.

Ning He calculated everything before and after, including in everyone’s mind, so that he could set up this situation perfectly.

In fact, there was no need for Yun Ting to know what he was doing.

On the other side, Lin Mumu and others parked their car at the Yanda University’s gate, and saw Yun Ting standing upright at the school gate, like a perfect statue.

Yun Ting’s facial features were very good-looking, and he had been training in the army all year round. He had a well-proportioned figure, an eye-catching height, and a straight posture, which made him look particularly stylish.

Many students ran to Yun Ting and took photos with him as the background.

But Yun Ting had his own aura, so no one really dared to get too close to him. They only dared to pat him from a distance.

Lin Mumu suddenly felt so tired and unhappy!

Ah…ah…ah, why should my man let you take pictures!

Lin Mumu didn’t know where she got the strength. Before the car could stop, she pushed open the car door, jumped out, and rushed towards Yun Ting.

Yun Ting also saw Lin Mumu, especially Lin Mumu’s unreliable action of jumping out of the car without waiting for it to stop, which really frightened Yun Ting. He rushed over in a single step and hugged Lin Mumu’s waist.

The girls who originally took photos with him as the background were stunned. Where was the promised live-action background wall of the handsome statue? Why did you run away? There were also good people who rushed over to see what was going on.

When they arrived, Lin Mumu was already declaring her sovereignty, and had thrown herself into Yun Ting’s arms coquettishly while letting Yun Ting hold her.

What’s going on? The background wall belongs to everyone!

“Well, can I take a photo?” The girl who just failed to take a photo discussed with Lin Mumu unwillingly.

“What are you filming? He is my husband, no one is allowed to take pictures without my permission!” Lin Mumu got mad.

When she thought about it, before she arrived, she didn’t know how many girls had eaten her man’s tofu and used her man as a background wall!

“My, my! You are not allowed to take pictures! If you have taken pictures, delete them!”