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Zombie University

Zombie University

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    Novel Summary

    Song Fei’s university life is nothing unusual. He takes compulsory courses, skips optional ones and signs up for Level 4 and 6 of English exam.

    If there is indeed something that bothers him, that must be his top-student, annoying ex-boyfriend that he can’t seem to stay away from – Qi Yan. As it is usually the case, ex-boyfriends are just like villains – if you stay too close to them they’ll be snobbish, yet if you stay too far from them they’ll be angry.

    He believes that college would pass by this blandly, until that day, an infected student runs into the examination hall…

    The zombie virus quickly spreads like wildfire, all types of communication are disrupted, and the campus becomes Hell.

    No one knows what the outside world has become, and no one knows if they should “stay put to wait for help” or “break away from danger”.

    Song Fei chooses the latter, and Qi Yan becomes his comrade in arms.

    There are absolutely no omnipotent magical skills or larger-than-life martial arts techniques. They can only rely on their wisdom and tenacity to survive in this most familiar campus!

    — In summary, this is a tale of college-age blooming flowers (aka, the country’s pride and future) fighting for their life against zombies!

    A mundanely non-magical yet strangely joyful, extremely down-to-earth and super hopeful story of the most ordinary students using the most unusual combat methods for survival.

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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