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Grand Ancestral Bloodlines-Novel

Chapter 1617 Alright
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Chapter 1617 Alright

Satisfying both women wasn't hard for Ryu. As big a game as Isemeine liked to talk, if he were to rank which of his women were the most sensitive, her and Ailsa would probably have to duke it out for first place. Maybe due to watching him with Eska again and again, she had a lot pent up inside of her and she was even more sensitive than usual, something that was hard to imagine.

Ryker sat cross legged, looking out onto the oasis. His mind had already drifted elsewhere. Between him seeing the Phoenix Sky God and now, he hadn't really had a moment to rest and reflect, and quite honestly, it was still bothering him. He hadn't been in the mood to have sex at all, he just did so because he felt that he had been neglecting Isemeine too much. If he wanted to avoid the future his father warned him about, he couldn't do that.

Even so, his mind couldn't help but be consumed by that topic. He wanted to get stronger at a rate that was much faster than this. His already insane speed wasn't enough.

He released some control over his qi and his breakthrough into the False Sky God Realm continued. He greedily sucked up the thick qi, but his body felt like a bottomless well. The most update n0vels are published on ɴoᴠel ꜰɪre.nᴇt

At this point, he felt that it was actually a bit ridiculous. Others already saw him as a False Sky God, but that was purely because of the White Phoenix Spiritual Foundation. His Beyond Perfect Extreme Spiritual Foundation, though, was insatiable. There didn't seem to be enough energy in the world for it.

Which was ridiculous because he had yet to feel it give him any tangible benefits aside from auxiliary matters.

He had used it to form his Embryonic Qi, and that was amazing. But aside from that, was there much else?

He couldn't use the treasures in it without killing himself, the large well of qi others would have benefited from was useless to him because he had already had an endless well of qi to pull from the Chaos Plane, even the Divine Chains it had allowed him to grasp had been sacrificed for the sake of his own Dao Vessel.

He shook his head, finding himself becoming frustrated.

He had thought he felt better after going on a rampage, but Old Wan's attack and Hope's current state had just brought him right back to stage one. Ultimately, this was all caused by his weakness... again.

He was strong for his cultivation Realm, he was probably already closing in if not infinitesimally close to the geniuses of the Ninth Heaven. But it wasn't enough, it never felt like it was enough.

This was what he wanted, wasn't it? A rise to the top.

It was. It was exactly what he wanted. The trouble was that he didn't want to have to deal with all the politics that came with it.

He never thought about coddling the emotions of all his women because it felt like a waste of his time. He never wanted to join a Sect because dealing with those kinds of interpersonal relationships had always made him gag, even back when he was a youth and his father was taking him around to visit their subordinate powers, he had always hated it.

He never wanted to be leader, he never wanted to be a King or an Emperor, he just wanted to have the strongest fist, the strongest blade, the greatest strength.

He was willing to work for it, he had shed enough blood and sweat to make that completely obvious. But whether it was the sealing of his original Spiritual Foundation, the ticking time bomb of a Spiritual Foundation in him right this moment, or the chaining of his Fate Star, it felt like there were always things outside of his control and he hated it.

Old Wan's actions were precisely why he abhorred the idea of joining and relying on others. And this matter with his women just felt like an extension of that.

More things outside of his control, more things that he couldn't just out smart or out power his way out of.

He had spent the entire time with Selheira and Isemeine trying to think of an easy method to get them to fall in line, and he had actually come up with nothing. Well... not exactly.

It was amusing. He had a Dao perfectly tailored toward this exact thing, but he didn't want to use it... not that he could on someone as powerful as Isemeine anyway.

Morality wasn't exactly the reason holding him back, though it played a small part. The idea of using a Dao to manipulate his women almost felt like he was paying for sex and his Dao Heart and pride recoiled at the idea.

It was more so that this felt like a new type of battlefield, one that he needed a different kind of strength to fight on...

And once again, he didn't have that strength.

The first time he had met Elena after so long was the perfect example. He was Ryu Tatsuya, when had he ever pursued women? They came to him, not the other way around.

He never had to woo them, he never really had to go out of his way to please them, whether it was his first wife or his last wife, which of them hadn't just fallen right into his lap?

The bundle of frustrations overlapped over one another and he found himself being more and more irritated.

Ryu took a deep breath, closing his eyes.

He remembered Aika's words about how brittle a Dao Heart that was overly strong in its ways could be. He had changed since then, but not as much as he thought.

His convictions were still the same, and they shone through like this.

These feelings weren't as a result of his Dao Heart being weak, but rather the exact opposite. He had such a drive to be the best that he couldn't stand even the slightest weakness, whether that weakness came due to the strongest Dao God in existence, or his women.

And the worst part was that no amount of deep breathing was going to change the situation.

Ryu suddenly opened his eyes when he felt something grab at his crotch. He was still not clothed, so they had taken a large handful of pretty much everything.

"What are you doing, Isemeine?" Ryu asked. His voice wasn't exactly cold, but it wasn't warm either. He had already gone out of his way to please this woman, her eyes weren't even clear, filled entirely with a misty redness instead. She couldn't even see straight, insisting on another round was ridiculous.

"You didn't cum..." she mumbled beneath her breath, her words slurring.

Ryu looked down at the woman who looked more drunk than anything else, suddenly feeling the need to laugh. His irritation vanished.

He hadn't, but he wasn't really in the mood to. Watching Isemeine blindly knead at him, trying to understand why it wasn't getting hard yet, he was feeling more and more amused.

"Seems you're not very good at this," Ryu chuckled.

"... You take that back, you bastard!"

She pulled herself over and her face practically collapsed in Ryu's lap, her tongue flailing about wildly but mostly missing her intended target.

Ryu smiled. He could feel the fluctuations in Isemeine's soul and it was adorable in her own way.


When he thought about it, about the only thing he truly understood about Isemeine was that she was extremely prideful. It didn't seem so with how she acted in bed, but when he accounted for the fact she didn't see sex like most did, it made more sense. She saw the act as a pleasurable thing where no one party was truly in submission to the other.

So of course, she didn't attach her pride to such a thing. However, when she could reciprocate, her pride did begin to leak into this act it was usually unrelated to. Ryu caught a faint inkling of how he could manipulate Isemeine into true submission. He didn't even need to use his Dao, his normal comprehension abilities were good enough to see the path on their own. But he ignored it.

He reached down a hand and stroked her hair.

"Alright, alright," he chuckled, letting his blood flow freely until the heat assaulted Isemeine's cheek.

After giving Isemeine exactly what she wanted, Ryu felt more relaxed.

He hadn't gotten an answer to everything going on in his mind, but he had never expected to. There was no one answer to subduing those feelings of malcontent in his heart except to get stronger than anyone else. His women were the same way, there was nothing else to do aside from getting to know them better.

To him, the two were just two opposing sides of the same coin.

He looked up toward the skies, feeling an elevated sense of self as his breakthrough reached a peak.

"In that case, I'll go to the Ninth Heaven as quickly as possible. I won't leave Elena alone for so long again. After that, we will go to the Nether Plane for Mae. Only then will I go to the Ethereal Plane for myself."