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CEO's substitute bride (Alyssa)

Chapter 467
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Chapter 467

The phone vibrated for a while before it quieted down.

However, it did not quieten down for long. It vibrated again from time to time.

Alyssa thought that the matter of her and Emmett getting into the trending search should not be a hot

topic today. She did not expect to receive so many private messages.

Alyssa opened the private message panel. Before she opened the private message interface, she saw

that someone was scolding her.


“Home Wrecker!”

Being scolded early in the morning made Alyssa a little annoyed, even though she was a person of

good temper.

She returned to the message notification page and opened the first message notification. She found

that there was a new trending search topic.

The trending search topic this time was familiar.

# Alyssa A Mistress #

Alyssa frowned but still remembered that she was heating up the milk. She poured out the milk first

before sitting in front of the dining table and continuing to read Weibo.

The media dug out the rumors of Emmett and Marilyn's engagement. They did not confirm whether

Emmett and Marilyn were engaged, but they just said that Alyssa interfered with other people's


They created something out of nothing and used it as an excuse.

It was all because some media workers wanted to attract people's attention.

Alyssa looked at the comments under the popular Weibo post. Everyone's attitudes were different.

Fortunately, most of the netizens were very rational.

Alyssa casually glanced at it a few times and then put her phone to the side.

Their family of three, it was not easy for them to have a quiet breakfast together. Alyssa decided not to

mention this matter first and would talk about it after breakfast.

Alyssa stood up and planned to wake Emmett and Angela up.

She just walked to Emmett's door. She raised her hand and did not knock when the door was opened

from the inside.

Alyssa's hand froze in the air for a few seconds and then she waved her hand gently. "Good morning."

Emmett said expressionlessly, "Good morning."

Then he turned his body sideways and walked past Alyssa to the bathroom.

Alyssa went to wake Angela up again.

Angela only needed to change her clothes and wash her face and brush her teeth.

She and Angela sat in front of the dining table and waited for a while before Emmett came out.

His expression was very bad. When he went out of the bathroom, he only lightly looked at Alyssa. "I'll

go first. Someone will come to pick up Angela later."

After he finished speaking, he picked up his suit jacket and was about to leave.

Seeing that, Alyssa quickly stood up and called out to him, "Emmett!"

Emmett did not look at her and walked straight to the door.

Alyssa could only walk over and stop him. "You can leave after breakfast."

Alyssa only realized that his expression was much uglier when she was so close to him.

He stood motionless at the door and spoke indifferently. "I have something to take care of."

"No matter how important it is, you still have to eat breakfast" Alyssa said and pulled him to the table.

Emmett did not move at all, but he inadvertently turned his head and saw Alyssa's phone on the table.

And then he followed her to the table.

Alyssa did not know if it was her illusion, but during the entire breakfast, she could feel that Emmett had

been paying attention to her phone.

Fortunately, she did not have the habit of spending time with her phone during meal.

After Alyssa finished her meal, she asked him, "Why do you keep looking at my phone?"

"Nothing, I'm leaving."

Emmett really left this time.

After he left, Alyssa remembered that she had not told Emmett about the trending search.

However, when she went on Weibo again, she found that the topic of the trending search, "Alyssa is a

mistress," had disappeared.

Even the trending searches about her and Emmett had disappeared.

Could it be that Emmett had been staring at her phone just now, it was because he knew about the

medicinal trending searches on Weibo and was afraid that she would find out if she touched her


Such a fast processing speed must have come from Emmett.

He was in such a hurry to leave just now and said that he had some matters to take care of. Was he

going to take care of this matter?

Alyssa could not help smiling as she thought about it.

Angela lay on the dining table and tilted her little head to ask her, "Mommy, what are you smiling


Alyssa touched her head. "Because something very happy happened, that’s why I laughed."

"Wow." Angela nodded. She then slid down from the chair and ran to the side to play.

Emmett said he would send someone to pick Angela up. But no one came until now. Alyssa wanted to

go out to deal with something. So she did not wait and planned to send Angela back to Emmett’s


Alyssa changed her clothes and came out. Angela looked at her excitedly. "Are we going out to play?"

Alyssa helped her comb her bangs and led her out. "I will take you back to Daddy's place."

"Humph! No!" Angela suddenly shook off her hands and tightly hugged her small hands, not letting

Alyssa hold her.

Angela rarely lost her temper and Alyssa carefully asked her, "What's wrong?"

Angela's mouth was so pouted that it was about to reach the sky. She said angrily, "You are not there!"

Alyssa's heart moved and her tone was a little helpless. "Didn't I go to see you every day?"

She persuaded Angela for a long time before Angela was willing to follow her back to Emmett's place.

After sending Angela off, Alyssa received a call from Hazel on the way back.

Hazel was usually very busy when filming outside and basically did not have time to call her during the


Alyssa asked her, "Are you free? Did you not film?"

"It's raining. I can't start work." Hazel sounded a little worried.

"It's raining in Holston City yesterday too. It's very heavy, but it's sunny today." Alyssa turned her head

and looked at the sky outside the window which was illuminated by the sun.

"It has been raining here for a few days. The clothes were not dry after washing. The clothes that were

not worn were wet because of the leaky rain. There are almost no clothes to wear."

Hazel complained to her a lot and in the end she still said, "Maybe it will be clear in a few days."

Because Hazel complained to Alyssa about the rain at her place, Alyssa paid attention to the weather

in the city where Hazel was filming for the next few days.

But the weather was not cooperative. In the next few days the rainy weather continued in the city where

Hazel was filming and would continue almost all the time.

Alyssa called Hazel. She only said that she had not started work yet and could only film a few rainy


Alyssa asked, "Since you can't shoot it, won't the production team give you a few days off?"

"The director is an old artist and very strict. He wants us to get along with the main characters more

and he did not plan to give us a vacation." Hazel's tone was also somewhat helpless.

Alyssa said, "Let me come and visit. If you want anything, I will bring some for you."

Hazel immediately refused the moment Alyssa finished her words, "Why are you visiting in this

weather? There is no need for you to come."

"If you don't ask for anything, I will bring whatever I think of myself. Just wait for me to come."

Alyssa had already made up her mind in her heart to go and visit Hazel.

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