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I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 2886
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Chapter 2886

The Overlords felt it the most intensely.

Without the suppression of the curse, the Metaverse would inevitably usher in a huge batch of new Almighties.

The Super Sky Demons who survived the explosion were stunned.

This was the first time the Sky Demons had encountered a counterattack from a lower cosmic plane.

That had never happened before.

The self-detonation was so powerful that not even the Super Sky Demons could withstand it.

Although not fatal, it seriously injured them and made them lose most of their combat power.

One explosion could seriously injure those Super Sky Demons in the center. If it happened again, even a Super Sky

Demon would die.

David was fighting the Sky Demons alone.

Blaze and the others could only just watch. They could not even get close, let alone help David. Moreover, they did

not want to distract David while he was fighting.

At that moment, they finally realized the kind of genius that had appeared in the Metaverse.

The news that the Sky Demons had been destroyed so quickly spread back to the surviving Super Sky Demons.

The Sky Demons had suffered such heavy losses; of course, they would not give up.

So, they recalled all of their forces and headed to the Metaverse.

Just as David was about to attack the remaining Super Sky Demons, a deep voice boomed from a distance.

"How presumptuous of you! You're asking for death if you dare to hurt the Sky Demons!"

When the Super Sky Demons heard this voice, their frightened faces immediately showed surprise.

The voice belonged to the Great Elder of the Sky Demons, a being who was already beyond Origin Realm.

David also saw how powerful he was.

He was one whole level better than the Super Sky Demons.

However, David was not scared. Up till now, he had not used his full strength.

He reached out and took out a palm-sized gourd, took a sip, and immediately replenished his blood essence.

David again summoned his army of clones.

He controlled the clones with his huge mind power and rushed toward the Great Elder of the Sky Demons.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless terrifying explosions appeared in the void like fireworks.

Each of David's clones could accurately find the Great Elder of the Sky Demons and self-detonate.

David's mind power had greatly improved after the final evolution of the system. Even the Great Elder could not

escape his perception.

His clones were like GPSs, and they could find their target no matter where they were hiding.

In the end, even the Great Elder suffered heavy injuries after enduring dozens of explosions.

The Great Elder had traversed the universe for so long but had never seen such a weird fighting method. He could

not even hide!

The power of each explosion was comparable to that of toptier Super Sky Demons.

Soon, the Great Elder of the Sky Demons decided that continuing to fight was futile.

Moreover, he also spotted hundreds of figures surrounding him from all directions.

If he were to suffer dozens or hundreds of big explosions again, he would be seriously injured. Hence, he decided to

retreat and understand what was going on.

So, he found an escape route and fled without looking back.

David did not pursue him. He knew that it was too difficult to kill a being of this level.

The consequences might be serious if the other party found his main form.

When the other Super Sky Demons saw their Great Elder escaping, they also wanted to leave immediately.

However, they had been surrounded by hundreds of David's clones and would die if they moved!

Blaze and the other Almighties were already used to this.

They believed that David was the savior of the Metaverse; he was born under the suppression of the curse and was

the fate of the entire Metaverse. Therefore, no matter what achievements David possessed, it was normal.

Even if someone said that David had surpassed Origin Realm, they would believe them.

With David here, the Metaverse no longer had to fear the Sky Demons.

Many years later, more than a dozen interstellar travelers appeared in the Metaverse in an exquisite spaceship that

navigated the starry sky.

Every time they arrive at a civilization, they would stop and admire it for a while. After that, they would continue on

their way to the next civilization. This journey had no end; they would just go wherever they wanted.

No disaster in the universe could not trouble them because the strongest person in the Metaverse was among

them. 4

The end.

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