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Within Ten Meters, Fly In Situ

Within Ten Meters, Fly In Situ
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Within Ten Meters, Fly In Situ

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    Novel Summary

    Yun Wan transmigrated into a vicious female supporting role in a male-frequent novel.
    The female partner was born in the Acacia sect, and has an indescribably superb physique. With her as the center, monks within a radius of ten meters can rely on her to obtain cultivation. It is not an exaggeration to move the spring water. If the two parties work together, they can become immortals in place. Not impossible.
    Therefore, the father dedicates her as a “gift” to the unlucky man N Suiyuan in the story, and never wants to be returned on the spot by the other party.
    When Yun Wan passed through, she happened to be on the way to “give gifts”.
    Recalling the miserable ending of the female supporting role, Yun Wan decided to run away and find a sect to learn art from a teacher. To ensure safety, she planned to find another bodyguard.
    The bodyguard she had a crush on, Mo Yi Qingchen, was very handsome, and Yun Wan leaned over happily: “Brother, take the order? As long as you stay within ten meters of me, you can get 888 cultivation points per second.” At the end, she added, “It’s done.” Afterwards, our spirits and souls blended together and soared together.”
    That’s right, she’s hungry for abs.
    In just three sentences, Yun Wan managed to get the handsome guy to escort her for eighty-eight days.
    Finally arrived at the Great Sect, Yun Wan was about to bid farewell to the bodyguards, but was greeted with a sentence: “Welcome Master Suiyuan, Master Yun Wan returns to the sect!”
    “…???” What year old? Teacher what mother?
    The other party looked at her with a half smile but not a smile: “Mind and soul, soaring together?”
    “…” Damn it, she is the unlucky little bastard.
    Note: There are private settings inside, please do not research.
    The ranks of immortal cultivation are: Qi refining, foundation building, consecration, Jindan, Yuanying, Mahayana, and robbing.

    Content tags: Xianxia Cultivation Wearing Books
    Search keywords: Protagonist: Yun Wan, Xie Tingyun ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:
    One-sentence introduction: The supporting female partner of the Hehuan sect will never admit defeat!
    Conception: scientific cultivation of immortality, physical fitness

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