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Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King

Chapter 690 Cassie is Home
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Chapter 690 Cassie is Home

Cassie came storming down the hall, completely ignoring the demons as she stormed up to Wolfe and slapped at his chest.

"Do you know how worried we were about you? You just disappeared after a battle with the Witch Saints, and nobody could contact you or even tell if you were dead or alive." She shouted, before Wolfe pulled her into a crushing hug.

"But I'm home now, and I even got the Demons to send along some helpers to deal with things while I was away."

That was definitely not the right thing to say.

"Deal with things while you were away? Like causing even more issues with the Fae, convincing most of the planet that they should be the ones running everything and doubling the planet's mana level?" Cassie demanded.

"In my defence, only like the first six of them were my fault." Wolfe replied with a smile as he held the angry brunette too close for her to get a good swing at him. New ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄhapters are published on (ꜰ)ir(e).nᴇt

Finally, Cassie noticed that they weren't alone in the room.

"Don't tell me that you went to the Demon Realm, seduced a succubus, and then flirted your way through the Royal Court until they sent you back with a bodyguard." Cassie asked in a sarcastic tone.

Dana giggled and looked up from the recording spell that she was running. "Technically there are two succubi, but unless you count casting useful spells for the Royals as flirting, then there was no seduction. Well, maybe a little seduction. But we're succubi, that's how we say hello."

Rail nodded from her spot on the chair, where Stephanie had come to sit in her lap, doing a very scientific study of the relative comforts of a succubus versus her pillow on the bed.

Cassie sighed. "I knew it. Fine, I'm used to it already. But if they snore, I'm kicking them out of the bed."

That made Nimue laugh. "Witches are fun, aren't they? Rail and Dana are actually really comfortable to sleep with, but they have a bad habit of stealing your spot in bed. They just wrap you up and then you wake up somewhere completely different, like up against a wall, or facing the light fixture."

"Oh, there is a Fae as well. It's a pleasure to meet you." Cassie replied.

"Half Fae. We also met in the demon realms, and he helped me to repair the damage to my mana systems, so I decided to come with him to repay the debt. But now that I'm here, this place is kind of nice, very earthy and comfortable." Nimue replied.

It was only natural that a dryad would find a cave under the Fae Forest to be incredibly relaxing and welcoming to them. Even if she was half demon, this environment was still practically paradise, especially as it was so warm underground with this many people in the room.

"Is there anyone here who has not seen him naked? Because as great as it is to meet everyone, I need to sleep, and I"m not letting him leave this room." Cassie asked.

"DIBS." Nimue called, which made Rail and Risa laugh.

"I don't think that you get to call dibs on the spot beside him today. He's just returned to his witches and they'll want to spend a night catching up. How about we find a room and cuddle instead?" Carmine laughed.

"Dang, I forgot about that." The little Dryad pouted, while Cassie and Ella gave Wolfe a judging look. She was quite small, but they didn't know if it was due to her age or her species.

"Nimue just likes to cuddle. Strictly pajamas on. We can nap together later. Perhaps with Stephanie, she's exceptionally warm and soft. "Wolfe suggested.

Stephanie gave the half dryad an assessing look, then hopped down from the Succubus to climb into her eager arms.

"Oh, yes, this is good. Between her and Carmine, it should be an alright substitute." Nimue agreed as she gently stroked Stephanie's head.

She was in for a shock when she realized that was an actual Witch transformed into a cat, but Wolfe didn't know if Stephanie was up to spending any time in her human form, or what sort of effects the Mana Purification spell might have had on her.

She would definitely have needed extensive healing. All of the scars on her body were curse damage, and the spell was known to remove curse mutations. It might not be the same for damage though, as it wasn't really corrupted, as Wolfe understood it.

But at her level, she would be able to fix the issue soon enough, even if the curse damage had integrated itself with her body.

"We will be outside. I checked the hallway, and there are unoccupied rooms with enough space for everyone, hopefully they weren't reserved for someone else." Risa informed Wolfe and the witches.

Ella shook her head. "No, they're the spare rooms for guests, or I guess, the new members of Wolfe's harem. Is that really a Rank Six Pentacle?"

Risa smiled a toothy grin at the much smaller witch. "Yes, I was the only one that was Rank Six at the start, but the other guards are there now, and the last two, Carmine and Nimue, are well on their way. Give them another month or two and they'll be forced up to our level."

"Won't that stunt your own growth until they catch up?" Cassie asked.

"A little, but the power will be spread to the other pentacles as well, so until we're all rank six, it will be slow for the three of us at the top. But Wolfe still gets feedback from all of us, and it will push him upwards, so there are some short term benefits." She explained.

Ella's eyes shone with excitement. Rank six would be a huge event for the witches of this world, so close to awakening new local saints. She hadn't thougth about the implications earlier, but with such a powerful pentacle of Demons, it would be far more feedback than just Wolfe.

"Then we will be counting on your meditation and contributions." She told the wrathbringer with a wink.